Virgo: Sit down with me a moment.

Scorpio: Okay. *goes to sit down*

Virgo: *sits next to her*

Scorpio: You look so serious…

Virgo: I have something I need to tell you and I’m not sure how.

Scorpio: Oh. It’s that kind of serious conversation.

Virgo: It’s nothing bad. Just… awkward to talk about.

Scorpio: Well, I’m sure it can’t be that bad.

Virgo: I just said it’s not bad.

Scorpio: No, I know. I just mean it can’t be that awkward.

Virgo: I like you.

Scorpio: Oh.

Virgo: I mean… I like you a lot.

Scorpio: Look at you confessing your feelings! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you just flat-out tell someone you liked them before.

Virgo: That’s because I’ve never liked anyone like this before. I can’t even describe it.

Scorpio: Well… *glances into his eyes* I like you too.

Virgo: You… do?

Scorpio: I do.

Virgo: *scoots closer slowly* You like me a lot?

Scorpio: I want to be your girlfriend. I like you that much.

Virgo: I want to be your boyfriend.

Scorpio: Let’s go on a date tonight and make it official.

Virgo: Yes! *suddenly kisses her*

Scorpio: *smiles against his lips and kisses back*

Virgo: *pulls away* I don’t want to move too fast…-

Scorpio: You’re moving at just the right pace. *pulls him in for another kiss*

Virgo: *wraps his arm around her and pulls her in to press their bodies tightly together*

misslipglossglam  asked:

Hey can I request a cancer (f) and Scorpio (m) romance please thanks

“Having Some Fun"

Of course you may, my dear. Welcome back to the world of the able to be requested, my dear female Cancers.

Cancer: *washing her hands to make dinner*

Scorpio: *comes up behind her and starts washing his hands over hers*

Cancer: What are you doing?

Scorpio: *brushes his junk against her ass* Just… washing my hands. *feigning innocence*

Cancer: *blushing* I’m about to make dinner…

Scorpio: *grabs her waist and turns her around to face him*

Scorpio: *reaches to turn off the sink*

Cancer: … *blushing*

Scorpio: *lifts her eyes to meet his own and gives her a kiss*

Cancer: *moans a little into his mouth as he grinds into her*

Cancer: *pulls away* Jesse, we can’t-

Scorpio: Shut up and just kiss me… *pulls her in for another deeper kiss*

Cancer: *grabs the sink counter with both hands*

Scorpio: *props her up onto the counter* Let’s have some fun before dinner and I’ll help you cook… *smirks at her*

Cancer: *melts a little* Yeah, okay… *grabs his hand and follows him to the bedroom*


Cancer: *gazing up at the stars*

Scorpio: *glances over at her and stares for a minute*

Cancer: *glances over at him*

Scorpio: *quickly looks away*

Cancer: I saw you staring. You forget my peripheral vision is amazing.

Scorpio: I just…

Cancer: *stares into his eyes* Yes? You just what?

Scorpio: *sits up on his elbow and looks down at her* I want…

Cancer: You just want what?

Scorpio: *breathes a sigh, rubbing his face* It’s nothing, forget I said anything.

Cancer: It’s so sweet that you’re so nervous but you don’t need to be nervous with me. It’s just me. We’ve been friends for years. You’ve told me everything-

Scorpio: Not everything..

Cancer: Oh? What haven’t you told me?

Scorpio: I’m….. *takes a deep breath* in love with you…

Cancer: *eyes widen* wait, what?

Scorpio: *blushes and turns away* Forget it.

Cancer: But… *grabs his hand urgently* I don’t want to forget about it. Please…

Scorpio: *glances back at her*

Cancer: *gives his cheek a kiss* I…. *sigh* I love you too. I have for so long. But I was too scared to say anything because I never thought you’d ever feel the same way.

Scorpio: *kisses her passionate, pulling her to press into him*

I’m honestly so proud of this one… it came out really cute. I hope you agree!

sometimes i get uncomfortable feelings inside… with signs… feelings of unease … they can hurt
with aries it’s sort of this raw vulnerability and sort of the feeling of everything being unfamiliar like i was just dropped here and i never asked

there is a sort of lethargy i can feel in taurus but that responsibility things must be done, but the body can feel cloudy??? like, i just want to lie down and make the world go away

gemini is this feeling of quicksand, nothing is ever really stable or constant, my inner and outer world changes rapidly, i don’t know who i am, i feel nervous but i don’t know why, i feel scared of being bored

cancer is kind of this abandonment fear, as if suddenly everything you’ve ever known or loved is going to be ripped away from you and i am clawing into my arm like i am sure they claw onto things for that sense of security

leo is this intense, dominating need to always be ‘ON’ and in performance mode even though there is something like weak and scared inside

virgo is a knot in my stomach, nerves surging through me and thoughts blaring and crossing a million miles an hour i almost feel like i am just going to be consumed with this buzz of overstimulation and dread at the same time

libra i feel really fragile and i really feel alone, when i’m alone? my thoughts echo louder, i can’t settle these worries, i feel empty and ruminating on the past mistakes i’ve made with people, that sort of feeling

scorpio is like this deep, deeper than the ocean burn, a wound so buried but still so raw if it is ever touched, there is a profound isolation, what i am feeling and experiencing is not of this world, and nobody could ever understand it

sagittarius is this pressing, restless urgency to move because i feel like i am missing out on something great or brilliant and it’s this sort of discontent with the present moment cause i could be somewhere better

capricorn feels like this shadowy cape that drapes me and reminds me of my mortality, how much i haven’t achieved, how many of my own expectations i am yet to accomplish, how inadequate i am despite the potential i know i’m capable of

aquarius is just this sort of dissociation feeling, being locked way from the body and the world, this sort of fear i will float away and get lost forever in space, a million miles from everyone and everything, because thats how i feel inside

pisces feels of this inability to cope with the present reality. it kind of hurts. noises are loud. i want to be somewhere else so badly. i am tired, so tired i could sleep until death

i guess with the good comes the bad. as dr jung says, No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. …

misslipglossglam  asked:

Can I have a cancer (f) and Scorpio (m) wedding please?

So much Scorpio… does everyone wish to marry a Scorpio? hahaha!

“The Day of the Wedding”

Cancer: *curled up with Scorpio, taking a nap*

Scorpio: *wakes up and watches Cancer sleep for a bit*

Cancer: *sleeping peacefully*

Scorpio: *gets up and pads out to the kitchen to make her some food*

Cancer: *still sleeping*

Scorpio: *teeters for a minute*

Scorpio: *slowly pours a bucket of cold water on Cancer*

Cancer: Aaahhh! What the- Josh!

Scorpio: Hahaha I had to! You were just so peaceful! But anyway, get up. It’s time for us to start the day’s activities before the wedding.

Later that day…

Scorpio: *standing at the alter*

Cancer: *walks around the corner and is now visible to everyone*

Scorpio: *jaw drops*

Cancer: *smiles dazzlingly at him*

Scorpio: *picks up his jaw and glances at her father, who’s staring at him*

Cancer: *glances up at her dad and smiles*

Scorpio (now getting impatient to be next to her): *looks around at all the guests*

Cancer: *reaches Scorpio*

Scorpio: *takes her hands*

Cancer: *takes his hands*

Judge: We gather here today…