An animation i did of Jaal, Im picturing him getting angry possibly if Ryder got hurt badly or something, I dont know lol im just going to say that ^^

I need ya all to watch 3% on Netflix

It’s a show based in a dystopian future Brazil, with SOME elements of hunger games but it’s unique in its story. Great acting and really diverse cast and by then end your fave will probably be the black chick in the main character circle!
I was pleasantly surprised by it and I need a 2nd season so y'all watch the fuck out of it.

I also need to finish watching Westworld…

Guess who’s my favorite turian spectre-turned-villain-tragic-alien is? That’s right, obviously, I mean, it’s Saren the Arterius of Council Space and the Turian Hierarchy. 

In honor of N7 Day, in the year of Earth, 2015, I decided to draw Herr Saren Arterius. 

Seriously, all my respect towards Bioware: an amazing company full of amazing (x2), imaginative people.  You inspire me and many others!