Okay but did anyone notice Scott’s reaction to Stiles holding Lydia’s face telling her to open her eyes over and over when they thought she was dead? Scott was so scared. He had eyes full of tears and had to look away because he could hardly watch Stiles, his best friend, his brother, go through what he did with Allison. 

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So the more they talk about the beast the more I think it’s Stiles, especially after they said there must be another way the teenager had two different sets of DNA. Ever since season 3 when the nogitsune magically barfed Stiles out of his own body I’ve wondered how that affected him, it could have had some supernatural effect like having a transplant but better for what the Dread Doctors were trying to do. Also they said Theo was the first step in the right direction, what if that was because he killed his sister and it’s easier to resurrect a killer with a killer. None of the other chimeras had killed anyone, unfortunately Stiles has. Anyway please someone tell me I’m wrong, my poor baby has been abused enough

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Rain pelts the window outside, but inside it’s warm and cozy. The lights are out, the walls look almost blue, and Scott takes deep breaths through his nose, pulling in air and then letting it back out. 

He has to remind himself he’s awake - he’s not dreaming. 

Next to him, Stiles snores softly. They got in so late, and the rain always helps him sleep better - it’s no wonder he’s still passed out, an hour after Scott himself woke up. His cheeks are flushed with sleep, lips parted and pale, eyelashes a thick, dark fan on his cheeks - 

Sometimes Scott feels a bit like a romance novel heroine, looking at him. He pictures himself writing letters full of affection and fondness, promises of a future that goes on and on with only matters of housekeeping and social engagements to worry about. It makes him laugh, a quiet little thing, but it’s enough to crack Stiles’ eyes open anyway. 

“Good morning,” Scott whispers - it’s well after noon by now, but everyone deserves to be told good morning when they’ve first woken up.

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I wanted to write Scott dealing with the aftermath of what happened to him this season. Inspired by this.

Scott always was a very tactile person. Maybe he picked it up from his mother, who always used to hug him or rub his arms whenever he felt down - she still does, actually. In any case, physical contact has always been for him a way of conveying emotions, of feeling connected to others. A slight bump of shoulders for you’re going to be okay, a firm hand holding for you’re not alone and we’re going go get through this together, a kiss on the forehead for I’m here for you, always. That’s how he showed how much he cared, because words were not always enough.

(When he took Lydia’s hand in his own and she tightened her fingers so hard around his, holding onto him as if she was drowning, lost at sea, and he was both a beacon and a lifeline–

When he brushed his thumb across Kira’s blood-stained hands, soothing her fears away with soft kisses, and she looked at him as if he was the cool rain after months of drought–

When he pulled Malia out of the crossfire and she leaned on him, exhilarated and terrified at the same time, looking at him as if she was at war and he was her colonel–

When he hugged Stiles so tight in the hospital, crying and promising he would do anything to save him, and Stiles looked at him with the eyes of a condemned man, as if he was the light getting further and further away–

When he put his hand on Liam’s shaking shoulder, telling him he wasn’t a monster and hugging him close, and Liam looked up to him as if he was the blinding sun–

He really felt like he was making a difference.)

(He only wishes they would look at him as if he was just Scott)

And ever since he became a werewolf, gaining the capacity of taking pain away, touch also became a way of freeing people from their suffering, making them feel better (and that’s all he wants to do, really, he just wants to help and save people but somehow he always fails).

But after the last few days, he’s not so sure he can do that anymore. What used to be a way of giving hope, compassion and support, is now just painful. He’s tired, sore of all the pain he’s ever taken, invisible black veins permanently running from his hands to his heart. He aches from all the ephemeral wounds and scars that ever plagued his body, and feels them burn every time someone touches his skin.

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Can we appreciate how much Scott cares about Stiles? How he cares about him more than anyone else (and vice-versa)?

Scott held Stiles when he was pushed by the “explosion”.

Scott sped up when Lydia said Stiles was going to die.

Scott was all destroyed when Stiles was destroyed at losing Lydia.

Scott smiled when Stiles smiled at him because they both did it, because he was proud that Stiles did it.

Sciles is family and the purest representation of friendship.

Another thing I wanna talk about is Scott.

In the car, when Stiles in the back seat with Lydia, he seems to be going at a relatively reasonable speed, like maybe ten over at best. He’s worried and in a hurry, obviously, but not quite as frantic as he becomes after Lydia says “but you won’t” he hears that and loses it and fucking floors it. And his face.

I just also want to appreciate how much Scott loves Stiles. Their friendship is so fucking important and beautiful, especially after the conflict they went through earlier in the season. That killed me.