scientist obliges

you asshole!

Word count:793
Barry Allen x reader
The Flash

I had been roped into going to going to this stupid gala for the CCPD, as a new forensic scientist I was obligated to go. I had just moved to the city and was working in the forensic department at CCPD. The only other person there was Barry. He’s extremely attractive but for the week that I have been working there he’s barely been to work and Joe doesn’t seem to mind. Of course i’ve met Barry and talked to him bt not for long, the times that he has been there he’s had to rush away to an ‘emergency’ but I never get invited to go, I haven’t worked a single case out in the field and only had about 2 cases to test for. 

I haven’t really made any friends and that’s why I was so reluctant to go, and of course the other detectives have been working there longer. But nonetheless here I am curling my hair and putting makeup on ready for the night to come. I had made one friend, sort of. Her name is Iris, she’s Joes daughter and she comes to see him a lot before she’s going to work for the newspaper. She’s great and she’s helped me find my way around the city. I was informed that she would be attending tonight to celebrate her fathers success’, so I’ll probably seek her out. 

I look at the clock while applying blusher and notice it’s 6.45. I sigh and go to put my dress on, a dress I bought before I came to Central City that I dug out of one of the many boxes still stacked in my apartment. 

I grab my keys, phone, some money and lip gloss and throw it in my clutch, heading out the door to try and catch a taxi. 

When I reach the venue I pay the taxi driver and step out sighing. I start walking up the stairs nodding to some detectives I recognize and smiling at their husbands/wives. I enter and immediately regret it when I’m alone with hundreds of people staring at me as the door slammed when I walked in. I can hear all the whispers “who even is that?” and smile to myself, of course nobody knows who I am. I head straight for the bar ordering a coke, I don’t feel like drinking if I’m alone. 

I receive my drink and pay for it but stay sitting at the bar, I swivel around in the chair looking out across the dance floor and the mass of people smiling and enjoying themselves for once instead of fighting crime. My eyes lock onto a very attractive male, staring at me smiling, I smile back while tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. I then realize that the stranger is Barry and he’s heading over to me. I suck in a breath and try not to look to excited at his interaction. He reaches me and puts a hand on my back, I grin up at him. 

“well hello there Mr. Allen” I say in a posh accent sticking my hand out for him to shake, he takes it but doesn’t shake, he brings it up to his lips and kisses it. I blush looking away momentarily. 

“hello to you Mrs I clean up good but don’t speak to my friend” he jokes, it was awful but I still giggle. 
“I’m your friend?” I question shyly. He laughs and nods. 
“of course you are, and as a friend of course, I must say you look really beautif-” He’s cut off when someone nudges into him trying to get the attention of the bartender, his drink spilling out of his hand onto my dress. 
“You spilled red wine on my white dress, you asshole!” I yell but not loud enough to attract attention. Barry looks panicked and grabs napkins off the bar and patting my dress, in some sensual areas too. I grab his hands stopping his frantic movements, he watches me confused as I laugh. 
“I was joking, it’s fine! It wasn’t expensive and I have loads of other dresses. Anyway this gives me a reason to leave” I giggle. He still looks unsure but  smiles regardless. 
“well, in that case shall we leave together, I’m honestly only here because Joe made me… I’ve been looking for an excuse to leave since I got here.” He smirks. I smile back and stand up grabbing my clutch and his and in my other. We start to leave and I see everyone looking at us smirking, I see Iris on my way out and she sends me a wink. I laugh and look up at Barry who is already looking down at me with a smile.