Midcentury Modern in Salento, Italy

The house of Italian journalists and midcentury design collectors Antonio Scolari and Antonio Pizzinini, in Galatina, is one of the twin wings of the 1700s historic building Mongiò dell’Elefante . They revamped it in 2013, preserving all the Baroque heritage as well as the concrete floor from the early 900. This mix of different past styles layers turns out real modern and the eclectic vibe is further enhanced by the furniture: midcentury classics, design icons and contemporary art give the building a definitely strong personality and original aesthetics.


Well, Daniel Alves da Silva, is an international hero. He is trying to put it all out there for the world to see, he is trying to save Brazilian football, the players and the new generation that will carry the legacy after them. He is also involving the fans, who are a huge part of the game. We’ve been lied to, although we carry the weight around with our team, the humiliation and the anger. We share goals and views with them and the cbf is fooling us. But thank God, someone like Dani comes along, knowing very well that he won’t be called anymore after this, just like Thiago. But it doesn’t matter to him because he’s had enough. Dani Alves is a legend, I strongly believe in everything he stands for, every word he says is pure gold. Oh, and Dani, I’m sorry that I mocked your hair once .. or twice .. you look absolutely fantastic in the ‘dog poo’ style, honestly you slay!

Ricorda che sei polvere: d'accordo.
Se pero’ posso scegliere di cosa:
non dell'oro,non della conchiglia,
ma polvere di gesso
di una parola appena cancellata
dalla superficie di lavagna.
E intorno un'aula di scolari applaude
la fine della scuola.
—  Erri De Luca