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It’s almost Valentine’s Day so I thought I would share with y'all one of my favourite beauty recipes - a moisturising lip scrub! This scrub is very similar to a scrub you will find at a very popular natural soap company - but at a fraction of the cost! Plus because I can’t give you all a present individually, I’m going to gift you some very cute Valentine’s Day stickers - perfect for decorating your scrub pots (just print them on sticker paper and go crazy!)


- 3tbs of castor sugar
- 1 ½ tbs carrier oil
- a few drops of flavour oil
- food colouring 

- mixing bowl
- spoon
- little tubs to hold your balm. These are 10g screw top jars found at the craft store.

A few notes:
CARRIER OILS: Some good carrier oils to use for this project are: Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil or Macadamia Oil. It’s up to you and your budget - I love Sweet Almond Oil because it makes my lips silky smooth. Jojoba is used in a lot of beauty products but can be quite expensive, especially if you’re wanting to make this on the cheap!

FLAVOUR OILS: I bought my flavour oils from the local craft store because they have an excellent range - look in the cake making section! Alternatively you can look in the baking section of your grocery store. Alternatively, you can order flavour oils from places like Bramble Berry who have a huge range. If you’re going to colour your scrub, only use a very small amount of food colouring as you don’t want to stain your lips. I used a lip safe colour from a beauty & soap store. If you’re not sure, then you can leave it out to be on the safe side!

OK, on to the recipe!

Pour your sugar, oil, flavour oil and colouring (optional) in to your bowl.

Start stirring people! Please take note of my very cute spoon.

And… hey presto, you have a scrub! Yep, it’s that easy! 

Spoon your scrub in to your little jars. I wrapped washi tape around mine and stuck some of my Valentine’s stickers on the top:

To download, click on this link!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. If you have any questions please ask!

Faux Cuffs and Collar Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is a tutorial to make a detached collar and (faux) French cuffs. I intended this to be for Playboy Bunny-style costumes, and that’s a good use for them, but I can see people wanting to make these for fashion purposes or other costumes, as well. 

The collar is functional and buttons at the neck, and the cuffs are functional but use a snap on the inside and decorative buttons sewn to the outside to imitate the look of cufflinks. This makes them easier to deal with during a con day and makes it easier to either make custom “cufflinks” or to use what you have in your sewing stash rather than buying or attempting to make actual cufflinks.

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Deep Red and Crimson [Peter Parker x Reader Soulmate AU] (Please read A/N)

Hey guys! This is something I had in mind for a long time but couldn’t done it because I didn’t have real plot….

Anyway, this is stupid beyond your imagination. I warned ya!!

This is a Soulmate AU where people know they have one but can’t identify them.

Some people are born with special ability to see it (red strings tied at the pinky finger) and help others to find their soulmate. These people can see one’s soulmate by touching it and if they are willing to, they can cut it and connect it with someone else’s, using a specific scissor.

Reader is someone born with this ability and just transferred to Midtown High school


[Name] closed her locker of her new school. She sighed, hoping she could survive this year. She turned around after taking a deep breath and she saw them. Red strings flying around everywhere, all tied to someone’s pinky finger. Some couples were walking by, threads not connected to each other. She sighed. She could see it already, breaking up, getting hurt, what was the point? She tried her best not to touch them as she hurried off to her class.

She told herself to keep her mouth shut this year. She had suffered enough because of this ability so she kept on telling herself to shut her mouth. She raised her hand to check her own pinky finger. Still none. She had this ability since she was born but never was she able to see her thread. She wondered whether it was because her soulmate wasn’t born yet or dead but she learned that when soulmate die it goes transparent from her father’s death.

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This is my guide to getting started with embroidery!

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3}

Hello everyone, this guide is based on how I do my embroidery. Some of my methods aren’t perfect but they work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you.

This will be done in three parts: equipment, execution, and bonus tips.

This first part will help you get everything ready before you start. (this is quite a lost post under the cut and I’m not even sure it works on mobile lol)

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 11] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by peaceminus8ne

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: idk for this one honestly. angst?

Warning: swearing, graphic imagery, probably incorrect medical stuff, mentions of blood, my writing in general

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A/N: I’m so sorry. So much stuff happened this weekend and I got barely any writing done. I swear I’ll work on more stuff I promise. I have a few request I’m working on and will hopefully be posted this week. I also have a very rough draft of like two series so yeah. I’m sorry my life’s a mess. Enjoy! Please leave me stuff in my inbox I love getting things! I kinda really need some motivation to finish my last few scenarios. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


You rushed to Ji Yong’s side, kneeling down over him. He groaned on the floor, blood pooling out of his arm. The boys quickly surrounded him. You put your hands on him, lightly holding him down too quickly look at the wound. Ji Yong clutched his shoulder, putting pressure on it as he groaned and shouted out in pain.

“Ji Yong move your arm,” you say, trying to pry his hand away from his shoulder. He glared at you, his grip on his shoulder getting tighter.

“I don’t know if you can fucking tell, but I just FUCKING GOT SHOT. NO THANKS TO YOUR FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND,” he yelled. You rolled your eyes and continued to try to pry his hands away.

“If you didn’t know, I went to medical school,” you say, pulling his arm. He shouted out in pain and you rolled your eyes. “So shut up, let go of your arm, and let me fucking heal you.”

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Talisman to dream of the dead:

For those whom lack the ability to contact the dead in the waking world, I present to you this talisman.

What you will need:
+ A sewing needle
+ Black thread
+ Scissors
+ Grave dirt, refined (preferably from the grave of your target, however any will suffice)
+ Lavender
+ Mortar and pestle
+ Bone dust
+ Sandalwood oil
+ Purple fabric
+ Chalk
+ Two black taper candles
+ A taglock of the spirit you wish to speak with (picture, personal belonging, sigil)

1. Grind the bone dust, Lavender and grave dirt together in the mortar until it creates a fine dust.
The mix should be as follows:
2 Parts Bone dust
2 Parts Grave dirt
2 Parts Lavender.
Place the mix into the bowl and store in a dark and dry place.
2. Cut a rectangle of the purple fabric and fold it in half by it’s length. Sew up two sides and leave one open, creating a pouch.
3. Anoint the candles with sandalwood oil, starting from the tip and twisting down towards you.
4. Place your bowl of dust on your altar and draw a circle with chalk around it. On the east and west sides of the circle, place your two candles.
5. When the moon is high, light the two candles and announce:

“Yihmoht amok ohtsteh-reps irysp-sneeht dnahmok hno-beh-dnah htrah-ch Ih-byihmoht”

6. Leave it over-night for the candles to burn out. Take the stumps of wax and grind them up in the mortar, add them to the dust and stir well.
7. Place the taglock into the bag and fill the bag with the dust. Sew it up well.
8. Before bed, take the bag and whisper gently:

“Rise up Spirit N. and come to me”

Place it under your pillow and sleep.
If you do not succeed, repeat this step until you get results.

It’s a struggle that I think everyone endures at some point in their life - a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear! Well I’m here to help you get everything organised and bring some order to your daily life.

What You’ll Need:
- Garbage Bags
- Boxes, storage containers or vacuum bags
- Time!

Time is the biggest factor here - make sure you have a couple of hours to get everything sorted - or else you’ll end up chucking everything back in the wardrobe, defeated and worse than when you started!

Take everything out of your closet. That’s right, everything! Take all your clothes/shoes/bags and put them into piles. At this point, throw out any broken hangers or other rubbish that may be in your wardrobe. Give it a good dusting/wipe down.

Let’s start with the clothes! We’re going to make three piles:

Pile one: Clothes to throw. If it doesn’t fit, is stained, stretched out of shape… put it in the garbage bag!

Things to consider with your clothes:- Does it fit properly? When you last wore it did it feel constricting, were you constantly adjusting it, did it fall down around your ankles?
- Is it missing buttons, is the thread pulling, does it have a huge stain that won’t go away?
- When did you last wear it? Does it go with anything else in your wardrobe?
- Is it not your style anymore? Is it so old and out of date that even the most discerning fashionista wouldn’t consider it ‘vintage’?!

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then put it in your bag to give away. But if you wouldn’t give it to your best friend in the condition it’s in, but it in the bin - it will save the folks at the charity shop time!

Pile two: clothes that you can’t bear to give away. We all have these pieces. They might be sentimental, or you might just not be ready to throw it out. Put these clothes in your storage bag/boxes.

Pile three: One pile left - clothes to keep. These are your favourite pieces that you wear every day, that fit you and make you feel great! If any of these pieces need to be mended, take a break and do that now. If you’re not keen on mending - consider putting them in your give away pile!

Hang all your clothes back up and hang them in sections - how you do this is up to you. I like to hang my clothes by type, but you may find it easier by colour or mood!

OK, we’re finished with your clothes - now go through the same process with your bags and shoes.

Things to consider for your shoes & bags:
- are the shoes scuffed, ripped, dirty, discoloured, or covered in dust (often a sign of not being worn!)
- does the bag have holes in it, stains, ripped lining, broken straps or smelling of something that spilt in it?

And you’re done! When you get dressed tomorrow, marvel at how easy it is to put together your outfit and accessorize with ease!

Extra tricks to try:
- When you hang your clothes back up, hang them 'backwards’. When you wear a piece and go to hang it back up, hang it 'forwards’. At the end of the month, if there are any pieces still hanging 'backwards’, put them in your storage boxes
- I found that after a year - a year! - had passed, I had not once gone to my storage boxes for any of the clothes inside. So I went through them again and gave away the bulk of it to charity. More space for more clothes!
- People have a habit of trying to sell their unwanted clothes on eBay. While this is a great idea to bring in a bit of extra cash, personally I find it easier to give away to charity unless it’s practically brand new/never worn - I just don’t think it’s worth the time or money to get $5 for a top that someone could really need.

Image source: Huzzah Vintage

Songs:Before you start your day-Twenty One Pilots.
Weather-Novo Amor

Imagine-Damon accidentally sees you in your ballgown and his feelings for you grow stronger. He doesn’t want you to wear the dress he’s scared of all the male attention you’ll be getting.

“Please I can’t breathe in this dress can we hurry up?“you managed to choke out to your friend Caroline.

"Well now your going to have to wear it for abit longer, I can adjust it so that you can breathe"Caroline tutted as she searched her bag.

"What are you looking for?"you sighed.

"Scissors and some more thread, i think I left it at my house, don’t move"Caroline instructed.

"Trust me I won’t move, because I physically can’t move!"you exclaimed as she left your house.

"Great what am I supposed to do now"you mumbled.
You heard your front door open and close again.

"Wow that was quick"you nodded impressed with your best friend.
It wasn’t Caroline that appeared at the door, it was Damon.

"You know I’m seriously regretting letting you in, is there anyway that I can block you from coming into my house when you want? Is there a button I can press or something?"you rolled your eyes.

"Nice to see you too y/n, Have you seen Stef-woah y/n what are you wearing"Damon’s eyes widened.

"I know I don’t like it either"you grumbled.

Damon’s mouth fell open, and his eyes wouldn’t leave yours.
"You can’t wear that to the ball"Damon insisted.

"Why can’t I?"you pouted.

He hesitated.
"I hate it that’s why!"he shrugged.

"Oh I’m definitely wearing this dress now"you smirked.
Damon glared at you before disappearing.

3 hours later.
"Wow y/n is that really you?"Bonnie winked.
You grinned in response and pulled your friend into a hug.

The hall had become crowded and you felt a hand on your shoulder.
You spun around and your head fell to the side. A smile plastered on your face.

"Well if it isn’t Mr.Salvatore himself would you like to dance?"you curtsied.
Stefan nodded after bowing in front of you.

"You look so different y/n, a good different"he nodded.

"Why Thankyou, stef-
You didn’t have a chance to finish your sentence because you were being dragged away by the other Salvatore.

"Damon, what in the world are you doing?"you slammed the door behind you.

He stood on the other side of the empty room, running his hands through his hair. He was stressed.

"What is wrong with you, your acting so strange?"you narrowed your eyes at him. Seeing him like this amused you.

"I told you not to wear it"Damon said bluntly.

"And I chose to ignore you big deal, what’s so bad about the dress?"you frowned.

"It’s not the dress it’s you, your too pretty"Damon exclaimed.
A smile made its way onto your face.

"That’s why you didn’t give me a chance to dance with Stefan, I’m too pretty what I’m so baffled?"you asked confused.

"Y/n, you should of seen the look on those guys faces when they saw you"Damon said angrily.

"Wait…Your jealous, your jealous because you like me?"your eyes widened with realization and butterflies filled your stomach.

"No I’m not, I don’t like you"He replied quickly.
"It’s just that your making Elena look bad"Damon added immediately trying to cover his tracks.

Again, you narrowed your eyes at the Vampire.
"Okay then, I’ll change my clothes. After I dance, I’m in the dancing mood"you smirked as you twirled in front of Damon. This caused his heart to go crazy.

You didn’t make it to the door, when you spun around to leave you found that Damon was already standing there.

"Okay I don’t like you, I love you now please just dance here with me?"Damon finally confessed.

You bit your lip and nodded. Taking Damon’s hands into yours.

take this burden - part 27

[ shelter - porter robinson ]


Mo Guan Shan said something, donning a light green t-shirt that fit like it had been made for him and a pair of snug, gray, jeans.

He pulled on some socks and a pair of black tennis shoes.

Lastly, he went into the bathroom and fixed his hair.

He stepped back into the room, giving He Tian with a questioning look.

‘Sorry, what?’

‘I asked if you still want to go to the club.’ He repeated.

‘Oh…sure, let’s do it.’

‘You alright?’ The redhead asked, concerned.

‘Yeah, I’m fine. You look fantastic.’

Mo Guan Shan looked down at his outfit with a frown.

‘I dressed down a bit, I can put on something nicer…’

‘No. No, no. I do need to be able to talk and drive.’

Mo Guan Shan smiled, a faint tint to his cheeks.

‘So…should I lose the sequined thong?’

‘That’s not funny.’

‘It’s a little funny.’

He Tian rolled his eyes good-naturedly.

That’s what he’d been going for, at least.

The way Mo Guan Shan was looking at him told him he hadn’t quite pulled it off.

‘I’m going to go get cleaned up. I’ll meet you back here in half an hour or so.’

‘Sounds good.’

He Tian turned looked around the room.

‘Where’s the cat?’

‘Under the dresser.’

He Tian nodded as if that was the most normal thing in the world and turned to leave.

Mo Guan Shan waited until he left and checked his reflection one last time, trying to see himself the way He Tian did.

He made sure Felix had everything he needed and made his way into the living room.

Jian Yi turned to look at him, raising his eyebrows.

‘You look great.’

He fought the urge to ask what the difference was tonight that warranted compliments.

‘You’re coming with us, right?’

‘Of course. Come with me and let me check your various injuries while we wait.’

Mo Guan Shan followed him into the bathroom.

‘You got the stitches wet.’

It wasn’t a question.

‘Yeah. Sorry.’

Jian Yi pulled his kit out from under the sink, fishing around for a small pair of scissors, gently snipping the threads and removing them with a pair of tweezers.

He applied some ointment and a small band-aid.

‘They were in for long enough, it seems. The bruise is looking better. So is your lip. You look significantly less like you got your ass kicked.’


‘Alright, let me see your ribs.’

Mo Guan Shan pulled his shirt over his head.

The oldest bruises were barely noticeable. The newest were fading slowly.

‘Does it still hurt?’

‘Not much.’

‘Take a few deep breaths.’

Jian Yi poked at him for a minute or so, seeming satisfied.

‘Last thing, take your pants off.’

‘And they say romance is dead.’

‘It is. Pants off.

Mo Guan Shan sighed, unbuttoning his jeans, working them down his hips and propping his leg up on the counter, fighting intense embarrassment as Jian Yi crouched down.

He applied some translucent gel to the scars and antibiotic ointment to the newest one, slapping another band-aid over it.

‘Alright, you’re good to go.’

Mo Guan Shan slid off the counter and redressed.

‘Are you alright?’

‘You tell me, doc.’

Jian Yi rolled his eyes.

‘You know what I mean.’

‘Yeah.’ Mo Guan Shan assured him. ‘I’m fine.’

The front door opened with a creak.

‘You guys ready?’ He Tian called.

Jian Yi raised his eyebrows questioningly.

‘Don’t leave me alone in there.’ Mo Guan Shan pleaded quietly.

Jian Yi reached out and gave his arm a light squeeze.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

They joined He Tian.


The drive to the club was short and tense.

Both He Tian and Mo Guan Shan, for different reasons, became more nervous by the minute.

As always, He Tian drove like an asshole, so it didn’t take long.

He Tian pulled into his parking space, the yellow concrete barrier should have read ‘He.’ But had been crossed out with black spraypaint. 

Haphazardly painted next to it-


‘Angry ex-employee?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘Nope, that was me.’ Jian Yi piped up. ‘Just keeping him humble.’

He Tian snorted.

‘Thanks for the touch-up.’

‘Don’t thank me, I wanted it to be a dick.’


Mo Guan Shan laughed, checking his pockets to make sure he had everything, and opening the door.

He Tian held his hand up, low enough for only Jian Yi to see.and waited for Mo Guan Shan to close the door.

‘I need to take care of whatever has undoubtedly gone wrong while I was gone. Don’t leave him alone in there.’

Jian Yi suppressed a smile.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

They all exited the car.

He Tian locked the doors and led them around the building.

Mo Guan Shan froze when he saw a small line of loud, well dressed, people outside the door. 

He suddenly felt underdressed and even more unprepared.bombarding him with all the things that could possibly fo wrong here 

Especially for…whatever this was. 

A job interview?

People would undoubtedly realize they’d arrived together.

What would they assume?

What did he want them to assume?

What if the other employees were dicks?

What if he made an ass of himself?

Without missing a beat, Jian Yi grabbed him by the upper arm and fell into step with him as He Tian approached the bouncer.

‘Stand up straight and keep walking. No time for hesitation.’

Shocked, Mo Guan Shan let himself be pulled along, adding another item to what will be a very long list of things to thank Jian Yi for.

They reached He Tian, standing behind him while he finished his conversation and the bouncer stepped aside.

There was a very long moment when they stepped inside and let their eyes adjust.

Mo Guan Shan looked around, taking it all in.

He Tian watched him.

As the neons danced in his eyes and leached the color from his skin, he smiled.


Heart skipping in his chest, he took Mo Guan Shan’s hand and pulled him into the crowd.

The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p2

summary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind.

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: injections, angst  there’s probably more but its too specific to list 

thoughts are in italics

A/N: so here’s part 2! There’s no Bucky in this part but I’m sure he’ll end up as a cameo in part three

part one

Originally posted by pamelabridget

1945, Siberia

A cold surface and a light chatter stirred you awake from your sleep. When you opened your eyes you were met with a blinding light directly above you. As you surveyed your surroundings, the room you were in did look like a hospital, just as the man said. There was an IV attached to you and also a heart monitor. However when you looked further into the detail of the room, you had second thoughts on where you were. To your right was a table that had scattered paperwork and files covering the structure. To your left, a medical trolley with various equipment on it: scalpels, pliers, surgical scissors and needles with thread still attached. Behind that was another trolley with a layout of syringes. The whole room was covered in pristine white tiles that reflected every ray of light, with the exception of the door which was a rusted metal.

As you looked down at yourself you noticed you weren’t in the the dress you wore last night, but in black joggers and a black tank top. The pain in your left arm hadn’t subsided and you were positive it was still broken. Yet the cuts were stitched up and cleaned as well, hence the needle and thread on the trolley.

When you tried to sit up, you were only able to lift your head, due to the leather restraints on your wrists, arms and ankles that were attached to the metal table you were lying on. A doctor in the corner of the room noticed your movements and came to check on your vitals. At a closer distance you saw that he was the man from last night; now he was sporting a gleaming lab coat instead of his grey suit. He still wore the same round glasses.

“Y/N! How lovely it is for you to be awake!” His tone wasn’t as enthusiastic as it might have been but his face lit up like July, which made you immediately weary of him. Also, how did he know your name?

As he moved to the left of you, he rolled the trolley of surgical appliances away and brought the one with syringes closer. “You have been unconscious for a week. We fixed up your arm but unfortunately there was nothing we could do with the broken bone. That nasty cut on your head is also sealed.” You subconsciously wanted to feel your forehead to check, but struggled with the restraints. Why am I restrained in a hospital, I’m not crazy? This may not be the kind of hospital I thought it was.

“How rude of me. I am doctor Arnim Zola.” He interrupted your thoughts with a small smile.

No need for pleasantries, he already knows my name somehow.

He held up one of the needles and tapped it gently.  It contained a thick black liquid that oozed from either side of the tube when it was moved. The other tubes left on the trolley contained different colored liquids of different densities; the tubes were also different sizes. The smallest was filled with a transparent blue and the medium filled with a clear substance. The largest being the black filled one in Zola’s hand.

“I hope you don’t mind but we are going to have a few guests with us today.” As if on queue, a line of doctors in similar white coats entered the room who were then followed by two men in black gear. And don’t think you didn’t notice the guns in their belt holsters.

Having not said anything this entire time you thought it was only pilot to say something. You turned your head left to Zola, “What kind of doctor are you?” Your voice was hoarse from not speaking a whole week.

“An experimental one, darling. One that will make a difference.” He put down the syringe and glanced at you quickly before turning to your new guests and addressing them of the situation, not that you were paying attention but it would’ve done you a great deal to listen to him.

“My friend Y/N here, is a very promising subject and is perfect condition for each test.“ Tests? What tests? 

Zola picked up the small, blue syringe and showed it off to the other doctors, "Serum one: stage one of enhancement.”

When it was injected, your body started burning all over; it felt like your skin and muscle fibers were being stretched pass their limit and you would suddenly snap. With each passing second the pain grew stronger and further throughout your body. The pain lasted a total of one minute before abruptly stopping. You lay on the table feeling different in ways you couldn’t explain yet.

Zola held the second, clear syringe up high proudly, “Serum two: protection.”

Once this liquid was inside you there was no pain involved, but for thirty seconds you involuntarily tensed on the table and the weight of your own body grew too heavy for you; while Zola explained what was happening the weight suddenly floated from you leaving you feel like your original weight.

The final, largest syringe was now in front of your face like a comparison to how it was almost the same size as your head; the black substance inside of it slowly bubbled.

“Serum three: stage two, the final stage, of enhancement. There is no predicted way in how this serum will react with the subject, but previous tests show a unique change unlike any other with each subject.”

As the needle enters your left arm, you look on only in confusion, pondering what affects this serum could possibly have on you. You tried your best to hide your fear - but then it started. It felt like you were burning from the inside with a thousand needles pricking at your heart. You couldn’t help but let out a blood curdling scream that echoed through the whole room and could probably be heard from outside. As you lay there in agony, Zola and the other doctors began taking notes.

You continued to scream and howl as much as your tired lungs would let you; your knuckles had turned white from how hard you held your hands in fists. Blood trickled through your fingers as your nails cut into the palm of your hand. Every face in the room looked on stoically at your helpless figure. Then an even stronger wave of pain took over your body.

The pain in your left arm was growing stronger much faster than the rest of your body, but because it was still broken you couldn’t do anything about it. Suddenly, a loud crack is heard from your arm and you scream even louder. Just like that, your broken arm moved in reverse and snapped back into place, every fracture and piece melding together to from a healthy bone.

Your body writhed and struggled relentlessly, the leather burning whatever part of skin it touch as you attempted to wriggled free of them. It was excruciating; you were certain death was knocking at your door.

Medical equipment and sheets of paper started flying around the room in a destructive circle; the white tiles on the floor below you had started to form into rot and spread like water on a sponge. Then it abruptly stopped; everything in the air immediately fell to the floor and the rot on the tiles retracted to a point where it disappeared completely.

The wave of pain stopped as quickly as it started. You panted heavily and your eyes fluttered closed in relief that the pain had ceased. As you lay there, you were faintly aware of your restraints being untied.

Experiencing such a high level of pain in such a short period of time pushed you passed your limit; or any human’s limit for that matter. The last thing you hear before slipping into unconsciousness, was the thunderous applause of the men around you.

You were awoken by a metal pole clashing against your cell bars. Cell bars? Why am I in a cell? You shot out of the makeshift bed you had on the floor; the sudden movement causing your head to pound unbearably. The area surrounding you was dark and shadowy apart from the dim lights in the hallway. Through the bars two guards snickered at your groggy silhouette; however when you stepped into the light, their gazes fell to your left side and they immediately ceased the smirks. Even when you were leaning against the bars their gazes lingered to your left, but to be quite frank you weren’t interested in what caught their eye, but what the hell was going on.

Footsteps started echoing from the end of the hallway but you ignored them and settled your eyes on the guard to the left. When he noticed your stare he was taken aback by the look of death in your eyes.

“Y/N, good afternoon,” Zola greeted, before freezing and looking at your left side in awe. “Fascinating” he whispered. What is it with people and my left side? You finally gave in and looked at yourself, but it was too dark to see anything, even with lights in front of you.

Zola snapped back into reality and looked at you with a smile. “It is good to know you are well, I would like to take you somewhere.” Without waiting for a response or the door to be opened, he walked off down the hallway.

The guards came in and gripped you tightly on the shoulders; you wanted to resist but judging by the eerie atmosphere and the attire of the guards, it seemed best to comply.

They took you to a small room, sat you down in the chair and cuffed you to the metal table in the middle. There was a two-way mirror to your right. They didn’t tell you that but your parents had taught you things like this for some reason.

Zola entered with two files on hand and placed them on the table. He opened them to the first page that showed the basic statistics of the two people in the file. “Do you know who these people are?”

He turned the files so that they were facing you. The first things your eyes went to were their pictures; it was a man and a woman, who didn’t need their names said for you to instantly recognize them. Your parents.

They had always said that their job was too dangerous for you to know too much; but if these people, Hyrda as it said at the top of the folder, if they have your parents something was definitely not right.

“Why do you have files of my parents?” You feared that Hydra had tortured them, or even worse killed them; which made you think over what fate was waiting for you.

“They have crossed our path on many occasions; we needed to know who they were. Do you know what they do for a living?”

“I don’t know.” You said truthfully.

Zola squinted his eyes and hummed in sarcastic approval, he didn’t believe you but you knew near to nothing about your parents.

“Do you know where they are now, darling?”

“No but they better not be here, sweetie.” You spoke through gritted teeth and your fists clenched to the point where they turned white.

“And why is that?” He slouched backward into the seat, clearly not phased by your aggressive tone.

“We’ll both find out what you did to me in that lab.” You lowered your voice and lent forward across the table, trying to make yourself larger and intimidating. To this, Zola’s muscles tensed at the thought of his own experiment turning against him; also the fact that he had no idea how the serums had reacted with you and what you were capable of.

He collected the files and stood from his seat. “I’ve heard enough for today.” He nodded to the two way window and as he left, two guards entered and uncuffed you from the table.

They took you to a large concrete room with damp walls, a contrast to the gleaming white that covered the rest of this place. In the middle of the room stood Zola, who lent against a table with assorted plants on top. You were shoved to stand next to him, while the two guards stood behind the both of you. There were also guards laced on the sides of the room with much larger guns than your two new friends.

“You may be wondering what I did to you yesterday; to be honest so am I.” Zola laughed to himself, but you gave him an unamused glare which he realized and his face dropped immediately. He turned to the table, “I want you to concentrate all of your energy onto these plants.”

A tingling sensation started moving through your body as you concentrated all of your energy towards the plants. Your eyes had turned into an obsidian black with flares of blue flickering within them. You weren’t thinking of anything in particular, but you expected them to burst into color and flourish. As you stared at the plants before you, nothing of particular interest happened to them, they sat there unaffected. You reached out to them, hoping this may coax your new powers, whatever they were, into working. You released a breath you were holding and relaxed your tensed muscles; you were afraid there would be consequences to the lack of ability shown. Maybe it didn’t work on me? 

Zola muttered to himself as he took notes in a red book. Before you had a proper chance to do anything, you were being pulled through a door different to the one you entered in.

This room was much smaller, much like a conference room, yet with no table and chairs and just as dirty and damp as the previous room. Two people were on their knees in the center, their hands were restrained behind their back and a black bag covered their head; a guard stood behind each of them. The other guards from the previous room entered and laced the walls, studying your every move.

“These two have some intel that we need and are so far not cooperating; I want you to extract it from them.” Zola entered the room and stood to the side, a woman with platinum blonde hair trailed after him.

“Why should I do anything for you?” The two guards that had brought you here had now left and shut the door behind them; while you glared at Zola, the blonde woman circled you slowly. There was an uneasy feeling in the back of your mind, like someone was there, reading you.

“If you do not help us, you may only see your parents one more time.” You didn’t want to do anything for these people, you have no idea who they are and they don’t seem to be doing any good. However you didn’t want to risk the lives of your parents. No. I would rather die than help them.

“If you would rather die, that could be arranged.” The blonde woman spoke up from the corner. She smiled at you sweetly and winked. You stared at her with your mouth agape.

“How the hell- can you read my mind?” That’s what that weird feeling was, she was reading your mind.

Zola coughed and grabbed your attention, “Celest is someone who went through the same process as you; where she has the ability to read minds and also control them, you can…well that’s what today - and the rest of your stay is about.” To many questions needed answering all at once, you were frozen in the spot and staring at the wall; your heart rate and breathing had started to increase. “Celest, help the girl.” Zola gestured towards you and she stepped closer.

Suddenly, a powerful force took over body. Your muscles tensed, locking your arms by your side and your knees gave way. Celest was standing behind you and had her hands stretched out around you as a glittering force field shimmered from her hands and sealed you in the bubbled like prison. The feeling in the back of your mind started again and you knew it was Celest who was searching through your thoughts.

“Get out of my head.” You shouted.

Then there was a sudden rush of power moving through your body, you overpowered the force Celest was holding you with and managed to lift your arms, then there was enough power to stand as you dragged your legs up to support yourself. A small blue fire started flickering around your hands and you could feel the power flowing through your veins. You shouted at the top of your lungs and an even stronger force blasted away Celest’s force field and sent her flying backwards. The guards around the room raised their weapons but Zola dismissed them in a different language.

Zola looked at Celest and then nodded in your direction. Celest quickly brought her hand up and sent a beam of white light to your head, you collapsed to your knees once again, but his time you were free to move, yet something wasn’t right. Suddenly there was a painful sensation in the back of your mind. It felt as if someone was ripping you apart; slowly, to make sure you felt every inch of the pain, then violently tearing at you to speed up the process. It moved from the back of your mind to the front, like your mind was an exploding planet and the waves of explosions rippled through your head.

Your head and lungs were burning as you clawed at your hair and screamed in agony. This pain was just a bad as the serums Zola injected you with. Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more the pain stopped. You could hear the sound of muffled footsteps around your figure as you panted on your hands and knees.

You weren’t afraid. You weren’t worried. You weren’t in pain.

You felt boiling. You felt angry. You felt malicious.

You didn’t know where you were. You didn’t know who you were.

You were no longer you.

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part one

A/N: i want to thank everyone who gave part one of the rewrite so much love, i really appreciate it thank you all😊

Crush (2) (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: Crush part 2 (search Jason Todd x Reader on my tumblr for part one), you just finished a fight with the bad guys and go back to the cave, Jason and you are very gentle with each other, trying to figure this whole thing out

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Hope you enjoy

“Wait!” You yelled but Bruce was already gone. You turned around and looked at Jason in bewilderment. He was holding Dick, who was unconscious and was run over by Bruce’s actions just as much as you. No one could know he just left you three like that after a fight like this.

This was a joke, you thought. “This is so typically.” You mumbled furiously underneath a breath. “It’s not like he took the only vehicle. It’s not like Dick’s waking up any time soon.”

Jason was smiling underneath the helmet. His eyes lingered on you carefully, he did not want to miss a thing. Your hands were making wild gestured and your lips were pulled into a tight smile of rage, before you pursed them and breathed out heavily.

“Sometimes I just want to– ugh!” You threw your hands up and Jason couldn’t hold it in any longer. He started to laugh. Really hard.

You froze at the sound. It wasn’t the usual snicker, the cold chuckle you were used to, no, it was a genuine, wholehearted laugh and it was the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard.
Your anger about Bruce had vanished in an instant and was replaced with a tingly, fuzzy feeling of joy.
His laugh brought a bright smile on your lips and caused your tummy to go entirely insane.


Jason was catching his breath. He had tears in his eyes you weren’t able to see. “Nothing. It’s just… how do criminals even take you serious? You are so adorable?” He laughed again remembering the frustrated and very dramatic way you threw your hands up. You rolled your eyes and the smile was still embellishing your face and not leaving anytime soon.

You called Alfred and he sent the Batwing which took the three of you to the cave where Jason laid Dick down.
You took your mask off and immediately started to care for Dick.
Jason’s helmet clicked open and you didn’t dare to look up, feeling his eyes on you.

You had forgotten what an overwhelming feeling it was when it turned out the crush you had on someone was not hopeless and how it makes bombs explode in your stomach when it happened that person liked you, too.

But what if he– no, you told the voice at the back of your mind. This time it won’t get you. This time it won’t ruin it all.
You simply won’t listen to it.

You put on plastic gloves and cut the suit around his thigh wider open than it already was.
You removed the improvised bandage you made earlier and sighed just so slightly seeing the wound had stopped bleeding.
It also wasn’t as deep as first assumed.
You cleaned it and took needle and thread, patching it up.

“You do that so professionally.” Jason commented.

You looked up for a second, meeting his blue blue eyes. “Well, you can imagine how often I patched Dick, Damian and–” Your throat tightened, not allowing you to say his name, knowing that it would cut your lips open while rolling over them.
You took the scissor and cut the thread, turning away.

Tim was dead for only a couple of weeks and you feel so happy right now. Don’t you feel ashamed?

The voice said. You were looking at the milky gloves stained with crimson blood.

“I miss him, too.” Jason smiled sadly. “Tim was the only one in the family not making me want to throw up.” His voice was light. Not because he didn’t care about it or wasn’t grieving, but because he remembered the good of Tim and wasn’t stuck on remembering he died.

You took the gloves off and turned around again. Jason was already standing there.

“It’s not… not entirely bad to be dead, (Y/N). He is resting. And I know.”

You took a step forward and laid your head on his chest.
One of his arms wrapped around your shoulder and the other one held the back of your head.
Jason rested his face against your head, smelling the conditioner in your hair. You held onto his arm with one hand and the other wrapped around him, brushing over his rips.
Jason stiffened for a second. This wasn’t a crowbar, this was a soothing touch, he had remind himself.

“I… I haven’t told anyone.” You mumbled against him. “But, what if… what if Tim is still out there, alive.”

Jason pulled away to look at you, noticing the tears begging to escape your eyes.
A slight frown was tugging on his brows as he listened.

“What if… if he is stuck in time or… I don’t know, between realities… what if he is caged up somewhere the whole time and… and he’s Tim he will find a way back and then he has to learn that non of us searched for him. That all of us believed he died.
Bruce came back, Damian came back… You came back, Jason.
Tim will hate us all when he is back.”

Jason reached out and cupped your face.
You never wanted his skin to leave yours again.

“He’s Tim, you are right. He thinks about things rationally not like…” Jason trailed off.

“You?” You raised an eyebrow and a small mocking grin tugged on the corner of your lips.

“Well,” Jason said guilty and shrugged playfully, letting you give Dick an infusion. “He’ll be fine right?”

“I guess.”

The chuckling was back.

“I also guess, I should head home.”

“Why don’t you… we stay here?” Jason’s voice was a lot more muted now, quiet and almost nervous. “I mean, unless you don’t want to.” It wasn’t about needing to continue what happened earlier, but it was about not wanting to separate and lose that feeling, letting the voices of his minds push you out.
Jason was scared of that and that this whole strange thing wasn’t what he thought it was, but that could also just be the voices.

“I’ve never been… up.” You looked at the cave’s ceiling.

“What?” Jason was shocked. Bruce was training you for a while now after all.

“I’m not one of Bruce’s children, Jason.”

“But I am, so.” He waited for you to agree what you did.

The two of you walked to the cave’s exit, dragging your aching bodies. Alfred was still assisting Bruce, sitting in front of a screen.

“Hey, Alfred,” Jason and you said in union.

“Miss (Y/N), Master Jason.” The butler nodded. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, Dick’s gonna survive. (Y/N) stays over.” Jason was already proceeding to walk and you followed, but just before you walked up the stairs Jason looked over his shoulder at Alfred. Alfred’s left eyebrow was pulled up and all Jason could tell him was a soft smile and shrug.

In his room, which was stacked with books and clothes laying everywhere Jason and you got out of your amours, stealing secret glances at each others naked skin. It was equally covered in bruises.

You didn’t have to talk about it. You both knew your bodies were too tired to make love or… whatever this was, so, you tangled up in each other, listening to each others breathing, cuddling tightly wrapped up.

“I didn’t think my day would turn out like this.” Jason confessed, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“What part of it?” You smiled against him.

“That Dick gets knocked out. I mean, usually I am the one messing up.”

“Well… yeah.”

“Or this whole thing. There is way more to it than Bruce tells us, because he’s so determined about it, but him being a dick was probably the only 100% predictable thing of today.”

“Totally agree.”

“Oh, and that I got to make out with this really cute girl and now steal some cuddles. Never would have thought that in my wildest dreams.”

You laughed and looked up, peaking his lips softly.

From there a long, but comfortable silence took over and you just enjoyed soaking up each others warmth.
But there was still one thing on both of your minds, burning.
Maybe it would be better to avoid it, but neither of you could keep it in.

“What now?” Jason formed the words before you could.

“Just roll with it?” It was the only plan your mind could conjure. A poor answer.

“Sounds like my kind of plan.” Jason smiled genuinely and rested his forehead to yours.

There was silence again, but this time it was daring. You swallowed and laid your palm against his cheek, little stubble poke into your fingertips. “You hear it, too… the voice.” It wasn’t a question.

Jason sighed and nodded, closing his eyes. His lashes were so long, dark and thick you were jealous and amazed at the same time.

“I wish I could put a bullet in its mouth.”

“Time will… if we keep ignoring it.”

Jason’s eyes fluttered open again and locked with yours. He leaned in and connected your lips in a lazy, but passionate kiss that was his answer.

You had time.

your whole world [frank castle]

frank gets shot and ends up learning more about you.

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warnings: major injuries, gunshot wounds, graphic depiction of injuries, blood, light angst, mentions of death

additional notes: yeah i wrote another self-insert, just cuz i love frank so so much. almost as much as i love jon bernthal. this is a black fem!reader fic btw. enjoy! and lemme know what you think!

Three bullets, all still lodged inside of him.

He could hear you cursing over and over when the ringing in his ears finally stopped. He would’ve laughed if he weren’t in so much pain; he’d never heard you swear like that before. He tried sitting up and cried out, a burning ache spreading through his abdomen.

You were kneeling over him, eyes wide with horror. He knew what was going through your head: you were his shield, you were supposed to protect him, you were supposed to absorb the bullets that came his way because you were bulletproof and he was not. But he wasn’t mad at you. He just wanted to bash in the heads of whoever had managed to land not one, not two, but three shots on him. “Eyes open, Frank, stay with me,” you told him, your voice trembling.

Frank smirked. He reached with his good arm, the one that didn’t have a bullet in the shoulder, and touched his ribs. His fingers came away bloody. He tipped his head back, still smirking. “You gotta get us outta here, hothead. I’m no help.”

“Shit. Shit. Okay, just—give me a second, fuck.”

He closed his eyes—he couldn’t help it, he was just so goddamned tired—and listened to you rummage around in your pockets. It was so quiet without the gunfire, but the agony from his injuries was almost deafening. Then you were talking again, but not to him. You were on the phone.

“I need your help,” he heard you say. “Frank got shot…Three. I need you to help me patch him up…Because this is more severe than anything I’ve ever handled and you’re better at stitches and he could die, for God’s sake…Is she awake? Make sure she’s asleep when I get there…Okay. Thanks. See you soon.”

For the next several minutes he didn’t register much aside from you lugging him through the streets. He groaned when you accidentally dropped him; he could feel your hands shaking. He had never seen you so scared before. Your place was the closest and so that was where you took him, waiting outside the apartment building, setting him carefully on the ground.

“What’re you waitin’ for?” Frank slurred.

“Like hell if you think I can carry you up the stairs by myself,” you replied. He kept his eyes closed but felt your fingers on his face, sweeping the hair away from his sweaty forehead. “You gotta stay awake for me, okay?”

“Sure. Sure…”

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