scion xd 2014


So, funny story, I actually went to the Toyota dealership to test-drive a Yaris. But they didn’t have any available on the floor, so the salesman took us on a ride to the back, where not a day before they had gotten a new shipment.
As we get there the guy asks if I’d considered Scions at all and I made a comment about how they are too boxy and I hadn’t seen one I liked.
We get back there and instead of finding a Yaris, I see this baby, and it was like that scene in Big Fish, man. Time stopped. It gave me all the feels, and I immediately knew for sure, after like an entire month of being wishy-washy and going between two or three cars I wasn’t entirely in love with that this was the one.
It’s a little bit above budget, and my monthly payments are a tad higher, but I feel like I found the perfect car in the perfect color, with everything I could want and more, and it’s absolutely worth it and I believe in fate now because I ran across this completely on a whim. My friend was with me, took one look at my face when I saw it and knew I was done. It’s perfect and I love love love it!