Robertson: "[Left-Wing] Media Hate Freedom, Democracy and America" | Right Wing Watch

On The 700 Club today, following a program on the impact of Muslim immigration in Norway, Pat Robertson went on another tirade about how the media treat Muslims. Earlier this month, Robertson and guest Robert Spencer discussed the media’s supposed anti-American and anti-Christian bias, and today Robertson attacked the media for allegedly promoting radical Islam because of their hatred for freedom and democracy and love of communism. Robertson added: “I don’t think these media people realize what they’re getting into because they’ll be the first ones to go when it’s all over with.”

Robertson:The left-wing media are anti-Christian, they’re anti-democracy, they’re anti-the government they live in, they’re anti-the United States, anti-Norway, anti-freedom. Whether it comes out of communism I don’t know. But I don’t think those media people realize what they’re getting into because they’ll be the first to go when it’s all over with. Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t something we’re just waving a flag about. It’s real, this is real.

Dear Mr. Robberson, the “left-wing media” is NOT anti-Christian, Anti-American, or anti-freedom. You are lying to your 700 Club viewers.

h/T: Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch


NPR Caves In to Right-Wingers: Radio Show Distributed By NPR Fires Host After She Takes Part In Protests

On Tuesday, Roll Call ran a story noting that Lisa Simeone — a radio personality who hosts the shows World of Opera and Soundprint — has been taking part in and serving as an informal spokeswoman for anti-war protests in Washington, DC known as October 2011 (which are separate from the Occupy D.C. demonstrations). The Daily Caller and Fox News soon picked up on the story, attempting to stir a controversy.

These media sources implied or incorrectly stated that Simeone worked for National Public Radio (NPR), noting that NPR has prohibitions on “engag[ing] in public relations work, paid or unpaid.” The truth is that Simeone was not an NPR employee and rather served as a host on a show that was distributed by some NPR stations.

Yet NPR reacted sharply to pressure from conservative media outlets, sending out an e-mail to its staffers noting that it was “in conversations” with radio station WDAV, which produces one of Simeone’s shows, about “how to handle this. We of course take this issue very seriously.” And late last night, WDAV caved to pressure from NPR and fired Simeone from her job hosting Soundpoint after NPR’s code of conduct was read to her.

In an interview with journalist David Swanson, Simeone noted that she wasn’t even an NPR employee and that her show did not cover politics. She also noted that a wide variety of NPR’s other employees appear as commentators on conservative media or take speaking fees for their work:

Simeone told me: “I find it puzzling that NPR objects to my exercising my rights as an American citizen — the right to free speech, the right to peaceable assembly — on my own time in my own life. I’m not an NPR employee. I’m a freelancer. NPR doesn’t pay me. I’m also not a news reporter. I don’t cover politics. I’ve never brought a whiff of my political activities into the work I’ve done for NPR World of Opera. What is NPR afraid I’ll do — insert a seditious comment into a synopsis of Madame Butterfly?

“This sudden concern with my political activities is also surprising in light of the fact that Mara Liaason reports on politics for NPR yet appears as a commentator on FoxTV, Scott Simon hosts an NPR news show yet writes political op-eds for national newspapers, Cokie Roberts reports on politics for NPR yet accepts large speaking fees from businesses. Does NPR also send out ‘Communications Alerts’ about their activities?”

NPR, fire Mara Liasson!!

h/t: ThinkProgress