“It’s unafraid to kill off main characters to serve the greater plot, it makes us question the very morality of the people who are supposed to be the heroes of our story, and every relationship among its ensemble cast plays an integral role to the greater plot. You can look back on the pilot episode compared to the current season and see every character having undertaken a massive yet logical evolution, a quality typically shared by truly great shows on networks like AMC and HBO.”

The 100 just got compared to the likes of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. This is truly a day to remember. 

Read the whole article here


As I’d promised earlier and was requested recently, here’s the sci-fi character generator! There aren’t quite as many options as my original huge generator, but you’re much more likely to get a reasonable character from this one, though I’m sure there are still some odd combos in here.

To play: click and drag each gif to get your randomized character. For things like accessories and extras, you can do more than one if you want. If you’re on mobile or dragging isn’t working for any reason, you can screenshot the whole thing instead.

Oh yeah if you decide to make anything with this, it would be cool if you tag it with ‘characterdesigninspiration’ so I can check it out!


Take a look at some exclusive concept art pieces from Structura 3: The Art of Sparth!

Concept artist Nicolas Bouvier, a.k.a. Sparth was kind enough to share some of his concept art pieces featured in Structura 3: The Art of Sparth a follow up to Structura and Structura 2.

Structura 3: The Art of Sparth is now available at Amazon:


Hay guys I wanted to let you know that my book is finally available in print form through

NSFW (nude) version, full-size image and more available through my Patreon: . My patrons will be able to vote for next month NSFW and wallpaper if my next goal achieved!! Hurry up, only few hours remain!!


One more Overwatch girl this month :3 Now decided to paint pretty D. Va in some kind of casual wear ^^ Was very fun to work on this piece, especially to paint her hair! Hope you enjoy  💗💗💗


Tracer in Hanamura - Overwatch fan art by Kevin Lumoindong

“My first attempt of using Vray… I was inspired by the lighting in one of the Overwatch Animation Shorts called “Dragons”, so, as a Vray practice, I tried to imitate that lighting using Vray.

Tracer belongs to Blizzard Entertainment”

More selected Tracer art on my tumblr [here]

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