Jazz and Science

Birds Swing: and Not Just Charlie Parker

You know by now the method of analyzing how Charlie Parker and John Coltrane construct their music by slowing down their solos. Now, it turns out, scientists are using those techniques to analyze how certain birds – and not just of the Charlie Parker variety – swing in their song.

-Nick Moy

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sciienc  asked:

why do you like the benman so much? (a genuine question; I hope it's not taken in a mean way!)

you’re good dw asjdnfkj 

the text i wrote is kinda long so I put most of it under read more, it’s important to mention tho that this analysis only exists bc I talk day and night to @instishoot about him, so I have to credit her here as well, and without her I wouldn’t have come up with even half of it ❤

I think the biggest factors why I love him so much are his role in the plot and his personality bc Benny is not quite what the game (but also he himself) makes you wanna believe he is.

The game (in the beginning) does everything to portray him as some sort of a ruthless mobster villain, someone who’s all business, nothing personal. The entire scene with the Khans is so overly dramatic (I mean, he’s trying to execute you in the middle of the night, under a full moon, with Vegas in the background), he takes the chip from you (in the beginning you dont even know what’s for, just that it’s apparently very important) and “kills” you after dropping a phrase like “hey kid no hard feelings right :)”, so after you wake up in Doc Mitchell’s house you only know two things: this guy stole your package and he’s also an asshole. so you make your way to Vegas, fighting off countless enemies and monstrous beasts, until you finally reach the Vegas Strip and enter the Tops, and that’s where the funny part kicks in:

he’s nothing like you remembered him.

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steve decides to watch bill nye for a bit because why the hell not right? so him, natasha, thor, and Clint press play and as soon as the words “bill nye the science guy” leave the t.v. tony and bruce fucking BURST IN AND COLLAPSE ON THE FLOOR yelling a litany of “bIlL biLL bILLll BIIIllL nYE THe scIIENCE GuYyy” and “SCiiiiIIIIIeeeeNNcceeee” and the avengers are just staring at them horrified

                                          wow, this happened quickly.

honestly, i’ve been sitting on 100+ since day two, but seriously, that was really quick. i never thought that i’d be doing this so soon, especially since i’ve been really slow on……… everything actually. but thank you all for rejoining me on my adventure to grow and be a better roleplayer in this fantastic community where i just happened to fit in completely and make awesome friends along the way!

this is about to get really sappy with plenty of adoration and happiness, but to spare you all, i’ll put it under a read more. though, i will send this lil message out to mutuals: y’all are so special to me. you’ve endured my serious oocness on this blog (already), you’ve handled the angsty stuff on my old blog, and now you’re here again. for that, i thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

now, to spare you all from my sappiness.

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