scissor magic


Guys this is just too much!!

Did you saw this?? I mean.. I kinda feel like Marco is going too see how much star means to him!! (bc the gone now)
BUT he has his Magical scissors.. AND.. I dunno..
Did you saw jackies look? Then Marco ran after star??
It’s just a feeling but I think marco is going to fall in love with star.. Bc I mean pff Star is way better then Jackie..


Do you ever think about Beatrice having to actually cut her wings off in order to become human again? And then cut her family’s wings? Like yeah, magic scissors, but at what point does this magic happen? Did they all have to go through all of that pain, even little children, bleeding out until both wings are no longer there? Or the spell is broken after Beatrice loses her wings?

Dropped Once Important OUAT Plot Device Objects

I’m trying to remember them all, help me out here.

- Murder Shovel (season 1)

- Magic Compass (season 2)

- Storybrooke Self-Destruct Gem (season 2)

- Zelena Power Pendant (season 3)

- Will Scarlet (season 4) 

- Rumple Death Countdown Rose (season 5)

- Magic Mushroom (season 5)

- Olympian Crystal Dildo (season 5)

- Magic Scissors (season 6)

So hey, @mossandmushroom ? I was cleaning out my mail the other day and I found an ancient ask prompt about a post-Underworld conversation. I haven’t written any fic since I think November, I’m rusty, this is only 500 words long and pretty raw, but here you go. :)

Emma traced the line of the dagger on Killian’s forearm, the curled letters of Milah’s name. “You want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know.” He didn’t ask what she meant. The street light cast a steady glow across the bedroom floor. Rain pattered on the window as the promised storm made its approach, and a draft moved the curtains. They would have to fix that before winter, Emma thought.

“Been a while since we got back.” Weeks now of normal skies, and not the threatening red of the Underworld – for values of normal that include dirigibles and the occasional dragon, anyway. Weeks of holding each other when they could, too many days spent with Emma’s secret nibbling at her peace.


She curled her fingers around his wrist and pulled his arm closer around her, his chest pressed against her back. Things were better now, since the truth was out. Whatever came next, they were together.

“There’s little gain in pondering it.”

“I don’t know, you might feel better.”

A minute passed before Killian’s sigh stirred the hair on the back of her neck. The house creaked as if in answer. She had gotten used to its noises in the sleepless, haunted nights before he died.

“I would have liked to see her. I don’t know what I would have said, after this long. Nothing she didn’t always know, most likely.”

“You’ve never talked about her much.” Another pause followed. She wanted to turn around, to see the thoughts move across his face, but she didn’t move, just listened to his steady quiet breath.

“She wanted new things, always. New lands, new stars, new songs in her ears and her lips. I cannot imagine how it must have been, to wait in that same shadow of a town for centuries. And now….”

Emma squeezed his arm again. “I don’t think we can believe much that Hades said. Things had already changed there, before you left, with the river. She’ll find her way onward.” And if not, Emma thought, when we return, whenever that is – we’ll make it happen. The Oracle’s words returned to her, like a particularly tiresome song on the radio, told her that it might not be a long wait. “I really liked her. For whatever that’s worth, I mean. I’m glad I got to meet her.”

“And I, however ill the circumstances.” He withdrew his arm from her grasp, moved her hair, and kissed the back of her neck. “I love you, Emma.”

“Mm.” She smiled at both his words and that he seemed to think she needed to hear them just then. “I love you.” She fumbled around and dragged the comforter up. “Should get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day.” Magic scissors, honestly, what’s next? Hairpins, maybe. We already did hats. She fell asleep still smiling.

Cheesecake- Daehyun Valentine’s Day Scenario (Rated)

This is so greasy you have been warned.

Genre: fluff, smut

Length: ~2k

Smut under the cut. I’m still awkward at the whole smut thing bear with me.

“Jagiya, do you have any food? I’m starving,” Daehyun whined from the kitchen as you sorted through the assembly of roses he had gotten for you as a present on this holiday. Even when it was supposed to be a romantic day, Daehyun still couldn’t keep his mind off of food.

“There’s some kimchi rice in the fridge,” you called back, scissors working magically through the bouquet as you trimmed the flowers to fit in scattered vases around the apartment. As expected, Daehyun hadn’t even bothered to ask the florist to trim the thorns from the stems. A smile snuck its way onto your face, knowing it was just like him to do such a thing.

“Jagiya…” A soft voice spoke from behind. You turned around slightly, peering over your shoulder to see Daehyun balancing a tray of assorted cheesecake slices on his forearm as he met your gaze. There was a glazed over look in his eyes, something you’ve only seen from him on two different occasions.

“Yes?” You giggled, noticing his complete sense of nirvana as he set the desert down on the dining room table. Not a word. Returning your gaze to the arrangement, you began trimming the thorns off of the flowers you deemed suitable for exhibition. A pair of arms circled your waist as you worked, followed by lips trailing meager kisses across your jawline. “Daehyun, what are you doing?”

“You got cheesecake because you knew I loved it, didn’t you?” He whispered, voice sultry. You could feel the smile on his face as he nuzzled into your neck affectionately.

“Now don’t assume things. Maybe I was just in the mood for cheesecake. What are you doing digging so far back in the refrigerator, anyway?” You joked, feeling his arms tighten around you and his kisses becoming rougher and more frequent. He let out a low chuckle right underneath your earlobe, the vibration from it sending a shiver down your spine. Before releasing you from his hold, he planted an open-mouthed kiss on the curve of your jawline. He flashed a diamond smile when you turned around once again after not having received a reply. Deftly, he began working at the seals on the lid of the platter, back facing you. “Daehyun, that’s for dessert!”

Dropping the scissors quickly, you lunged for the dining room and grabbed his wrists quickly, pulling them behind his back in a desperate attempt. An idea came into your mind as you held him, giggling, in some sort of playful hold. You clasped your hand around both of his wrists as best as you could and sandwiched them between your bodies while your free hand ghosted up his side diligently. He nearly squealed from the sensation and broke his hands free, turning around to pull you into a hug, laughing all the while. You looked up into his eyes and leaned forward, dead-set on leaving a kiss gingerly on his plump lips, but he pulled back every time you tried. “I’m hungry, __,” he whined again but the smile on his face made the complaint seem insincere.

“I told you there was kimchi rice in the fridge,” you teased, struggling to release your arms from his grip so you could plant them on his face and steal an exuberant kiss from him.

Finally, he placed his lips on your’s, but pulled away just in time to escape eager teeth. “Can you heat it up for me?” His voice was needy and his lips pulled themselves down into a frown. How could you refuse that?

You let out a breathy groan, but turned swiftly into the kitchen. Daehyun followed at your heels like a puppy with the dessert tray in hand. He set it onto the counter as you emptied the container into a pot and set it onto the stove. For a second you admired the way the flames licked the silver of the utensil before turning to face a mischievous grin plastered on your boyfriend’s face. You’ve grown accustomed to the look, having spent so much time with him lately since his group was inactive. He leaned against the counter, favorite food settled neatly behind him, and held a fork in between his lips while his eyebrows were raised suggestively. You mimicked him, placing your fingertip onto the swell of your lip. “I thought I told you that was for dessert?” You cooed, noticing the red syrup peaking out of the corner of his mouth. He doubled over, caught in his antics, and immediately sought forgiveness in your arms. Resuming his stance from the living room, he began spreading the syrup around your neck with his lips and rocking your body with his in circular motions. You giggled uncontrollably, finding tickling sensations in every motion he made. Once again, he pulled away, this time triggered by the alarm on the stove.

“Finally~” He sighed pleasantly, reached over your shoulder to open the cabinet and retrieved bowls for the both of you, nearly crushing your body with his own..

You sat across from each other, picking at the leftovers in silence. Every now and again Daehyun elicited a content moan accompanied with a small smile. You always enjoyed how happy he appeared when he was eating, especially your cooking. There was nothing he loved more. His foot brushed your ankle, but he gave no virtual impression that he had done it on purpose. Feeling his foot rise against your leg, you peered over at his face, which was still intent on consuming the rice in front of him. However, you made note of the smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. When he finished, he exaggerated another sigh and set the bowl in front of him. He stepped up from the table quickly and disappeared into the kitchen. You collected the dishes and followed him, not surprised to find him leaning over the cheesecake once again.

“Jagiya,” he sang once again from behind you. “Which one do you want?”

“I’m okay. I’m not really in the mood for cheesecake. Just pick whichever one you want,” you spoke with a smile, turning the faucet so hot water washed over the dishes in the sink. When you turned around, Daehyun was leaning against the counter once again with a knowing grin plastered on his face.

“Jagiya, you love me,” he said, matter-of-factly. You blushed at the statement. Although the two of you had been dating for quite awhile, neither of you had spoken the three words that would seal your feelings for  each other. His grin spread once he saw the effect his words had on you and he trapped you once again between him and the counter. His smile was infectious, and caused you to stare at him sporting a full grin of your own. His lips captured yours in a slow kiss, progressing no further than a peck before he pulled away again. “Say it,” he whispered, lips only a centimeter from your own.

“Say what?” You teased, nipping at his bottom lip playfully.

He chuckled, a deep sound that resonated between the two of you. “That you love me. Why else would you have gotten my favorite dessert? On Valentine’s Day?” He punctuated the break between questions with another chaste kiss.

“I can’t surprise you without commitment?” You teased again. He pushed himself away gently in amusement, only to have you wrap your hands around his biceps and pull him against you once again. You allowed your hands to rest on the side of his face, as you had wanted to earlier, and kissed him passionately before finally confirming his inkling. “I love you.”

The soft smile he returned was welcoming, but waiting for his reply was agony. He had left your lips alone and worked a trail of tender kisses towards the crook of your neck, and kissed his way back up again. “There’s only one thing I love more than your cooking, and that’s you.” His eyes softened on yours, and he bent his head down so your noses pressed together in the hold. Daehyun made no move to end the eskimo kiss.

“You’re so greasy,” you replied, whining and halfheartedly pushing his body away to relinquish your’s. A smile broke his face, he held you ever tighter as if you were in danger of leaving him alone.

“You love it,” he sang, mouth underneath your ear once again. His hands left your waist and snuck between your thighs, cupping them awkwardly. “Legs up.” A giggle erupted from your mouth, short lived as you complied and jumped up so your legs were wrapped around his slim waist. He carried you over to the other counter and sat you down next to the dessert platter. His eyes avoided your’s while he cut a morsel from the cheesecake with his fork and held it in front of your mouth. Clasping your lips around it teasingly, your eyes never left his. He closed the space between the two of you once again and took your breath away with a kiss.

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