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The Smartphone (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Request: The lovely @buckyyyy-barnes request this:

It just came to my head today. Like the reader helps Bucky use a phone and it’s really fluffy and cute

I hope that you like it, babe!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1328

This is the link to my masterlist

The Smartphone

Today was the day.

You were saving money for months and yesterday you finally got enough to give your boyfriend this present… and you were beyond excited.

Despite the excitement, you were nervous about giving it to him. 

He was a big fan of technology but he had not tried it all yet, just the things that were in the Tower and the equipment he had worked with before. He wanted to take it slow.

You took a look at the wall clock.

The place you and another two girls worked in belonged to a woman who was in her early fifties. She loved the place and she really put an effort in the decoration, all in pastel colors. You worked there every week from Mondays to Thursdays. In an hour and a half, your work shift would be over and you could go home with Bucky.

 You took the coffee and the scon for the fourth table and placed them in front of the lady who was reading a classic book.

You smiled when you saw him stepping through the door of the patisserie. He winked at you and sat at a table for two near the open window.

“Good afternoon, sir” you playfully told him “What can I get you to drink?”

“A dark coffee, please? And what do you have on the menu to eat, doll?“ he smirked staring at your lips, you tried to hide your own smirk.

“We have an incredible lemon pie, awesome caramel cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and freshly made brownies. That’s my recommendation, but here’s the menu” you said placing the small book in front of him.

He placed his right hand on it, feeling the texture of the fabric it was made of.

“I feel tempted about the cookies, but I’ll tell you a secret… I’m sure that the ones that my girlfriend does are the best so I’ll get the cupcakes, please.”

You nodded biting your lip before you made your way to the kitchen.

 A few hours later you were walking to your apartment with Bucky. You squished his hand a little more than necessary when you decide to tell him. 

“I got a present for you”

He placed a kiss in the hand that was holding his. He loved your gestures, the ones that you do without noticing like that one, or the way you played with your hair or how you wrinkle your lips to the side when you think deeply about something.

“What is it?” he asked with a huge smile on his face, his eyes crinkling.

“I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise”

You giggled a little when a waft of wind blew and messed with his hair. Stopping before the building that you lived in, you took a hairband from your waist.

“Here.” you gave it to him “This is your present”

Rolling his eyes, he took it and made a bun with his hair.

“I’m keeping it”

You lead him to your apartment and to your living room before you took a seat in your sofa and brought out the little box from your backpack.

“Is that a cellphone?! This is my present?!”

“Do you like it?”

You smiled at his childish excitement. You knew he would like it. He was taking all the 21st-century technology slow, but the things that he tried always amazed him.

“I love it! Let me try it!”

“Come here” you patted the cushion by your side but he sat on your lap, taking all his weight on his knees to not smash you.

You opened your legs and he took the place in the middle.

“Well…this is a little uncomfortable,” you said behind Bucky’s back “I can’t see what I’m doing”

You were trying to open the box, but it was impossible with his body in between.

You tried to extend your arms a little more around him to have the new smartphone in both of your hands, but that was impossible… your face was against his shoulder and your chest was united with his back.

You felt him chuckling and you smiled happily. The moments when he was happy were the best. His laugh always melted your heart a little, no matter how many times you had heard it.

“Let’s change seats, doll”

He stood up so you could do the same and then he sat and you occupied the space between his opened legs, leaning your back on his chest. He placed his chin on your shoulder and his arms around your waist.

“And what do we do now?”

You peck a kiss on his chin and place the phone in his hands.

“It’s all yours, babe.”

You watched him as he studied it carefully, the fingers of his right hand lightly touching the borders of the device.

“You can turn it on and off with that button. You already have a number, I made sure of that yesterday”

His reflection on the screen made you want to take him a picture.

“Every icon on the screen is a different program. You have to click them to opened them. Go to "contacts” and add me! You had to press the plus symbol" 

You took a glance at his face as you waited for him. The glow of joy in his eyes, God, you really lived for that.

“(Y/N), we have a problem”  

He was shrieking with laughter. Tears running from his eyes. You were a little taken aback with all of this.

“What’s so funny?”

“I can’t handle the phone with my left hand”

“OMG! Stop it!” you said between laughter “You will scratch it!”

He saved your number with the right hand and caressed the curve of the side of your waist with the other one. You felt the goosebumps appearing as you closed your eyes, feeling the cold metal making contact with your warm skin.

“What do I do now?”

“Mhmm… With the icon of the envelope, you can write messages to the people that you added before”

“I don’t want you to see it” he stated covering your eyes with his metal hand “This is slower than you made it look, doll”

“You’re doing it with just one hand, don’t be so hard on yourself.” you felt your cell phone vibrate in your pocket and you draw his hand away to read the new message.

You smiled at the words on your phone.

“I love you too.”

You turned to face him and gave him a kiss. He returned it happily, making it deeper and holding you tightly. You were now sitting astride on his lap with him spreading kisses around your face.

“With which one do you take a picture?”

“With this one…”

Smiling to the front camera, he took the picture when you place your lips to his cheek.

“Hey! Look at this one! I love it. This is going to be my lock screen”

He tapped a few times on the screen and closed the apps.

“Hey!” you exclaimed when you saw the photo as wallpaper “That’s my boy! You’re so grown up”

Rolling his eyes, he saw as you faked cleaning a single tear from your eye.

“Where do I download facebook?”

“Here. You have to download more apps. Not just facebook and twitter. You can also make an Instagram, and have Snapchat, Netflix and Spotify”

His left hand made your way to your back again and you sighed contently when his fingers started to make circles and different patterns as you hide your face on his neck. 

You woke up a few hours later to find Bucky fast asleep under you and your phone with a lot of new messages with more than twenty pictures of you sleeping in Bucky’s arms.

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Are you running out of questions to answer? I can come up with some if you need it :)

Admin Talk: That’s super nice of you, but we’re far from out of questions! :) You’re more than welcome to send them in, of course, but actually we’ve just been so busy prepping for (and attending) our big con of the year that we haven’t had much time for recording. We just got back today and have some stuff to get taken care of but we should be back and posting very soon!

(Also to all the people who recognized us at Sakuracon from this blog we couldn’t believe it. Such a small world!!! You guys are the best.~)

Mani (con)gela(te).

Le senti ancora le mie mani (perennemente) congelate che ogni volta che mi toccavi mi dicevi: “Dammi qua, te le scaldo io”?
Le senti ancora le mie mani riscaldarsi grazie alle tue (perennemente) calde?
Lo stesso gelo che sentivi sulle mie mani ora è anche nel cuore ma tu non ci sei a scaldarmelo.
Vorrei sentirmi dire, di nuovo, che me lo scaldi tu il cuore perché ti confesso che quando ti avevo vicino la cosa più calda che avevo era proprio il cuore.

Ritorna, a scaldarmi il cuore.
Alle mani ci penso io, ma tu ritorna e scon-gelami il cuore.

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According to the cambridge dictionary scone is UK is pronounced as skɒn and in the US as skoʊn. Go check it.

lol, I don’t care how the americans pronounces shit. aloominum. also, pretty sure they pronounce it as ‘biscuit’. I think there’s a misconception about the scone/scon debate. even if all the linguistics came together and decided on the one, singular, correct way [it’s scone!] to pronounce scone it would not end the long fought over scon/scone debate. and take it from the british people, we don’t particularly want it to end. it’s bigger than the egg/chicken debate. it can make or break friendships. it’s an integral part of our culture and I can guarantee you, everyone has had the debate with someone. 

it’s scone like cone. obviously.  

“We live in the quiet, little, redneck, podunk, white-trash, kick ass U- S- A-!~”

Specifically in Washington up in the pacific northwest. 

As for where we’re “fun”, glad you asked!

We’re fun everywhere but we’ll probably a lot more fun at Sakura-con. XD We’ll be cosplaying Creek, Style, and 999. If any of you are planning on going (or know anyone who’s going and cosplaying South Park) feel free to hit us up!


Ghost busting trio having a good time at SCON-2016 🐱🐱🐱
Really nice to know that many people out there enjoyed the movie, despite the lack of representation in Russia 🙈

Guest star - @demiquartz as Abby Yates 👻


I walked around the exhibition hall for what felt like decades before I found these two really sweet girls sharing a table. I got talking to them, and when I mentioned that I was looking to purchase some Benne art, one of them told me she was a closet Benne shipper, so naturally, it was a divine sign that I had to choose her.

I was REALLY torn up about how much I was willing to spend, but eventually decided to get a sketch with a colored border. I was stunned when I got this pic that was actually almost fully colored! I can’t believe she went that extra mile for me all because I really took the time to appreciate her art :’D

Because she was so fantastic, I wanted to provide her contact info, in case anyone else is interested in commissioning her!

DA: sharpiekan
Twitter: kangalysia))

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r u ded

Admin Talk: No, we’re still around! Sorry for being so slow to update, we’ve been really busy prepping for (and attending) our big con of the year. We actually just got back today. Sorry for taking so long to update and stuff we’ve just been sooooo busy. 

We’ll try to be back in action ASAP.~

Scon vs Nexus 2 part 1 Ash and Serena vs Red and Leaf

*After finishing his adventure in the Alola region, Ash makes his way home to Pallet Town were someone was waiting for him*

Serena: *she was in front of the Ketchum home waiting for Ash and to begin his welcome home party. She tried calling Bonnie, Clemont, or May. She manages to get their voicemail* Hey guys I’m at his house. Meet you guys later. *hangs up the phone*

Delia Ketchum: *she opens the door* You must be Serena. Come on in. Ash will be here in about a hour or so.

Serena: You must be Mrs. Ketchum. It’s nice to meet you. *she smiles and walks in the house waiting for the others to arrive*