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Sanvers + Kara 2x13 Fix-It Fics

Because lesbihonest. We all need fix-it fics today. And yall, please remember that you are not alone. Remember that you are perfect, and valid, and we have each other, and we have our fics, and nothing and no one can ever take that away. You are so, so, so loved <3 <3 <3

A note on the fics: they’re arranged right now in chronological order, so you might want to read them one after another (but you don’t have to).

Alex doesn’t let Maggie just leave after she tells her about her father –

Kara finds out why Maggie hates V-day and comforts her –

The prom as it should have been, ft. Alex telling Maggie she has nothing to apologize for, passionate kissing, and James, J’onn, and Winn helping Maggie out –

Gentle, romantic, loving smut after their prom (ft. a lap dance and scissoring, as per popular request)

Maggie tells Alex about her aunt –

Maggie and Alex discover the real (queer panic) reason that Kara is with Mon-El –

Bonuses (we need many today) –

Alex’s bad poetry (nerd) and perfect proposal –

A summary of our ship –

On the beauty of Kara’s hands –

A note of support and love for all the Maggie Sawyers out there –

why i like teen top

1. they look like they’re flying when they dance
2. seriously their dancing tho??? THAT FOOTWORK
3. I’d probably break my ankles if I tried
4. Teenage Emotional Emoboy Nextgeneration Object Praise
5. I couldn’t make that up if I tried trust me
6. teen top + weekly idol = tru love
7. Random play dance
8. ohhhhhh boy random play dance
9. that one time ljoe was the only one who got the dance right and was punished anyways
10. Five person piggyback ride!
11. Flying kicks
12. Aegyo
14. Savage af to each other
15. Always yelling, loud af
16. “If teen top wasn’t a boy group they’d be a gang”
17. Actual captions:
18. “loyalty is a luxury between us”
19. “as long as it’s not me it’s ok”
20. that one time they almost set Niel’s bday cake on fire and then just stood around it fanning it thinking it would help
21. and then when Niel walked in he found them standing in a circle around the cake chanting HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!
22. like some sort of satanic ritual
23. and then no questions asked he just starts chanting too
24. and then afterwards they force him to hold the camera and record them instead
25. Teen Top rings
26. Competitions - rock, paper, scissors kings
28. “Actually I’ve gotten used to the heels now”
29. Ljoe’s iconic phrases
30. Teen top we gon rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it
31. Cause your luv…… plus my luv….. supa luv
32. Fetus teen top
33. Please never bring back that godawful straight bang haircut
34. (Andy what were you thinking)
35. Ricky’s looked 15 for about 7 years now
36. Fake maknae Ricky
37. Foolish leader CAP
38. “Why’s your name CAP?” “I just really like caps”
39. Looks cool but isn’t cool
40. His smile is the cutest thing in the world????
41. Chunji’s godsend voice like damn boy
42. That one time he chugged toner because CAP told him to
43. NIEL bless this goby’s heart
44. Husky voice for days
46. Changjo bby you’ve grown up so well
47. Always starts the song for some reason

Everything I learned about “groove dancing” I learned from Allison Dean (Patrice from Coming To America).

Let’s not talk about how she was a glorious sister to Shari Headley with no character development and a stupid as fuck twist because she was dark skinned and thus considered by the script and/or producers to be undesirable.

Giveaway 4/23: PokePoll #5

Your votes have been counted ! ~
(Sorry the post is so late ! Its been a busy day :x)

Mothim (no nickname)
Male lv 50

Nature: Timid
Ability: Tinted Lense
        ~Quiver Dance
        ~Bug Buzz
        ~Air Slash

Held Item: None
Ball: Quick Ball

Maude the Zorua
Female lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Illusion
        ~Dark Pulse
        ~Sucker Punch

Held Item: None
Ball: Dusk Ball

Scarab the Scolipede (BR)
Male lv 50

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
        ~Poison Jab
        ~Swords Dance

Held Item: None
Ball: Timer Ball

Coran the Sliggoo
Male lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Gooey
       ~Rain dance
        ~Water Pulse
        ~Ice Beam
        ~Draco Meteor

Held Item: None
Ball: Ultra Ball


~~~ Deposit pokemon is a male Salandit, any level.

~~~ Nickname your Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ Please level and gender lock your deposits to prevent sniping !

~~~ No double dipping, you can have one of each pokemon.

~~~ If you must inquire about your deposit, only do so after you have double checked your locks and deposit mon info ! Please do not inquire unless your deposit has been in the gts for over 45 minutes.

~~~ Giveaway will end at around 9:30pm central

If you want to keep up to date on giveaway posts, announcements, and polls, track the tag #kueen giveaways !

That’s it ! Have fun !

The reversed Cinderella

BTS werewolf AU

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6/Part 7Part 8Part 9/Part 10/ Part 11

A/N : We are slowly coming to an end with this AU…….but not yet 😉 😉 😉 . If you want to request another member please send me an Ask or aRequest ,I will gladly write it. Sorry for any mistakes made.😊

Word count: 3,410

Warnings: Bad language at times….I don’t know 😐

   Finally, it took me forever to reach the end of this stupid book. If I don’t get the best grade my teacher better be ready for my anger. You sighed while placing the book in the drawer of your nightstand.Before closing it you pulled out your phone to see what time it was. 

“It’s 12.”

  Jimin was squeezing your waist in a tight hug while looking at you with his half asleep eyes.”Are we alone ?”

“Radina and Tae went to watch a movie , Hoseok and Genni went for a run in the forest,Jungkook and Elora are practicing their powers near the lake.Who else is there…..oh Jin, Leela,Yoongi and Serene are taking a walk around the city.”

  Jimin let go of you and sat normally on the bed resting his back on to it.”What about Namjoon and Lilith?”

“I think they went downstairs to eat.”

  You were all alone with Jimin in the room so you thought that it would be a good idea to tease him a bit . You lifted yourself of your part of the bed and sat in his lap. “What do you want to do? I am bored and we can’t sleep because of the full moon.”Jimin was a bit shocked when you willingly sat in to his lap.

“Do you want to play ?”he gave a mischievous smile which was filled with trouble but you didn’t mind 

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For a Good Time, Call…
˪ Lauren + Katie

“You make me feel like I will never be good enough for you so why don’t you and your shit get out of my apartment.”
“This is our apartment. I told you I loved you this morning and you were too scared to say it back.”
“I wasn’t too scared, I just don’t love you.”

In the dead of night.

Hyuk request for when you get your period. Turns out this monthly ‘event’ has a funny twist you didn’t quite expect! | Can the person who request it let me know if you liked it? (:


The soft sound of scissors cutting through paper broke the silence of the night. Hesitantly you looked to your left, wanting to make sure your boyfriend, Hyuk, was still asleep. He was a sound sleeper, never waking up regardless of what was going on around him. Many times you had claimed you could even start stomping your feet on the ground or jumping on your bed and he wouldn’t even notice. Yep, he was one of those lucky people who slept through everything… you on the other hand. 

It had been going on all evening; that boiling, unnerving feeling inside your body that you couldn’t exactly explain, yet it was there. You could feel perfectly well one second and then have a mass of nausea hit you like a strong tidal wave, overwhelming you to the point of having to sit down. Hyuk worried about you all evening, constantly checking up on how you felt. But in the end there was nothing you could do about it. A good night’s rest probably would help you. Now if only you could actually fall asleep. Looking to your side you noticed how it was past 3am. And here you were: cutting out the invitations to a party you planned on hosting next week. Anything was better than mindlessly staring into the darkness and feeling annoyed at your own icky feeling. It was better to be sort of productive, even if you felt your eyes droop now and then as sleep started to pull you under. Surely a few more invitations could be done…

Dancing scissors made their way through your head, jumping around and singing VIXX’ latest song loudly in your ears. You were smiling; how could you not when seeing such a ridiculous sight? You felt Hyuk next to you taking your hand in his. It made you look to his side and meet his twinkling eyes right before he joined in with the scissors… And so did you. Dancing, laughing, singing… pain. You felt it again and it was nagging on the sides of your consciousness as if it was firmly determined to pull you out of your nice dream. “” you muttered, not wanting to wake up, now that you had finally fallen asleep. Though at the same time there was something inside of you that told you there was something wrong… Something didn’t feel quite right about your body. Waking up more and more every second, this uncomfortable feeling continued to grow, until the explanation was given to you the moment you shifted your position. Shooting up, your threw away the blankets and your eyes met the biggest stain of blood you had ever seen in a long time. Your period started.

“Ah damnit, seriously?” you groaned, suddenly the realization hit you. You could’ve guessed that the painful, uncomfortable feeling was your body telling you your period was about to come. It was too early in the month though, which explained why you didn’t thought of it right away. After all, the flu was also going around and it might as well could’ve been that. But no; it had to be your period. And as if going through that time of the month wasn’t already bad enough - especially considering the reception at Jellyfish entertainment you had to attend the next day - you also had to bleed through your underwear and stain the sheets in the middle of the night. And not just a small stain, no; a huge one. Ugh.

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~ Late Nights ~

“To those times where you just want to dance all night with the ones you love.”

  1. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
  2. I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) - Michael Franti
  3. Love Illumination - Franz Ferdinand
  4. Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) - Foster The People
  5. Counting Stars - OneRepublic
  6. Come One Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
  7. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
  8. Flaskaboozendancingshoe - The Limousines 
  9. Punching in a Dream - The Naked and Famous
  10. Great DJ -  The Tings Things
  11. Cool Kids - Echosmith
  12. 24 Hours - Sky Ferreira 
  13. How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds
  14. Fast In My Car - Paramore
  15. Dog Days Are Over -  Florence + The Machine
  16. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
  17. Friday Don’t Need It - Little Comets 
  18. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing - Scissors Sisters
  19. Breaking Up My Bones - Vinyl Theater
  20. Techno Fan - The Wombats 
  21. Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
  22. All Night - Icona Pop


anonymous asked:

"Pretend that you love me to the point you forget that you're pretending." sugamon with a happy ending please ;a; I love you and Thank you in advance.

i’ll spin for you (playing favorites)

namjoon/yoongi, pg15, au

a/n: this is the original sugamon au that made me ship it, it’s precious to me and i hope it fits your prompt <3

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He never worked for the money or the drugs. He was a man who lived for the theatrics and a good laugh. His own crew thought he was a bit unstable, wasting rounds on already dead men. His face, covered in face paint, was disturbing to anyone who’d dare to look. Those who were lucky enough to see under the mask, under the paint, knew that the unassuming face could be just as frightening.


I Cant Decide Scissor Sisters||Dance of the Knights Prokofiev||I’m Going Slightly Mad Queen||In the Hall of the Mountain King Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross||Black Jack Davey The White Stripes||Psycho Killer Talking Heads||Discombobulate Hans Zimmer||Your Heart Is As Black As Night Melody Gardot||Cows Around Corb Lund||7 Variations Adrian Brendel & Alfred Brendel||Four Seconds Barenaked Ladies||Can-Can from “Orpheus In the Underworld” The Czech National Symphony Orchestra||Dig Gravedigger Dig Corb Lund||Cohens Masterpiece Gary Schyman||Frankenstein’s Monster Henry Jackman||Drunken Whaler COPILOT||Caught Like a Fly Falling In Reverse||In the House-In a Heartbeat John Murphy

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underused mega giveaway !

i got em all made and ready to go ! here are my top six favorite mega who i believe need some more love-


female, lv 100

adamant, ability cursed body (before mega)

moveset: destiny bond, foul play, gunk shot, shadow sneak


female, lv 100

jolly, ability moxie (before mega)

moveset: swords dance, storm throw, superpower, x-scissor


male, lv 100

adamant, ability rock head (before mega)

moveset: ice fang, rock slide, sky attack, giga impact


male, lv 100

adamant, ability intimidate (before mega)

moveset: play rough, iron head, sucker punch, thunder fang


male, lv 100

adamant, ability pure power (before mega)

moveset: high jump kick, acupressure, bullet punch, zen headbutt


female, lv 100

adamant, ability swarm (before mega)

moveset: swords dance, x-scissor, iron head, superpower


All pokemon have full ivs and are ev trained to fit their movesets and natures.

disclaimer: the pokemon are NOT holding their megastones, because you cannot trade them over the gts. their movesets and evs are centered around their mega stats. 

Code: UUMegaGA

Deposit: female luvdisk (preferably not level 31-40. don’t ask)

this giveaway will go until at least 10:30 pm central.

have fun !