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Reasons why Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School is the best Scooby Doo Movie

1. Sibella’s Vampire puns
2. Elsa is a FrankenTEEN
3. Tanis the Mummy can swim “A Nile and a half”
4. 99% of Phantasma’s lines include shrieking
5. Winnie’s howling
7. All the older monsters are just trying to be good dads.
8. They play a military school in volleyball and the military kids just accept that the girls are monsters
9. Scrappy Doo almost falls out of the van
11. Legs the spider goes on a strike
12. Ms. Grimwood
13. The Octopus Butler has 3 watches
14. Matches is the oven
15. The main antagonist just wants people to clean her castle
16. Potato Monster
17. The Well Dweller is a straight up dinosaur with 3 eyes
19. Miguel is probably Carlos’s older brother
20. Sibella delivers pizza in bat form
21. Phantasma plays the pipe organ
22. Godzilla has a daughter
23. A 2-headed shark in the moat because alligators are too mainstream
25. The ending rap


Title: Hanna Barbera’s Scooby-Doo Annual 1985

Series: UK Annuals (ISBN 0-7235-6721-2)

Characters: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, Scrappy Doo

Creators: by No creators listed but includes Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle

Year: 1984 Hanna Barbera Productions Inc.

Publisher(s): World International Publishing Limited. 


  • 1)      The Missing Masterpiece Mystery – 6 page text story
  • 2)      Where Are You, Scooby? – 1 page puzzle
  • 3)      Napoleon Lives! – 13 pages (reprint from Scooby Doo Mystery Comics #23 Gold Key Feb 1974) writer Mark Evanier, art Dan Spiegle
  • 4)      Sweet Scooby – 6 page text story
  • 5)      How Well Do You Know Scooby Doo? – 1 page puzzle
  • 6)      Look Alike – 1 page puzzle
  • 7)      The Phantom Funnyman – 12 pages (reprint from Scooby Doo Mystery Comics #23 Gold Key Feb 1974) writer Mark Evanier, art Dan Spiegle
  • 8)      Are You Lost, Scooby? – 1 page puzzle
  • 9)      Scooby Doo And The Sea Monster – 5 page text story
  • 10)   The ‘S’ Mystery – 1 page puzzle
  • 11)   Well Done Scooby! – 5 page text story
  • 12)   A Joke’s A Joke! – 1 page of jokes
  • 13)   Mystery of the Witches’ Gold – 4 page text story
  • 14)   Find Those Bones! – 1 page puzzle
  • 15)   Scooby and Friend – 1 page dot-to-dot puzzle

Good/Bad: The reprinted Gold Key stories are great, even with the inexplicably pink Mystery Machine. The new art for the text stories is a little off model, but not too bad.

my personal ranking and ratings of scooby doo media

* please note that these rankings are based on the media that i have watched, this list is not yet complete bc obviously scooby doo is timeless and also note that thru out this entire franchise, the writers and animators were able to include several talking dogs as recurring main characters but not a single non white person

1) scooby-doo, where are you! - the unfortunately short lived original show, an absolute classic. very repetitive and predictable but still fun, the opening credits and song are my fave and it was a staple in my childhood that i still enjoy 10/10

2) what’s new, scooby doo - honestly excellent, doesn’t have the original song BUT the opening song is played by fucking simple plan so obviously 10/10

3) scooby doo! mystery incorporated - very recent remake but not shitty unlike most remakes, the animation is great, not repetitive and it has a good running plot, opening credits aren’t good and it just doesn’t have the ~charm of the older shows so it just can’t be first on the list but otherwise, 9.5/10

4) scooby doo: the movie - excellent just fucking excellent and great, the cgi scooby is amazingly terrible, daphne’s outfits are amazing, simple plan perform the original theme song, shaggy and scooby are stoners its great but it loses some points for uncomfortable representations of voodoo, 9/10

5) scooby doo 2: monsters unleashed - very very underrated and under appreciated movie, i love it because its kind of terrible and very enjoyable watching while high 9/10

5) the new scooby doo movies - very first remake show of the original. terrible intro and song but longer and includes a whole bunch of other guest star characters like the addams family, wild ass sequences and very fun to watch when ur high - 9/10

6) the scooby doo show - essentially the same as the original but wilder and with slightly better animation, the intro changes completely and replaces the original song with one that i detest which makes this lose major points and also still pretty repetitive kinda boring 8/10

7) be cool, scooby doo! - 2016 remake, the animation is completely fucked and the characters barely look like themselves, plot line is good but the animation is just so upsetting that the plot can’t even come into consideration but would watch if there’s nothing else 1/10