Working on our next assignment—the skull drawing. Just a little more measuring/prep before I transfer it to the final paper! 

The skull I am drawing is a pig skull that I’ve determined to be approximately 8 or 9 months old. I can tell because the plates at the back of the skull are not yet fully fused and the dentition is at an awkward in-between of baby (deciduous) and adult (permanent) teeth. I’ll post more on the skull specifics later.

The goal of this project is to learn a special pencil technique. Like a batik, we start with leaving the whites white and then fill in everything else using our hardest and lightest pencil. We will be starting with a 9H. After that, we build up the values in the full range, up until probably about 4B so that by the end, the darkest parts will have a layer of everything between 9H-4B and the lightest parts may only have one or two layers. It’s kind of hard to explain without showing you. but I think it’ll be understandable when I start posting progress pics of the final. Also, sorry for the poor quality of images… I still am without a phone/proper camera so I had to use Photobooth on my computer to take these. 
Anyhow, this project will be tedious and take forever but I am super excited nonetheless! Wish me luck!