My older brother showed me this video earlier tonight.

My full name is Jack Leroy Tueller and this is two weeks after D-Day. It was dark. Raining, muddy. And I’m stressed so I get my trumpet out, my commander says ‘Jack, don’t play tonight because there’s one sniper left.’ I thought to myself, that German sniper is as scared and as lonely as I am. So I thought, 'I’ll play his love song.’

The next morning, here came a jeep up from the beach about a mile and a half away and the military police kept saying 'hey captain, there’s some German prisoners getting ready to go to England and one of them keeps saying in broken English 'who played that trumpet last night?’ And he broke into song as he said 'when I heard that number that you played I thought about my fiance in Germany, I thought about my mother and dad, and about my brothers and sisters, and I couldn’t fire. I put out and I shook the hand of the enemy. He was no enemy, he was scared and lonely like me.

The power of music.