Hi. Im Kristine from the Philippines. I was diagnosed with scoliosis way back on summer 2008 with 50-46 degrees. Since then we were adviced that I should undergo surgery but my family were scared then. So they made me wore a brace instead and taught me exercises. I have worn two braces already. This year, I turned 19 years old. On my check up last October, we were just planning to get me a new brace (suppose to be my 3rd brace) because my old one was already not in good condition but seeing my new xray (on the picture) with 52-50 degrees, it seems that it’s only getting worst. My doctor said that my bones are already reaching maturity. He adviced us to undergo surgery. This time my parents approved the surgery. I was very scared. I have imagined amost all the negative possibilities that can happen. I am still studying Education Major in Mathematics. I don’t want to stop schooling. But one night, I was chatting with my aunt on facebook. She said that if it’s hard for me. It’s much harder for the people around me especially for my parents. So there I thought. How selfish I am to only think of my feelings and totally ignoring the world. So I decided to look things in a positive way. I will be strong not only for me but for everybody. I know God has a plan. And I choose to trust His plans. My surgery will be at April 2015. It’s gonna be summer here at the Philippines. I am planning to stop one semester for the recovery. My friends told me that its okay even though I will not graduate on time. All that matter is I am going to be fine. Our doctor was advicing us to prepare atleast half a million pesos so we are very much in need of donations. If you know some who can help me, we are going to be forever grateful. So thats it. I just want to share my story. (sorry for some grammar errors) Thank you and Godbless :)