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Phil gets captured on a mission. Clint leads a group of Phil's junior agent protégées to get him back.

Mid-morning sunlight streamed through the large windows of Clint’s apartment. Clint was on his back on the old purple couch with his eyes buried under one arm. Lying across his chest was Lucky, his one-eyed golden mix. Lucky was more than content to indulge his human in a long lie-in, but hushed sounds from the hallway brought the dog’s ears up to a perk.


Mack and Daisy stood outside Clint’s apartment. Daisy held her laptop in one hand, clicking intermittently at the keys for a moment, a frown on her lips.

“You got it?” Mack whispered.

There was a brief pause. “There’s nothing to get.” She replied, perplexed

“You mean it’s too high tech?”

Daisy shook her head. “No, I mean there isn’t anything. There’s no system…it’s just a door.” Looking a bit frustrated Daisy grabbed the door handle and gave it a jiggle. “And it’s not locked.” They both watched the door slide quietly open in bewilderment.

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Snowbaz Feda- "I think your dog likes my dog"

Usually, pets aren’t allowed at Watford. But, well, our room in Mummers House is big enough to hide a small dog in, anyways. Right? And Baz wouldn’t turn me in because, well, who doesn’t like dogs? I’ll even let him have one too. Besides, I can’t just not adopt this dog. And, that one over there looks like Baz, if he were a Scottish terrier.

“I’m taking these two.” The four words I’ll most regret saying, yet nonetheless I showed up at Watford in fourth year, holding a little scottie as a bribe for Baz and a little scruffy mongrel for myself.


I’d been hoping that Baz would come to school after the dogs had already settled in, but apparently not. Because when I shimmied into our room, my coat bulging and wriggling, and dropped two dogs on the floor, he was frankly, appalled.

“What…Are those.” He said, rhetorically, as the two balls of fluff, one orange and one black, scuffled over to him and sniffed his feet.

“Uh. Dogs?” I said, awkwardly. “That one’s Basilton Jr. I got him hoping you wouldn’t turn me in if I let you have one too.” I picked up the tiny black thing, holding him up so Baz could see.

“I-” he looked torn. Success? “Fine.” He agreed after a long pause. Took the dog from my hands. Looked at me as if I were about to snatch the dog back.

I grinned, not realizing what I’d just done to myself.


And now for present time. After eight years tolerating a room with my worst enemy, I thought I’d be able to escape him.

But well, we’d both grown quite fond of our dogs. Lil Baz and Cherry Scones were family to me by that point. (Yes, I named my dog Cherry Scones. I don’t need more judgement than I’m getting already.)

And our dogs… They’d grown quite fond of eachother, I think.

Like, very fond. I think they’re in love.

“Baz, we need to stay roommates after we graduate.”

“…Excuse me?”

“Our dogs! They’re in love! We can’t just split them up like that!”

Baz had the same look on his face as he’d had when I first brought them to Watford. I think he blushed, but it’s hard to tell when he’s already so pale. He turned white-person-colored, for a second.

“Fine. We won’t split them up. I’ll take both.”

“No! Cherry Scones is not going with you!”

“Fine! We’ll stay roommates!”

“Yeah! That’s what I said!”

We glowered at each other, and at our feet the two dogs were licking each other enthusiastically.

Apartment shopping. With Baz. We talked as little as possible.

“How about this one?”

“No. How about this one?”

“Too pricy.”




More silence.

It was hours before we found one we wanted.

“We can’t just live together forever, Snow.” Baz said, out of nowhere.

And then, even more out of nowhere, my mouth came up with “Why not? I like living with you and the dogs.”

But what Baz did put my mouth’s illogical habit of blurting to shame, when he had the crazy idea of kissing me.

Not that I objected.

Clint/Coulson Holiday Exchange Round4 (2015) Reveals and Master Post

All writers/artist/podfic-ers have been revealed. Thank you again to all of our amazing participants, especially those who helped out by pinch hitting. 

Look for us again later this year. We plan to have the updated Rules post (there will be some changes) up by the second half of September with sign-ups running from Oct. 1-10. Have a great year!


England: Well, it’s okay I guess? A bit stressful but still nice. Other than look after the big buffoon of a king, I spend quality time with ‘Scone’. Finest breed of dogs for a queen.

America: Yeah, right! ‘Iggy-queeny and corgi’ have a nice ring *snickering*

England: Shut up you dolt!

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@nekoevilx3 - Sorry for a messy piece of shit. I picked a wrong kind of paper but don’t wanna make you wait any longer. Thanks for your question!!

the lady and the scone

Happy birthday, Simon!

So today is Simon’s birthday, and @sncwbaz​ made a post about writing fics for him, so this is what this is.

AU: dogwalker au

words: 2k

(if you find the ‘the foxhole court’ reference i will give you my firstborn child) (i’m sorry but i couldn’t resist putting it in there)

Simon’s birthday didn’t go as planned. It was raining. He was drenched. And Scone was nowhere to be seen. Just what he needed.

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