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Thelma Official Trailer 2017
Coming of age movie about a college lesbian who discovers her super powers and sexuality.

I repeat

Lesbian. Super Powers. Female. Superhero.


Woman Astronauts 

Top to bottom:

  • ‘Gift of the Stars’ by Mark Zug
  • Chris Spollen ‘The Feminine Imperative’ 1977
  • 'Together Below’ by Pamela Lee. From the book Visions of Space by David Hardy (1989)
  • Painting by David Mattingly from Starlog magazine 38 1980
  • 'Lunar Approach’ (1993) commissioned for Amazing Stories by Barclay Shaw from his book Electric Dreams The Art of Barclay Shaw (1995)
  • 'I Love an Astronaut’ (1988) by Marilynn Flynn. From the book Visions of Space by David Hardy (1989)
  • 'Brother to Demons’ by Jim Burns from the book The Guide to Fantasy Art Techniques (1984)
  • Edmund Cooper ‘Five to Twelve’ art by Chris Foss

Him: what are you into ;)

Me: I’m honestly into how powerful Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley is in the Alien film franchise and how she evolves into being a feminist icon and single handily smashes the male movie lead stigma.

when scifi is written by women versus men

You can tell that the Vorkosigan Saga was created by a woman; because, it takes Lois McMaster Bujold a total of like two sentences to eliminate all real life pregnancy/childbirth problems in her world building. 

On the other hand, according to Star Trek, in their utopian world where medical miracles are routine, nothing about that process/burden/suffering has apparently changed or improved significantly.

Call for Beta Readers

I can’t believe the time has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent out my first email to a college prof who created Jesse Quick and is a real bada** asking him to be a beta reader for my novel, which I finished writing and will be ready to beta launch AUGUST 15!

This is a very humble and grateful call for beta readers and is open to anyone, anywhere who feels like they can give constructive feedback on a sci-fi/fantasy novel.

A little more info: This book is about Satan’s daughter. She runs away from home (for pretty obvious reasons) and gets a job delivering pizza. Unfortunately, her past doesn’t want to let her go so easily, and she winds up fighting demons left and right. There’s love, adventure, family, demons, anchovy pizza….. oh, and an undead horse.

Anyways, if all that craziness sounds like something you’d like to peep at, and you’d be so kind to help me out, shoot me a message! My ask box is open if you need further details or have questions.

THE TIME HAS COME!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Launching August 15, via email, likely in PDF format.

Thank you, my lovelies!!


Happy Revenge of the Fifth (belated happy May the Fourth be with you…). 

Okay, so scowls-ahoy General Hux got very little screen time. We know very little about the angry dude. But what we do know, from books like The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, is that his father was a Commandant.  His father, Commandant Brendol Hux, had some very…harsh views on how to raise a soldier. Very survival of the fittest. I can’t help but imagine that young General Hux had a very strict upbringing…and I wanted an excuse to draw him again.  

50 great sci-fi and fantasy novels written by women

middle grade

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