scisaac week 2012


Scisaac Week 2012, September 3rd-September 9th

Join us this hiatus to celebrate the Teen Wolf pairing known as Scisaac! Get ready for a whole week of art, fics, graphics, or whatever your imagination can create!

  • Monday: Scisaac as kids
  • Tuesday: Domestic aka Daddy!Scisaac
  • Wednesday: AU day (superpowers, non werewolf, etc.) 
  • Thursday: Firsts
  • Friday: College!Scisaac
  • Saturday: Seasonal/Holiday themed Scisaac
  • Sunday: Mating and Weddings

We are SO excited to see what all of you awesome Scisaac shippers and the fandom in general can do! Remember, tag your posts with ’scisaac week’ so that we will be able to see !