The Women of the Supreme Court Are Now Awesome LEGOs

“On International Women’s Day, some new LEGO leaders strode into town. Created by Maia Weinstock, these minifigures represent the first four female Supreme Court justices of the United States. Banded together under the badass name, “Legal Justice League,” the LEGO versions of Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan work together at the legal justice library and pass laws at the bench.

“The goal has been to inspire people to consider our generation’s thinkers and makers as heroes worthy of action figures,” Weinstock told MAKERS via email. “For International Women’s Day, I decided to focus on the first four women who’ve reached the highest level of our judiciary system. All of these women are trailblazers who should be celebrated — not only by adults but by kids just learning about civics and government.”

For Scitweeps, Weinstock created minifigures of scientists like Sylvia Earle and Temple Grandin. She’s part of an ongoing movement to achieve greater representation in LEGOs—this summer, LEGO debuted the Research Institute play set, a collection of female scientist minifigures designed by geoscientist Ellen Koojiman and supported by 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, the toy company’s crowdsourced design platform.

So will we see the SCOTUS women similarly adopted into official LEGO sets anytime soon? Unfortunately not, Weinstock reports. She submitted the design to Lego Ideas, but learned that the Lego Ideas’ house rules exclude any sets depicting “politics.”

“Instead, I’ve simply been sharing my images on social media for others to enjoy and hopefully take inspiration from,” Weinstock said. If we can’t get a LEGO RBG, maybe at least the company will produce more justice robes, so girls can create their own Supreme Court superheroes.”

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