sclaters lemur


So I wanted to make more people aware of the existance of blue eyed lemurs (also known as Sclater’s lemurs or blue-eyed black lemurs) because they’re super awesome and sadly nearly extinct. (Seriously, look them up.)

The photos on top were taken by my boyfriend and me at the Apenheul park, a primate park that houses two couples of these animals and has a special project to raise money for them.

In 2010 or so I made two character designs and called them Lindy and Hop. I kind of made them with the thought to be turned into costumes, and that’s what my boyfriend and me did in 2011. They’ve been walking around in Disneyland Paris and at zoos, and kids really dig them! I still hope they get to walk around in Apenheul and raise money for their family in Madagascar!

(bottom two photos by Magferret and Okill)


Blue-Eyed Black Lemur (Eulemur Flavifrons) or Sclater’s Lemur- 

A member of the true lemur species, the blue eyed black lemur is native only to Madagascar like many of its lemur relatives.  It looks nearly identical to the standard black lemur, save for its stunning blue eyes and the lack of long fur around its face.  The blue color can range from a steel blue to an ice blue. 

It is social like other lemurs, with the females leading groups and mating with many males during breeding season.  It feeds on fruit, nectar and pollen.  It will eat leaves and insects when the others are scarce.  Many plants depend on this species for germination and pollination.  

This lemur is one of the top 25 critically endangered primates along with many of its cousins.