scooby who

Time and Relative Dimension, at School

So, these weirdos are working on a nefarious project in front of their school. A simple scene, and surely impossible to mess up, right? Right?

…oh. In the closeup on these two, they’re, uh… in an entirely-different area, I guess? 

The huge bush, the giant windows on the right… it’s not even close to what the wide shot had. What happened?

…and when we quickly cut back to the wide shot,

1. The box, tools, and misc junk are gone

2. The kid building the bazooka teleported offscreen, and now has to walk back to where he was before

3. The pair of kids have disappeared

4. A blonde kid has teleported into their place

Samurai Bravo is picking up again because of the latest season of Samurai Jack coming out, which is great!

So picture this, everyone!

Three way date between

Jack and Johnny

Velma and Daphne

And Fred and Shaggy



WOW just wow

I’ve never told anyone but when I was like 10, I wrote a 50,000 word fanfiction about scooby doo and it centred around Velma and daphne. At this point I was denying I was anything but straight but you can totally tell I was ‘sexually confused’ by the dialogue in this story.