this is my friend Sam and I, we go to a private boarding school in northern California. Sam is pan-sexual (liking anybody he has a deep connection with) and myself, well i am a bit confused of who i am at the moment. last night our school had a formal dinner, I asked Sam to be my date a week ago,he said yes! the night of the formal dinner Sam asked our assistant headmaster if he could wear a dress, he said no before he had even finished the question. when Sam and i showed up to the dinner we were holding hands and i was also holding the roses Sam had gave to me. Sam was wearing mascara and lipstick. our assistant headmaster freaked out and told Sam if he didn’t get the makeup off he would be in massive trouble. Sam and I went back to the room to get his makeup off  and came back down. the whole night he was telling us how bizarre and weird we were. the night ended and the morning rose. we both have our first class of Friday with our assistant headmaster. he told the both of us if our relationship went any further he threatened he would take us behind the barn and beat us. he also told us if we were in public school we would have our dicks chopped off by other kids. after this period of being teased, Sam and i got together and thought we needed to do something about this. so here i am, Julien,15 years old, asking for your help to spread this around and have it known that California allows private schools to discriminate against people with certain sexual preferences.


After School is a short and beautiful little adventure with artwork created entirely from paper, pencils and watercolours, that tells a tale of unrequited love as a young girl yearns for the object of her affections to just look up from his book and notice her.

Sure the girl may come across as a borderline stalker, but all she really wants is for her true love to notice that she exists – a fact that hits hard in the game’s poignant ending scene.

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