Tumblr Crushes:

  • faunis - Great photos of animals from around the world.  Love this blog.
  • woodendreams - beautiful photos of forests, woodlands, landscapes, etc. My daily walk through fairytale lands. :)
  • nerdaboo - photos of animals, landscapes, cute things galore. Love to click that little heart on your blog posts. :)
  • scientistintraining - for the inner…okay mostly outer…geek in me, this blog has loads of cool pictures and text posts about all things sciencey. My daily “learn a new thing every day” go to.
  • hellocute - as the name implies…loads of cuteness to be found here. :)
  • johnzilla87 - Johnny what can I say about you? All good things, I’m sure. :)
  • eatsleepdraw - for my inner artist, submissions from artists all over the world, inspiring posts!!
  • early-onset-of-night - Master of all things torrent…and he can write a good yarn, too.
  • rollovr - pictures, pictures, pictures, of all that is cute, fluffy, fuzzy, scaled, or winged. :-)