scifi prototype


Memory 2.0 - Dugan O'Neal/Wilson Bethel (Prototype)

“Memory 2.0” is a black mirror'esque short story about a (possible) near future where people have to deal with virtual reality addiction and dissociative reality disorders. Well done! Worth a watch.

A tale of love lost in the distant future where people relive their fondest memories with virtual reality. Everything spins out of control for our Hero as the lines between reality and the virtual memories begin to blur.

PROTOTYPE is a competition targeted to sci-fi, action, and effects-driven filmmakers that awards eight finalists funding and tools to make their short films. The eight Prototype finalists were awarded $20,000 each to shoot their own short films. One of these filmmakers will win the ultimate Grand Prize - a film deal with New Regency Productions to develop their short onto a feature film.