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Salt of the Earth; Avengers x Reader

Description: Fem!Reader Y/n is taken in by the Avengers for protection. As she gets older, we see the stories of her life with them and how she bonds.

Author: Lee

Warnings: none ??

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (soon)

Y/n was only three when she first met the Avengers. She was brought into the Avengers by her parents after they realized her gift. Y/n wasn’t a normal child, she had lavender colored eyes and extremely heightened senses. It’s just the way she was born; however, when her family realized she could control nearly all of the elements on the periodic table, her parents made the decision to ensure her protection. It was a good thing too, with the downfall of Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D., any desperate Hydra executive would want someone like Y/N.

The day Y/n walked into the safe house, all eyes were on her. Mr. Stark turned to her parents and introduced them to the team - Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, The Vision, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and Thor Odinson and Clint Barton (they were just visiting). They all looked surprised to see someone so young in the house, even Peter Parker had a few years on Y/n. Nevertheless, the team welcomed her with open arms and bright smiles, promising her parents that they’d take care of her.

The first night, Y/n lay awake sobbing. The child missed her parents. It was that night that Steve Rogers, woken up by F.R.I.D.A.Y, walked across the hall to her room and scooped her up. He walked up and down the halls, humming to her as he rocked her in his arms. He knew what it was like to miss someone.

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Leia & Chewie // Stydia FBI!AU//

Leia & Chewie (FBI!AU)
Pairing(s): Stiles x Lydia, Y/N x Scott (Mentioned), Lydia x Y/N (Mentioned)
Requested?: Yes
Request: Hi, could I please possibly have a teen wolf I magine where Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin are crime solving partners (not romantically involved). For the gif or image at the top could I possibly have the one where both of them are standing looking at the crime scene board (sorry I don’t know the episode). Thank you 💕 - @a-court-of-stydia
Warnings: Knives, plOt tWIsT, the dead are alive again
Word Count: 2,272
A/N: Request via @bonniebird. This took way longer than it should have but… Episode is 4x09 ‘Perishable’ by the way :) - image from Google. I added the reader for a little bit because I normally do reader inserts. and they get more attention.

>Perp - Perpetrator

[MASTERLIST] [SEND FEEDBACK] Main Blog: @heyitssilverwolf

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hilllyrioz  asked:

RFA+V reacts to MC getting into a fistfight for them and winning?? Like someone was messing with them and MC won't have any of that shit??! Bonus if she knows a type of martial arts :)

I really enjoyed writing this one and I just wanted to post it as soon as possible. ^^


  • Friday night, date night!
  • walking the business street, doing some store shopping, then sitting down at a restaurant for dinner
  • but you two weren’t hungry for a full meal
  • so it was just drinks at a cafe 
  • you two are reminiscing about the last RFA party while discussing each others’ day
  • in your line of vision you notice a girl sitting with her friends a few tables over who keeps looking back at you two
    • ???
    • and she’s giggling?
  • you manage to ignore it and continue conversing with him
  • eventually, you excuse yourself to use the restroom
  • the girl makes a beeline to Yoosung
  • he doesn’t notice her because she came out on his left
    • !!!
  • she sits in your seat, trying to start a conversation with him
    • kind of uncomfortable but he doesn’t want to be rude
  • you feel a burning rage when you see the girl is in your seat
  • casually saunters over to the table and the girl is ignoring you until Yoosung acknowledges you
  • “oh you caught me! I’m his girlfriend. Better get out of my seat lol” 
  • she has this incredulous look, “Really? You sure about that?”
  • Yoosung can sense your rage through your passive comments
  • “yUP, I’m sure.” (゜▽゜;)
  • the girl starts to get a bit angry as she stands up from her seat
    • she actually threatens you???
    • shoves YOU
    • and calls YOUR man cute!? HELL TO THE NO
  • you throw a punch at the bitch, straight in the jaw
  • Yoosung could have sworn he heard a crack
  • you two bolt out of the cafe
  • the nugget is just in shock and awe you just PUNCHED someone for him???
    • honored yet scared
    • masochist side emerges
  • through your apologies he keeps complimenting you


  • it starts as a casual lunch break at the park eating sandwiches you made for the two of you
  • all laughs and smiles, talking about either the RFA party or something that happened at the cafe
  • then these five guys approach the two of you in hopes of “scoring”
  • haha barking up the wrong tree
  • “We are just having lunch together. If you will excuse us…”
  • unfortunately, these guys will not take no for an answer
  • they keep pushing and pushing
  • to the point where you just tell her it was time to head back anyways
  • they stop you
  • “You two aren’t going anywhere”
  • Jaehee takes off her glasses, cracking her knuckles and stretching her neck
  • but YOU make the first punch, straight in the throat
    • more like a jab really
  • Jaehee is caught off guard but the guy you hit is about to retaliate 
  • she catches fists here and there
  • meanwhile, you’re taking care of the other guys who think it’s clever to hop in
  • it turns into a fight scene from a martial arts movie
  • the guys are down for the count
  • “I didn’t know you trained in martial arts as well. I’m impressed.”
  • finger guns and a wink, “Kung Fu!”


  • one night after his rehearsal, he meets you at bar for a few drinks
  • you’re not much of a heavy drinker so you let him drink for the two of you
  • while most times it’s about getting sloshed and having fun
  • yet you two are sitting at a table casually talking about each others’ day
    • both of you are exhausted from work
    • and having a drink or two while chatting with your S/O lifts a whole weight of your shoulders
  • damn you feel like you’re on cloud nine when you talk to this guy
    • beautiful loving marshmallow (*♡∀♡)
  • your vision focuses on the background and you see two snickering guys approaching Zen
    • you wonder what they’re up to
    • then the flash of dull blades made it clear what they were about to do
    • not his rattail
  • you jump from your seat just in time to startle them
  • you make your way around the table and without warning just punch the guy with the scissors
    • seriously who carries scissors anyways!?
  • Zen spins in his chair, wide eyed
  • the other guy is about to throw a punch at you, but you catch his fist 
  • you twist his arm to his back
  • Zen is still in his seat in awe
  • his S/O is fucking badass
  • once you finish your business with those fools, he asks if you’re okay
  • is happy knowing that while he has your back, you have his too


  • this donut is protective of you enough as it is
  • but one night at a bar to unwind, he excuses himself to use the restroom
  • when he comes back he notices two guys in suits on each side of you
  • you’re fidgeting, avoiding eye contact,
    • just overall uncomfortable
  • already he feels his possessive instincts taking hold
  • he walks over, having the gall to push one of them out of the way
    • and that guy is looking at him pretty pissed off
  • Jumin stands by your side with a straight posture and a glare that could reap a soul
  • fear definitely stirs in their eyes but they’re still trying to play tough
    • business men am I right???
  • the moment they INSULT your donut, you put your foot down
  • “Just back off.”
  • the guy gets pissed and he PUSHES you off your seat
  • before Jumin was on the edge
  • pushing his beloved off the seat pushed him off the edge and into a canyon of repressed anger
  • fuck the bodyguards
  • Jumin is about to punch this guy in his teeth
  • before he can even lift his fist
  • you launch yourself off the ground while you dropkick the son of a bitch that DARE insult your donut AND SHOVE YOU OFF YOUR CHAIR
  • your shoes make contact with his face with a powerful force that knocks him off his feet and the guy behind him as well
  • when you land back on your feet, in your stance
  • the entire bar is in awe
    • bonus points if you’re small
  • Jumin is just
  • he can’t describe the feeling he has
  • it’s like a combination of shock, adrenaline, and hint of arousal
  • but first and for most, he asks if you’re hurt
  • “I’m not, but they are!”


  • Vanderwood’s been on Seven’s ass for a whole week now
  • he won’t let your jellybean eat a meal or even sleep until he gets work done for the agency
    • hE’s onLy hOOmAN  
  • Seven would use you as a distraction as well as to keep him focused
  • but Vanderwood sees you more as a distraction so he tosses you into the other room
  • you just about HAD it with this
  • you march up to Vanderwood
  • “Give Seven a three-hour break. No negotiations!”
  • that clod just brushes you off
  • you say it again and this time he’s peeved
  • “If you open your mouth again, I’m not afraid to use force”
  • mmhmmm ya bitch try me
  • nervous Seven continues typing
  • “Let’s all get along here! No need for that!”
  • “You’re overworking him, he just needs a proper meal and rest.”
  • “Why do you like to interfere, girl!”
  • now Seven is getting pissed
    • does NOT like the way he’s treating you
  • he swivels his chair around, seeing Vanderwood RAISING HIS FUCKING HAND TO YOU
  • as he pushed himself off the chair, you caught Vanderwood’s arm
  • ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐ !
  • flips Vanderwood onto the ground
  • you follow suit and hold him in an arm bar
  • “NEVER!”
  • wow he’s having a hard time breaking free
  • Seven is just O_O
    • most likely recording it
  • it gets too painful for him so he’s tapping out
  • after seven took his two-hour nap he thanks you endlessly 
  • (シ_ _)シ ❤ ❤ ❤
  • posts the video on the messenger to show off his badass S/O


  • nights when it’s just you two taking a stroll is the best
    • once a week you and V just take a pleasant walk
    • it’s the greatest highlight of the week
  • it’s Saturday night, you have your arm linked in V’s as you stroll down the street
  • dinner was so satisfying and still on topic
    • each of you discussed why your dish was so delicious
    • honestly, food is a good 20% of any conversation
  • both of you were too caught up in conversation to have noticed the guy walking the opposite way
  • shoulders bump and V quickly apologizes
  • but the guy is some asshole who will get pissed at the most minute things
    • “Watch where you’re going!”
    • ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
    • you do not like his attitude but you don’t want to be rude
  • V is a sweetheart and apologizes again
    • oh honey
  • the man just won’t let it go
    • seriously what’s going on in this guy’s life to be pissed at a blind man?
  • starts insulting V then goes as far as to shove him
  • V is a passive fellow, and would rather not raise his fists to this guy, no matter how much of an assbutt he is
  • then
  • this guy
  • knocks his cane
  • you lose your shit
  • next thing this guy knows he gets a fist to the throat and a kick in his crown jewels
  • the only thing V sees is a blob falling into the gutters
    • he HEARS pain
  • you help V with his cane, your arm linked back in his
  • “Are you alright V?”
  • uh YEAH you just kicked this guy’s ass!
  • he was always conscious of his abilities to protect you
  • now he doesn’t have to worry too much about that
  • “Thank you but be careful next. You need to take good care of your hands.”
  • kisses your knuckles  (/▽\*)。o○♡