scoop model

-he thought he knew you from somewhere!
-he visited your family’s farm one year to take pictures of the horses and land and, admittedly, fell in love with the cute farm girl who was riding one of the horses
-you were both really young so you forgot about each other until Seven sent him your photo and telling him you somehow hacked into the chatroom
-he fell in love with you all over again, absolutely tickled you still had the accent he adored
-he takes you riding all. the. time.
-he doesn’t really help out with the chores but likes to take pictures of you while you do them
-seriously, how can he make you look like such a model while scooping out pounds of manure from the stables?
-he never wants to leave once he tastes your mother’s blueberry pie. He’s convinced it’s the best pie he’s ever had and cries tears of joy when she sends him home with some

-this babe cannot contain his joy
-horses???? Real ones???? (yoosung did you rlly think they’d be fake)
-you take him down to your family’s farm and he quickly introduced himself to your parents before sprinting to the stable
-your father explained that unfortunately, Roberto the horse kept limping and the family vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him
-in .2 seconds flat Yoosung had Roberto lay down and figured out that he had a sprained leg, probably from running too hard
-he helped bandage the leg and although he couldn’t prescribe Roberto medication, advised your parents to call the vet again for some
-he’s 100% down to do any household chores (partly because he wants to impress you and your family but also because he wants to be helpful) and teaches your little siblings how to make soap
-looooves all of the food you and your parents make and if you think he’s willingly leaving without recipes, you’re wrong
-also so impressed with your accent!! When you are out of the house he tries to give himself one and see how it sounds

-“ya i have multiple farms what’s the big deal” Mr CEO Jumin H. Han isn’t very impressed at first until he actually gets there
-he sees the intricate systems your father created for watering the crops and the gentle way you treat the animals
-he introduces himself to your family and then asks to be shown around
-and the entire time he’s like :o!!!!!!
-spends more time with the cows than the rest of the animals and no one’s quite sure why
-when he gets back though he asks Jaehee to find him a cow for a pet which you both shut down very quickly
-probably,,,,,has a hard time drinking milk after that,,,,,
-he makes you talk all the time just to hear your accent
-when he has a headache or a long day, he asks you to just speak to him. So cute!

-blushes bright pink when she hears your accent, it’s so lovely
-and oookay she’s not going to lie
-at first she’s a bit,,,,unsure about the dirty animals
-but while giving her the tour of the farm, she falls in love with this teensy tiny brown bunny rabbit in the pen
-you explain that the bunny was still fairly newborn and wasn’t named yet, but decided to give her the honor
-she took it very seriously and ended up naming her “Espresso” because of the bunny’s hyperactive nature
-she adores going horseback riding along the farm and feeding the animals
-one of the baby goats took feed right out of her hand and she was so surprised that she dropped it all
-asks to go back only two weeks after you left and seriously considers hiring some of your family’s animals to set up a petting zoo for business

-he thinks your accent is nice of course, but it’s just a thing with your speech he shouldn’t romanticize (but he will anyway)
-scrEAMS when he hears you used to live on a farm
-but they’re so dirty?????? And the animals are generally filthy too???????? Oh my god???????
-his stance unfortunately doesn’t improve on the animals throughout the visit (although he likes looking at them from afar), but he does like how clean your family keeps everything!
-your mother swears the guest bedroom and bath looks 10x cleaner than when you two arrived and she’s not wrong
-makes amazing lemonade when he shows up. Your mom keeps trying to get him to make large batches so she can freeze it and drink it later
-but Mr Smooth is the reason why we can’t have nice things and insists that he’ll just have to come back and make her some more ;;;;;;;;))))))))

-he’s terrified to meet your family but promises to at least try
-halfway throughout dinner he gets too anxious and steps out for a minute
-after an hour, you go out in search for him. It’s dark outside so you’re a bit nervous considering that the farm is large and he could have,,,fell into the lake or pig pen
-but you find him sitting in the middle of the field, his shoulders shaking
-at first you thought he was crying but he’s instead covered in the barn cats while they roll around and vy for his attention
-he's laughing so loudly you can hear him from several yards away, unaware that you’re watching him
-you turn around and go back inside, heart nearly bursting from happiness. It meant so much to see the man you loved happy and unafraid to show it, honestly
-over the days he begins spending more time with the cats and other animals and is sad when he has to leave
-but he shouldn’t worry because at home with a little bow around its neck is a tiny kitten waiting for him
-once he leaves and talks to you more, he’s like “oh shit she has an accent, how have I never noticed”
-he loves it though!!

Saeyoung Choi:
-he’s been around everywhere so he noticed your accent right away
-he never said anything about it but just assumed you were from the country
-10/10 was expecting your farm to look like something from the “Little House on the Prairie”
-basically: no wifi, no electricity and you had to do everything yourself
-so when he showed up he was surprised in the best way
-gets along so well with your family and /begs/ you to take him horseback riding
-if you ever lose him during the stay you can guarantee he’ll either be playing with the children or trying to get the farm animals to love him smh

-oooOOO you have a horse???
-probably teaches himself to ride it just so he can pretend to be your knight
-and gives you a long speech while he does so;;;;;
-your mom has to come out at 2am just to say “Hey romeo its 2 am, maybe chill with the poetry until 6?”
-gains 10 pounds just with the food alone