scissors request

Doll Face

Pairing: Marcus Flint x Romilda Vane

Setting: Canon-divergent soul mate AU;  alternatively, the Running With Scissors AU

Word Count: 1,442

Rating: light ‘M’ for implicit sexual descriptions

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When Marcus Flint is eleven years old, he gets a mark.

A striking, cranberry-red cupcake is stamped between his shoulder blades, and it’s so unbelievably pretty—delicate—feminine, that he imagines it must be a mistake. A bad turn. A different Marcus or a different Flint or a different universe, maybe, where his hands aren’t quite so big and his conscience isn’t quite so small. Regardless, the mark never really resonates with him, not in any meaningful way, and most days he’s able to forget that it’s there at all.

And then—

Marcus Flint is twenty-one years old when he gets another mark.

A separate mark.

A Darker mark.

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Day 1 - October 22

Day 1, I drew rock-paper-scissors battle because Anon request was just nice.
It’s little different from Rexsoka week theme though…

Picture 1:
Rex “ Y..Yes s … ”
Anakin “ Rex ”
Rex “ ! ”
Anakin “ A man should say NO in this situation ”
Rex “ !!!! ”

Anakin is a little mean.

Picture 2:
Rex threw paper.

Rock, Paper, Scissors


  1. Heyo 038 robbie pls 😃
  2. 038 with robbie kay please?

Prompt: 038:“Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud.”

Warnings: none

It was the middle of the night. You and Robbie were trying to get to bed. You guys had just finished a series on Netflix, and now it was time for bed. As you both got ready, snuggled into one another, the noises began. 

Your eyes were shut, Robbie’s warm embrace around you, and then those damn noises started. It was your upstairs neighbors. The ones who were sex-crazed and always fucking. Though they usually never actually had sex this late at night. But there went their giggles and moans. You could hear their bed squeaking, and every so often the headboard would bang against the wall. 

“Ugh, go tell them to quiet down,” you groaned.

“No way! You go,” Robbie said. 

You cracked your eyes open, looking at him. He was facing you, but his eyes were closed.

“Excuse me?” You said. “Rob, just go, knock on the door, and tell them to shut up.”

“If it’s that simple, why don’t you do it?”

You groaned again. Turning onto your back and facing the ceiling. You tried closing your eyes again and ignore it, but their grunts and moans were so loud. These walls and ceilings were paper thin, you could hear just about everything. Another groan came out of you and Robbie.

“I swear to God, Robbie, go tell them to quiet down or we won’t have sex for the next two weeks!”

Robbie shot up. “Two weeks? I’m gone in two weeks for three months!”

“Exactly,” you said, sitting up as well. 

“Okay, okay,” Robbie said. “Rock, paper, scissors to see who had to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud.” You rolled your eyes, but agreed to it.

You and Robbie sat up more, sitting criss-cross on the bed. You both balled one hand into fists, the other laying flat. You each pounded your fists on your flat hands.

“Rock, paper, scissors!” You said in unison. You and Robbie both did paper.

You went at it again, but this time, it was both rock, then both paper. You guys did one more round. Both rock again. You and Robbie both groaned in annoyance. The neighbors were still going. They kept going and going. It was annoying and you guys both wanted sleep.

“Fine!” You said. “How about we both go?” Robbie agreed. You both got out of bed. You wrapped a blanket around yourself since it was cold. Robbie only walked with his pajama pants on.

“I don’t understand how you’re so cold. It’s hot.”

“That’s because you have your own heating system,” you grunted. You tugged at your blanket, walking up the flight of stairs to the neighbors above you. You could still hear them going on. Just their moans and groans. 

Both you and Robbie gulped. You were both hesitant to knock. Finally, Robbie lifted his first to the door and knocked loudly. The noises soon stopped. Then there was shuffling and banging before the door opened. There you saw two people with messy sex hair, boxers on the guy and a night gown on the woman.

“Hi, we’re the neighbors that live right below you,” you started off awkwardly. “We were kind of wondering if you guys could, I don’t know, finish up? You’re being really loud and we’re trying to sleep.” You were blushing from embarrassment.

“Oh my goodness!” The girl blushed as well. “I am so sorry! I didn’t know we were being that loud.”

“It’s all good. We’re just trying to sleep,” Robbie pitched in. 

“No worries then, I think we’re done for tonight anyways,” the man said. 

After a little but more of small talk, you finally told them goodnight. That was the most awkward conversation you’d ever had. You were blushing like mad since you were so awkward. Robbie was just silent.

Getting back to the room, it was finally quiet. No more sex noises or any of that. Both you and Robbie laid back down in the bed, still saying nothing. You shut the light off, and shut your eyes. Once again, you and Robbie were snuggled close together. It was perfectly silent, no more disturbing sounds. Then Robbie ruined it all.

“Why can’t we have sex like that?” 

“Oh my God, Robert, shut the hell up!” You groaned, slapping his chest. 

“Ow,” he pouted. “I mean it though!”

You opened your eyes, not wanting to have this conversation. “Robbie, I don’t know what you mean by that, because I think we’re great. But I’m not in the mood for this conversation right now. So go to sleep and shut up.”

Robbie nodded, not saying a thing. You clamped your eyes shut, and Robbie did the same. “Love you,” he whispered. You only grumbled at him, but cuddled closer into him.