Damon Salvatore/Effy Stonem - Scodehalder gifs.
  • All made by me, please like if taking any.
  • Please don’t repost or take credit for them.
  • I’ll keep updating this post as I make more gifs (or just do another post, no idea really)
  • All made out of fanvids.

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She hears someone running up behind her and whips around, being grabbed and shaken suddenly. She screams and flails until she realizes who it is.

“Im scared."  She bursts out sobbing. "I don’t know if I can bear it anymore. I don’t know what to do”

He stares at her wildly, out of breath.

“You’re so full of hate, so full of death.”

Then he realizes that he doesn’t know what to say, or do, either.