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Prompt: You gradually fall for Simon

Simon/Reader, Fluff and Smut.

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, NSFW

When you’d arrived at the Sanctuary, near starved and desperate for the safety, Simon had been one of the first people you’d met. Even covered in more than a week’s worth of grime, hair slicked back and clothes riddled with what felt like more holes than fabric, he’d still find cause to make a pass at you.

At first you’d thought it must be a wind up, a cruel joke to make you look stupid in front of the others but then he’d waggled his eyebrows and the grin that slotted between his moustache had been nothing but genuine. Road weary and still grieving the loss of your husband you’d given him a flat “no, thank you,” that had only made him chuckle before he shook away the word like water off a duck’s back.

That was six months ago.

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destiny pt. 2 (angel!jungkook)

summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

relationship: angel!jungkook x reader x demon!yoongi

words: 4,245

warnings: jungkook attempts pancakes, your guardian angel is a little shit, demon!yoongi is running bars and stealing hearts

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The next morning, you wake up warm and alone.

You’re momentarily reeling as you thrust yourself awake, the covers that were neatly tucked around your shoulders falling away onto your lap. Everything seems somewhat normal, almost like last night was just a dream, and you’d believe that was true if you didn’t notice the trail of white feathers on your floor, still as delicate and unreal as when you had seen them the first time. They seem to glitter in the sunlight from your window, and when you realize how high the sun is in the sky, you panic.

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emichele hcs
  • michele tries to ignore it, but he notices the switch in emil’s personality when the czech skater flirts with him
  • emil gets actual enjoyment from keeping michele on his toes; it’s an honest-to-goodness hobby
  • those extreme sports that emil does in his free time end up causing michele a lot of worry the closer they get
  • emil thinks a good first date is snowboarding down a super tall mountain
  • michele thinks otherwise
  • emil approaches sara to ask for advice, but michele gets the wrong idea–luckily sara can smell it from a mile away, what emil’s rly up to, so she helps him plot in secret
  • michele is stunned when he’s wined & dined by emil, & “well fuck” he realizes maybe he’s starting to believe emil’s feelings are legit
  • emil crashing michele’s practice on the ice, still trying to convince him to do something outrageous like skydive
  • emil trying to tone down his romancing ‘cuz guru sara tells him her bro will be won over by small gestures
  • michele getting little friendly texts from emil that subtly grow romantic, but michele’s a bit of an airhead in the romance department & just thinks emil’s a rly good guy
  • finally michele gets that one text that can’t be misconstrued & then he’s a dithering mess
  • sara poking fun at him over it & him trying to explain why he & emil can’t happen
  • all “he’s too much of a ladies’ man” & “he never learns” & “sOMEONE YOUNGER AND TALLER THAN ME IS NOT HAPPENING, NOPE”
  • michele feeling a bit sad that sara seems to push him & emil
  • emil taking the hint & backing off but staying friendly ‘cuz he likes michele in his life, in any capacity
  • michele impressed for the 2nd time with a mature emil & also a bit miffed that emil seems more mature about this than michele thought possible
  • emil being the only person not to tell michele that his closeness with his twin is wrong; instead he says that the intimacy is understandable not only between twins but with how they’ve been each other’s world up 'til now
  • michele’s rly moved by that & he cuts emil some slack
  • just when michele thinks emil might kiss him, emil gives him just a sweet smile instead
  • bonus “ah, were you expecting something else?”
  • michele having to initiate their first kiss, *lol*
  • emil being the Best Boyfriend, tho, all fun & thoughtful & able to pull michele out of A Funk as needed
  • michele finding he has his own sweet side around emil, all shy smiles & sneaky hugs off the ice & wanting to show emil his hometown when emil’s in italy
  • sara disgruntled 'cuz her bro got a bf before she does XD
  • emil knows “mickey” belongs to sara, so he uses a french-like “michy” & oh no michele goes weak-kneed, gfdi emil
  • emil being the one to go weak-kneed when michele offers up one of those sweet, genuine smiles because boy oh boy can that smile cause a heart attack 💕
  • michele discovering emil is a thieving cat when his fav track jacket goes missing & emil telling him “but i left my favorite hoodie for you~”
  • emil discovering just how much of a virgin/prude michele is, since michele wears short collars & avoids clingy clothes outside of program outfits
  • emil being banned from practicing w/michele 'cuz emil’s too distracting w/his scoop-neck tees & michele falls every time emil bends over in front of him
  • michele commenting emil’s beard is itchy & emil stupidly listens & shaves it, thinking that’s the answer
  • michele mourning the loss of the beard & unable to deal w/how young emil looks w/o it
  • emil growing it back 'cuz he can’t stand to see michele sad
  • sara asking her bro what part of him found emil’s beard itchy & michele turning marinara red & promptly Avoiding the Question
  • but also michele worrying he grows too close to emil & fretting over emil getting hurt doing his hobbies, like hitting his head & memory loss & “what if he ever forgets me” & just fretful!michele
  • emil takes fretful!michele as a good sign, tho, that michele rly loves him, & starts taking michele w/him whenever possible, promising he’ll be careful & maybe michele is his good luck charm
  • michele waiting at beach houses or snowy cabins for his dork bf to come in & be safe
  • emichele snuggles 💕
  • emichele in general
Changing Times at the Frat

Bad Day at the Frat

I have always had a distaste for fraternities. Gifted males who flaunt their size, strength, and wealth just make me ill. I like to drop by frats from time to time and try and teach them the error of their ways. Sometimes I am successful..other times not. I suppose I should explain who I am. I am a rare offspring of a witch and a djinn. I can change myself and others as well as alter reality as I wish. Usually I limit myself to improving the lives of others. Today was a rare time when I would be more proactive. Trying to eliminate one source of abuse in the world…namely frat boys. When I’m done with them, whether they like it or not they will be a benefit to mankind. If this means some temporary unpleasantness for them so be it.

I knocked on the front door of the Phi Alpha Gamma fraternity looking like an average handy man around age 35 and a height of 5’10”. I was neither fat nor muscled..I believe the term is dadbod.

A big guy answered the door while chugging a big Australian beer. “Yeah? What’cha want?” he asked. The guy was 6’6” and around 320 pounds and I pegged him for a lineman.

“I’m here to fix the hot water heater..I was told it’s broken?”

“UH yeah no steam for showers man.”

“Oh don’t worry by the time I’m done there will be plenty of steam!” I grinned inwardly knowing the steamy bathroom might not be what he imagined. I asked him to show me to the utility room and he shrugged and agreed.

It’s in here” he finally replied as we finished going down a heavy oak stairway in the back of the building.

“Thanks..I’ll take it from here.” He nodded and left me to my work. I pondered what to do to the guys and decided on a two fold approach.. The hot water heater would now generate water that made a person gay. The longer the exposure the more gay traits and behavior they would manifest. It being late fall I knew there would be lots of showers and baths soon to be taken.The second part was my favorite..a little hands on adjustment to each affected individual. A quick wave of my hand and the heater was repaired and charged with homosexual potential. I admired my work and headed up to wait and watch.

I emitted my natural acceptance pheromones so the frat members wouldn’t think it odd that I stayed after the repair. I sat in the living room on a black leather sofa and watched cartoons as I waited for my prey to bathe. The first victim..err..I mean frat member was a guy named stereotypical a homophobe as you can get. I read his mind and discovered some disturbing incidents he had been involved in before. He sometimes went with friends to play a game of smear the queer. In other bashing.He was has very handsome and tall with good musculature and a nice 7 inch cock. I shot him a quick desire to clean up and he quickly was up the stairs. Half an hour later he returned clad only in a forest green towel and sat next to me.

“How was your shower?” I ask innocently.

“It was great..thanks for fixing the heater man.”

“No prob bro I got you covered.” I had changed into a more jockish form. My hair was mousy blond and I had some beard growth on my face. I looked around 24 and my body was 6’3” and 240 pounds. I decided I would be a baseball player so a cap with the college team’s logo appeared on my head as my clothes changed to colorful basketball shorts and a scoop tee shirt.

“Damn practice really tired me out. Being the quarterback is exhausting.” he whined.

“I have a few ideas to help you relax brah.”

“Like what?” he spoke yawning slowly.

“You can suck me off bro I mean it’s just a bro helping a bro right?”

“I..err..don’t ..but..oh..ok..I guess” he said slowly as his brain was rewired due to his use of the empowered hot water.

“Cool, so get to it bottom boy!” He smiled as a tingling sensation spread through his body. He was literally transforming based on what I said.

“You’re pretty hot for a bottom bro” *I added. Again he smiled and his ass twitched in pleasure as he continued to change. “You must be an expert at cock sucking..I mean with your 18 inch cock right?” A sudden moan escaped his lips as he began kneeling toward my groin and I saw his bulge swell out like a water balloon filling from the tap.

“OH fuck yeah I love my huge cock!” Forgetting all about me he dropped the towel and began stroking his giant 2 foot erect cock.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”you were gonna suck me off..right?”

“Oh cock..I need know jack it.”

“How about a compromise? I’ll take your ass so you are free to self suck..does that sound good?”

“UH Sure ..great..plow me ass is feeling”

“That’s because you’re a bottom boy with an enormous bubble butt perfect for fucking..right?” His ass inflated tripling in size until each cheek was almost as round as a basketball.

“Oh right..I keep forgetting! He replied as he shook his now immense glutes.

“It’s understandable..i mean you’re just a dumb sub bottom boy..right?” I grinned.

“UH ye..yeah I am..just here for people to use me..they take care of me. Real good and I let them fuck me..that’s fair”

‘Of’ve been the house bottom boy for what..3 years now?” The group photo on the wall changed into a similar shot of the guys standing around a huge man who stood over seven feet tall. He had a sign around his neck that read “House Boy.” A leather band formed around Brad’s neck as he grew to his new height. The tag on it read ‘HouseBoy for Phi Alpha Upsilon frat. Please return if found.’ It was followed by the cell number of the current president of the frat.

“So’ve been lifting weights like the frat wanted? They need a huge muscle boy to help out around here…right?”

“UH I guess so” he mumbled as his body became more powerfully built.

“I mean all the roids and supplements make you huge..and you love posing and flexing for them…right? His body expanded rapidly until he was at least 450 pounds of bloated muscle. A thick hard gut grew in giving him a pregnant appearance.He flexed and felt his body all over and drooled slightly.

“You know steroids don’t actually shrink your cock..but in your case they did..right. But they made your balls really huge…as big as grapefruits..right?” The change was dramatic as his cock shriveled and his balls enlarged all the while he moaned and felt his body.

’Well I have to be going now HouseBoy..but I plan to be back soon.” As a last touch I gave him a leather speedo to wear as his uniform. He whimpered and pointed to his hungry ass.

“I know I said I would fuck you and I time. Don’t worry one of the frat bros will happily fill you.” he nodded as he saw the guy who let me in come down the stairs. As I left I could hear sounds of large bodies moving around and the voice of Brad, now The HouseBoy, moaning as he got rammed by the big blond.
FABRICATIONS: Making Maternity Wear Accessible For Masculine-Presenting Queer Parents
"Clothing that doesn’t make you change who you are just because your body is changing."

Butchbaby & Co. is necessary because there are people getting pregnant who don’t fit the mold of hyper-feminine, heteronormative, pregnant women who like wearing scoop necks, tight tees and maxi dresses. And these people deserve to have access to clothing that makes them feel beautiful or handsome or however they want to feel but, above all, comfortable in their skin and their identity

Hey Jealousy, an Olicity College AU

A birthday gift for @fanmommer because I love her, and because she’s nice, I’m sharing it with y’all as well. Hope you enjoy it! (It’s not beta-d, sorry about that!)

The beer can in Oliver’s hand crinkled beneath his fingers, the sound masked by the thumping rhythm and chatter in the room.

The Theta Epsilon Nu pre-spring break party was in full swing, and Oliver had congratulated himself on managing to get Felicity to come out to the party—though at the moment he deeply regretted it.

The low light made it difficult to see her, but he kept his gaze fixed across the room as she talked and laughed with Carter Fucking Bowen.

He felt a sharp sting and sudden wetness and looked down at the now completely crushed can in his hand. He set it down on the ledge beside him with more force than necessary.

“Easy there, buddy,” Tommy’s jovial voice rang out beside him. “What’d that beer ever do to you?”

Oliver scowled, but didn’t move his gaze from the corner where Carter stood leaning over Felicity, who pushed a long piece of hair behind her ear, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. 

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Costume For The Mutha-Fcukin Fri-Day:

- Grey linen harem pants - these btiches be comfy - yas queen YAS.

- Olive grey ulta-soft scoop-neck tee by Urban Outfitters

- Thrift-store leafy floral cotton vest

- Woven sandals from the Olvera Mexican market in Los Angeles.

- Faux black pearl earrings

- Black railroad spike necklace

It had been done in the spur of the moment, a bad day with too much looking at his reflection and the same old face, that made him want to change something about it. His therapist had suggested a few times that changes in his appearance could help him, that it would make him feel more in control of himself and give him a new burst of life, and it was those thoughts combined with his bad ones that had lead him to the salon he often went to before work but for something much more extreme than his normal blow dry and style. 

The stylists had been shocked by his request, it seemingly coming out of nowhere, but at the same time they had seemed excited. They were happy to be able to experiment on a man they saw so often, chatting happily as they always did with him as they dyed, cut, shaved and styled, and as he looked in the mirror at the end of it all he could see why his therapist had said that a change in look would help him. He felt revitalized, he did feel in control. He had the control to change himself, it was all up to him, his body wasn’t something out of control…those thoughts all brought a honestly bright smile to his lips as he paid the stylist and gave them a generous tip on top of that before leaving. 

It was a big change, his normally soft and warm look now something edgy, darker, but as he slipped his glasses on and made his way back to his car the more that it felt right to him. He liked it, really liked it, even if maybe winter wasn’t the best time to decide to get a side shave and leave part of his head bare to the elements..

He went clothes shopping too, while he was out, he picked up a couple of new outfits and even had fun doing so. The mirrors hadn’t bothered him, imaginary rolls of fat hadn’t even entered his mind, he had felt better than he had done for a long time and all due to taking the control over himself to change his look. The outfits he picked out were darker to go with his new look. a leather jacket, scoop necked tees, new jeans, all of these things were piled together to add to the hair, all more proof of his control, and he changed into one of the outfits before leaving the store to head home.

When he finally got home he had shopping bags in hand, one with his old clothes in and another with more new clothes in, and his new military style books thumped against the floor as he stepped into his and Erik’s home. It was only now that he worried that maybe Erik wouldn’t like the change, it was a pretty big one, as it had been something that had failed to enter his mind until that moment.

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[Because yaaaaaaaaaas]

Things hadn’t been the easiest for either of them over the past few weeks, for Dongwoo especially. He had seen a change in him, the way he carried himself, the aura around him and the sad look in his eye on occasion. He knew that his boyfriend was trying and he also knew that it was taking a lot out of him and there was a war in the others mind he would not share easily. All he could do was stay by his side, offer support and be someone that Dongwoo felt he could talk to when he was ready.

The pair often shared their schedules with each other when speaking over their day or what was to come and Erik was aware that his boyfriend would be paying a visit to the salon while he worked and part of him had expected the younger to be home when he got back from work but when he stepped into their apartment, he couldn’t hear a sound other than his footsteps as he walked into the living room and rest himself down on the couch. 

One quick look at the clock on the wall told the demon that his boyfriend was doing more than just his usual visit to the salon and that was a thought that made him smile. He didn’t know what but in his mind he imagined that Dongwoo was doing something for himself, maybe catching up with an old friend, maybe indulging in a hobby he had yet to share, taking some time for himself with something nice kind of like a self date. There were many reasons and with each one the tailor’s smile grew.

His eyes fell shut as he took some time in the quiet to rest, something he hadn’t been getting enough of recently with late hours in his work room trying to finish a few important clients work and so he dozed on and off until he heard the door click shut and footsteps in the hallway.

“My love?” He turned his head towards the hallway before he was slipping off the couch to greet his boyfriend. There was a smile on his lips but it was one that soon fell as Dongwoo stepped into view. He was surprised, there was no denying that. Dongwoo’s hair was different for a start, shaved at the sides and the clothing he was wearing was so far from his usual style. It seemed that he had taken himself off for a make over and…

“I love it.” The smile returned as his surprised expression fell, his words warm and sincere as he stepped closer and stroked his slender fingers over the shaved part of the others head. “You look amazing, my love. So beautiful, so handsome and so attractive.” He could imagine why the younger had gone for such a drastic change since he could imagine some psychological benefits or changing a look to feel revitalized. 

“How do I get to call such a beautiful man mine?” He whispered softly as he tilted his head and brushed his lips over the younger’s. “How do you feel?”