Our First and Last (Ch. 1)

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  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin 
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi 
  • Words: 3,297
  • Description: The first time you met Jeon Jungkook was on your tenth birthday. On that day, he was nothing more than the strange man who jumped into a dark portal that suddenly opened in the middle of the park. The ten year old you just stood in the grass, strands of hair ruffling from the calm breeze that swooped by; head slightly tilted, bright, innocent eyes wide open and starring at him with wonder and disbelief. There was a certain amount of confusion, but your young mind was too naïve to question his actions or what they entailed.
  • Note: I originally posted this on AO3 and AFF, so if you want to read the whole thing now check it out here or here. ❤️ In the meantime, I’ll be slowly posting the entire story on Tumblr 😊

Like parallel lines running in opposite directions, the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension were separate worlds that flowed in perfect sync. People living in the Yin dimension aging up and people living in the Yang dimension aging down. But the interesting thing is, once a person’s life is nearing its end in one dimension, they begin anew in the other, forming a never-ending life cycle that’s existed since the beginning of time.

People in the Yin and Yang dimensions never came in contact with each other simply because they aged in opposite timelines and any form of interaction would just create a paradox.

The only case you’ve ever heard about where two people who aged in opposite timelines were able to see each other and fall in love was the famous story of a boy named, Park Jimin, and his lover Kim Taehyung thousands of years ago. It was quite the legend, a tale told to every kid when they were little. Parents always reassured their children that glitches like that only happen once in a million years because the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension flowed in a perfect parallel cycle, and any kind of error was VERY rare. Some people even went as far as to say, the story is nothing but an urban legend about star-crossed lovers, made up to teach children a life lesson, because the accuracy of the flow of time in the dimensional cycle is apparently 100%.

But this very legend had it’s reputation as most popular children’s bedtime story long before you were even born, mainly because of the lovable protagonist Park Jimin, who was described as a pink-haired, fairy –like boy from the Yin dimension, and his lover Kim Taehyung, a beautiful sun-kissed prince from the Yang. It was less about the actual paradox of two opposite timelines colliding and more about what would happen to people if they lost their practical mindset. The two lovers could’ve chosen to forget about each other and just let the cycle naturally correct the mistake it made. But in the end, their love consumed them and they were forced into the dark depths of a black hole, eternally lost. Or so the story goes….

You had no idea how the telling of this legend became an unchanging tradition, let alone why it was even necessary to expose children to such a tragic tale.

The concept of death was literally that, a concept, because no one existing in either the Yin or Yang dimensions knew what death actually was, because life to them was just an endless cycle, a progression of time in a circle…from old to young, young to old and back again.

To just suddenly not exist one day was unfathomable, and no one would trade eternal life for mortality, so perhaps the legend served the purpose of giving people an idea of true love, another unfamiliar concept (perhaps even more unfamiliar than death) for the people of the two dimensions.

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