“A drink! We should make time for one. Once the conference is concluded, I mean. By my reckoning, ‘tis long overdue.”


You know what absolutely, completely breaks my heart in this scene?

Your character, the normally fairly stoic I-will-do-anything-with-no-second-thoughts, emotionally-hardy Warrior of Light, is brought to complete devastation. 

Haurchefant was a knight, he lived to protect, and he died protecting you. He was someone who became a very close and dear friend to your character, someone who was basically your character’s last hope after the loss of the Scions, someone who loved your character so much and cheered them on more than anyone… He died protecting the person he loved.

Your character forces themself to smile when Haurchefant requests it. He needed to see the smile of the hero he loved one last time, so he can die with a smile himself.

Rest in peace, Haurchefant. You were the true hero here. You will be sorely missed.