Shameful how Francis and Catherine are making Mary to be this “vulnerable” “she was used” kind of Queen. Francis should chill out and stop being salty about his wife leaving him: “he stole my wife”; first Mary is not an object he can claim.

Mary choose not to be with Francis on her own. Mary choose to stay away from him on her own. Mary choose to let him friend and find a mistress. She choose to be with Louis on her own. It’s funny how the Francis Stans keep insisting he took advantage of her. When literally he was okay with being his friend even after the speech on 2x14. Are we forgetting she’s the one who asked him to leave with her to Scontland? The one who kept on insisting for him to burn his mark (when he was ready to face the concecuences), she was the one who asked him to leave with him to kill her attackers.

“You never rushed me”, his concern about Mary’s well being after the rape, and the possibility of going to far. I remember she was the one who said “now Louis” to finally have sex. It was a consensual choice she made, she choose to be with him.

Please don’t take Mary the only thing she has as a woman and Queen. The power to chose for her own, her agency. Mary is not a child anymore and it’s insulting that you think otherwise.