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Last Night

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Prompt: can you do one where the reader is Tony’s daughter but he doesn’t know the reader and peter are together and he tries to set he reader up with a close friend or whatever and Peter gets jealous ??

Word Count: 1,793

A/N: Written by Claire xx

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You wake up with your neck aching and your hand resting on something soft and warm. As your eyes slowly open and register your surroundings, you find yourself looking at the piles of books that you and Peter had abandoned during the night. Speaking of Peter, you were half tucked into his side, his slow breathing dusting the side of your neck.

You smiled softly, sitting up to move the books off of your bed and snuggle deeper into Peter, wrapping your arms around him and surrounding yourself with his warm scent.

The alarm comes on what feels like seconds later, jolting the two of you awake. Peter groans, rubbing his eyes. You’re already sitting up again, slamming your hand on the alarm to stop the obnoxious beeping as your heart rate begins to return to normal.

“What time is it?” He moaned, halfway through a yawn.

“Um,” you checked the clock. “6:30. You better get out of here before my dad gets up.”

Peter curses, beginning to gather his books from the floor and running a hand through his sleep-mussed hair. You took a moment to appreciate him; the rising sun through the window painted him multiple shades of gold and his messy hair waved over his forehead. His voice was low with sleep, and you couldn’t help but smile at the way he looked at you.

“I really didn’t mean to crash here last night, sorry Y/N.” You were already rolling his comments off.

“Oh, please, you know I never mind.” You grinned at him, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

Your smile was reciprocated on his face. “What time did we even fall asleep last night?”

You began tying your hair up, thinking back to the previous night. The last thing you remembered was leaning against the palm of your hand as your eyes began to shut with exhaustion, Peter’s fingers absentmindedly twisting a strand of your hair, listening to the gentle sound of his voice as he talked you through the equation again. “I have no idea.”

The sound of a door shutting heightened awareness in both of you as you exchanged wide-eyed looks. “I really gotta get out of here.” Peter finished cramming the last of his things into his backpack, pressing a kiss to your forehead before turning to leave. You grabbed his wrist before he could leave, pulling him in for a sweet kiss before pressing your forehead to his.

“I had a nice time last night, Parker.”

“I’ll see you at school, Y/N. But now I really have to go, you know I don’t want to but if Tony Stark catches me in his daughter’s bedroom this early in the morning, we’ll have some problems.”

You laughed, pushing his chest away. “I’ll see you later, Spiderman.”

The last thing you saw before Peter’s head disappeared behind your door was his blinding smile, dimples and all, before he was gone.

By the time you came into the kitchen, coffee was already waiting for you on the counter. Your father was seated, scrolling through the news on his tablet. “Late morning, Y/N?” He didn’t even have to look up.

You grimaced. “Yeah, big science test today. I stayed up to study.” You sipped your coffee, reaching to grab cereal from the cabinet.

“You didn’t forget about tonight, did you?” You freeze, looking questioningly at him.


“The Thompson’s are coming over tonight, we have to talk business but they have a son for you to entertain.”

You made a face. “Entertain?”

Your father shrugged at you, his familiar boyish smile tugging at his lips. “One way or another, he needs to be distracted. I’ve heard he grew into quite a handsome young man, who knows what could happen?”

“Dad…” You groan, nudging his shoulder with yours. Ever since you had asked him to not be opposed to the idea of you dating, he had done a complete 180 and insisted on “looking out” for you everywhere he could, doing everything short of designing your dating profile.

If only he knew that you were dating possibly the only boy that he wouldn’t want you to date.


The dinner was going fine, if not achingly slowly. Harry, the son that was supposedly your age, turned out to be a year older. He was actually quite good-looking, with strong features, and might even have been your type if he hadn’t had all the personality of wet cardboard. He didn’t seem to really want to discuss anything with you other than his mission trip to Haiti and his future in his father’s business, but he smiled along nicely enough to hear your own ideas on what you wanted to do after school.

After dinner, Tony took Harry’s parents into his study for “adult mumbo jumbo”, as he so fondly referred to it, leaving you and Harry in the living room alone. You wanted desperately to take off the unfortunate heels you had chosen for the occasion, but Harry’s stiff gaze didn’t quite make you feel comfortable enough to do so.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” You suggested, your cheeks almost hurting from the smile you had glossed over it. You were desperate to avoid struggling through more discussion.

“Yes, I would love that. Do you have any documentaries you would like to watch?”

You half thought he was joking, but his choice of a political documentary about George W. Bush’s presidency proved you wrong. You weren’t sure if it was your late night with Peter catching up to you, or just the nature of your ever-so-boring company, but you felt yourself becoming more and more exhausted.

When the doorbell rang, you were more than excited to answer. “I’ll get it!” You announced, although Harry hardly glanced at you and you weren’t entirely sure who else would answer it. You checked the monitor on your way to the door and were surprised to find your boyfriend on the screen.

You swung the door open excitedly, already feeling your mood brighten at the thought of even a few minutes in Peter’s company.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” You felt frenzied, almost too excited to have an excuse to leave Harry.

“Oh, uh, I was just testing these for your dad and he said I could drop them off today, I just got off work.” Peter held up a bag, presumably of new tech for his suit. “What’s the occasion?” His eyes roamed over your makeup, stronger than it had been at school, and the dress and heels you were wearing.

“Are those my gifts I hear?” Your dad’s voice rang from behind you. “Ah, yes, Mr. Parker, I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

You stepped aside so Peter could come in, finding yourself facing the Thompsons and Harry as well. Peter set the bag down, surveying the scene before him.

“Right! How rude of me. Angela, Brian, this is Peter Parker, one of my scientists in training.” Tony addressed Harry’s parents, although you’d never heard him introduce Peter like that. “Peter, this is the Thompson family.”

Harry stepped forward, his posture admirably straight. “I’m Harry Thompson, please to meet you.” His hand gripped Peter’s so intensely that you cringed from your position. “I take it you and Y/N are friends as well.”

Everyone’s eyes went to you, and you felt an involuntary blush warming your cheeks.

“Yes, Y/N and Peter are good friends from school.” Tony’s smile brightened just a bit. “You know, Harry, I’m sure Y/N wouldn’t mind making other close friends, if you’re interested.”

Harry nodded. “Noted, sir.” You made immediate eye contact with Peter, trying your best to express how little you wanted Harry to be your “friend”. He was chewing the inside of his cheek, staring at the ground like he was trying not to draw attention to the sting of being called just your friend. You felt it too.

It didn’t take long for your father to use his social prowess to escort the entire group out at the night drew to a close. By the time the door shut, his entire face shifted.

“Dear lord, could those people be any drier?”

Had he made that comment any earlier in the evening, you would’ve laughed in relief and agreed heartily, but all you could think of was getting to Peter and explaining.

“Yeah, although I just remembered that a friend borrowed my notes and I really need them back before tomorrow, I’m just going to go grab them okay? Thanks, Dad.” You spoke so quickly that you weren’t even sure he knew what you said, but he waved you off.

“Oh, and Y/N?” You stopped just short of the door, turning to face him. “I’m one of the world’s most famous geniuses. Give me a little credit with the excuses, okay? Just don’t come back really late from wherever you’re actually going.”

You smiled at him. “I won’t.”


The drive to Peter’s seemed to be much faster than you remembered, but soon enough you found yourself standing on his stoop, your knuckles rapping on the door. He answered in his pajamas, clearly confused to find you there.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Peter, let me explain, I-”

“Oh yes, please do explain to me how I seemed to have interrupted quite the little date between you and some other guy tonight. I’d love to hear it.” You winced at the hurt in his voice. “Look, Y/N, what’s th-”

You couldn’t take it anymore. You surged forward, your hands seizing around his shoulders and pulling him in for a strong kiss. His hands tightened on your waist, and you almost began to lose yourself before reminding yourself what you had to say.

You broke it off, looking straight into Peter’s eyes. “Tonight was one of the most boring nights of my entire life, Peter. I was thinking about you the whole night, I couldn’t wait until Harry left so I could text you literal direct quotes of all the terribly boring things he said to me.” Your hand found his and you intertwined your fingers with his, bringing them to your lips. “Peter, I-”

He kissed you before you could say anything else, his hands buried in your hair. You eagerly retaliated, wrapping a hand around the back of his neck. He ended the kiss, grinning ear to ear.

“I want to tell your dad about us.”

You laughed, pulling him closer. “Well, if you would let me finish, I was just getting there, Parker. I want to tell him too. He loves you and I can’t imagine why he would turn this down.”

You almost didn’t get to finish your sentence before he was kissing you again.


Jason Todd, everyone. The only Robin who cheerfully skipped patrol to do homework. Not just homework, but extra credit homework. He went from a fifth grade drop out to a straight A middle/junior high school student fluent in German (I believe French and Spanish as well), was capable of lip reading in multiple languages, an Olympic level athlete in at least gymnastics and probably several other sports, skilled martial artist, computer scientist, and trained in chemistry and forensics in six months.

Oh God, Jason is actually Hermione Granger. He’s the Hermione of the Robins. WHY HAS NO ONE NOTICED THIS BEFORE?!

There are only two houses that Jason would have been sorted into. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Honestly, based on his original run of comics, Lost Days, Under the Red Hood, and his appearances in the Dick and Damian run of Batman and Robin he is absolutely a Ravenclaw. The kid is ridiculously smart and passionately loves learning.

Pity about the pit madness. He was really into fashion before he died. His expertise on 19th century fashion solved a case. So the Lazarus Pit has to be the only explanation for his really awful costume designs.

au where louis’ a clone of international popstar lewis tomlinson.

lewis is diagnosed with a rare illness, while not terminal it affects his ability to perform and therefore he gets hospitalized for six months.

lewis’ manager gets in touch with a scientist and together, they manage to create the first successful clone.

clones cannot cry.

lewis’ clone is named louis, and the scientist that created him becomes a father-like figure to him as louis goes out to the real world and experiences lewis’ world. (aw, lewis’ manager and the scientist can be like louis’ dads)

lewis’ manager and the scientist are fully prepared, they train louis to be like lewis and instill knowledge into him.

they’re not prepared for when louis falls in love with harry.

things become harder when louis has to pretend to love lewis’ girlfriend while trying to make things work out with harry as well. day by day he gets closer to harry and further away from being lewis™. louis becomes his own person.

“will you still love me, even after learning i’m not human?”

“you’re perfect no matter what. i’d fall in love with you even if you were a flower, a breeze in the air, or a shooting star”

louis cries for the first time.



Years later, when Tony is ready to hand the reins of his company over to his sons, and retire superhero-ing to go frolicking around the world with his partner, Harley will be the shrewd but compassionate CEO, the unstoppable force running and expanding the business and bringing in funds for the Avengers, and Peter will be the genius brains behind the company’s products and inventions (Harley do chip in sometimes, he’s a trained scientist engineer and a genius in his own right after all) and slinging his way around the world as an Avenger.


Harley with his crafty schemes and quick wit would be the face of the company. He has it in him to handle the deceit and lies of corporate business, and he ensures that his older brother never has to deal with this shit. While Peter makes full use of his genius and talents in the labs and continues his dad’s legacy of keeping the world safe from villains, and also protecting his younger brother from assassinations and corporate espionage etc.


Tony will watch from afar, wiping a tear and leaning against his partner going full on proud!dad!mode!

...I Need You...

Soft clicks were the only sounds surrounding the “evil” scientist. His hands were fidgeting with the mechanisms of a familiar box with many, many lethal devices inside. 

There were little buttons to trigger each little mechanic, but Flug found that some of the springs weren’t stable enough to be tested, let alone the chemicals in one mechanism was much too intoxicating.

The chemicals Flug combined had been the cause of dizziness and almost… drunken side effects. He didn’t trust himself around it while the testing happens during the commercial…

He let out a sigh and tried configuring the mechanisms again. “Flug, get in here.”

Startled, he almost dropped the device. As he caught his breath, he stared hard at the small box with negativity. This would be used to kill someone.

He entered Black Hat’s office and held tight onto the device, hoping his boss wouldn’t chose the black button and let the gases fume the room. “S-Sir, Are we d-doing all the b-buttons?”

Black Hat stared at him as if he was a unicorn, “Of course, Flug.”

Flug bit his lip nervously, “C-Can I step o-outside when you p-push the black one?”

Black Hat narrowed his eyes at his scientist, “Excuse me?”

Flug flinched and shook his head, swallowing his pride for a second, “N-Nothing, sir….”

Black Hat blinked and looked away in thought before taking the device from Flug, “5.0.5. Begin.”

The bear nodded, sending Flug a questioning, worrying glance. Flug shook it off as the red blinker began on the camera. He stared at the camera and listened to BlackHat begin.

“Welcome, villains and viewers! My newest invention has come and you better buy it- OR ELSE!” Black Hat smirked, his tongue poking out from his sharp teeth slightly, “Dr. Flug will explain the device and each mechanism. We can discuss the prices after.”

“U-Um…” Flug started softly, walking into frame and taking the device from it’s little stand, “Th-this device is for t-trapping and helping euthanize your opponent. E-each button on the surface t-triggers a spring that trips a w-wire… and begins it’s options… Y-you can use them interchangeable to create your f-foe’s worst nightmare!”

 Black nodded boringly, “Yes, yes. Let’s show them how to use it.”

Flug nodded slowly and pressed the red button, producing a ray from a little circle at the very top of the box. Just then, Demencia walked into frame and was zapped automatically. “The ray attacks any motion from your foe…” Flug explained, pushing the green button and so on.

However, as Flug went to put the device back on it’s stand, Black Hat pushed the black button. “You forgot one, Flug.” Black Hat smirked as he pushed it.

Flug flinched away, dropping the device on it’s stand as a black smokey gas formed from the circle, spreading around the room and surrounding 5.0.5. and the doctor. It had no affect on Black Hat, who simply watched the destruction with a grin.

Flug threw a gloved hand up to pinch his nose but the chemicals on his fingers still passed through his respiration system. 5.0.5. had fallen asleep not soon after, his eyes swirling about.

“Well, that’s it for now, ladies and gentleman! The prices are starting at 5 grand and there are only 100 in stock! Better buy some quickly before we run out.” Black Hat smirked, clicking the off button as Flug gagged on the smokey chemicals.

Flug fell to his knees, grabbing at his throat as the chemicals burned his lungs and throat. He sputtered out coughs every now and then as he struggled to breath deeply. His mind began going into the estimated haze.

Black Hat watched with a sadistic smile, “That’s a good one but it doesn’t work on heroes and villains, so you’ll have to make it stronger, Flug.”

Flug inhaled deeply and tried controlling his breathing as the burning subsided. “That w-was t-too much… c-carbon…”

Black Hat’s eyes widened as he watched his scientist rub at his throat sorely, his eyes downcast at the ground in worry for himself. This stuff didn’t harm 5.0.5. at all.

“Carbon?! Flug, why Carbon?!”

“I th-thought it would e-explode the p-person’s lungs….s-sir…”Flug answered, his throat dry and sore and begging for something cold.

“Well, we’ve tested that one now. Go fix it and return again.”

His breath was shakey and he felt like throwing up but he only coughed when the feeling came. In fact, he coughed up red onto the floor and his gloves. Black Hat was gone in a second and back with a glass of water and ice, placing it in front of Flug, “Drink.”

Flug nodded and greedily chugged the cold liquid. “As fun as it is watching you get injured, I can’t have you dying on me yet when my product isn’t finished…”

Flug sent his gaze to the ground again, knowing he was more of an item if anything. He simply nodded and excused himself to his lab, trying not to swallow the water too fast.

As he entered his lab, he placed the cup on his desk and looked at the lunch 5.0.5. brought him. He shook his head and moved it from his workplace before editing the blueprints. Not even twenty minutes later, Black Hat teleported in without a word.

Flug felt his mouth raw and sore once again and tried ignoring it to the best of his ability. He swished his tongue around his mouth and swallowed nervously as the clacking of shoes was suddenly present.

He fixed the solution, adding less Carbon and more of the other elements to make things explode when it got wet. He made sure to add enough to make the explosion enormous enough to blow up a being of over 200 pounds with thicker flesh than a human.

“Is it ready yet, Flug? We have less than an hour.”

“F-for the auction?” Flug asked, glancing partially at his boss.

“Yes, we will have to test it in front of everyone there as well. Might want to perfect it, Flug. And find someone in the crowd or something to test it on this time.”

Flug slowly shook his head, “Y-You mean ch-choose someone f-for death, s-sir? I c-can’t do th-that…”

“Are you disobeying my command?”

“N-No, s-sir…” Flug muttered under hs breath, glancing away to finish his work on the product.

“Good. Keep it that way, Doctor.”

As he finished it, he decided he’d have Demencia test it out. Therefore, when they approached the stage, Demencia was chained by her hands to the stage floor with a frown on her face. 

her arms were crossed as she sat cross-legged on the floor. “Why am I chained here?! Why can’t it be 5.0.5. or something?!” She angrily groaned.

““Do it for Black Hat, Demencia. He’ll be happy.”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, “Really? Really really?”

Flug nodded, feeling bad for manipulating her but going against his instincts. The crowd began forming so Flug decided to join Black Hat near the front, the device on it’s usual stand between them.

“Hello, every villain. Welcome to the auction of our first product for the week, hopefully our top seller as well.” He sent a grin to the other monstrous beings that slightly frightened Flug as much as BH.

Flug sent a fearful glance around the crowd, a few of them winked at the scientist while others glared or snarled or smiled. He sighed and smiled as Black Hat continued, “This is my scientist, Dr. Flug. This device is called the Lethal-Proctor. It will euthanize and help you get rid of those pesky heroes and maybe even humans once and for all! Maybe help you achieve world domination if you’re ever clever and strong enough.”

Flug shuddered at the mention of world domination. His device being used for that, sheesh… He’d be all over the news and known then, everyone would be trying to kidnap him. Something he most definitely did not want. At all.

“My scientist here will explain the device.” Black Hat smiled at the crowd then sent a smirk to Flug.

Flug flinched and nodded, “Ahem… U-Uh… This d-device is composed of multiple t-traps and lethal d-destructive mechanisms. Such as lasers, r-rays, shock nets, l-lethal smoke, and more. Th-this blue button here-” Flug pressed the least lethal button and points the circle of the box at Demencia with an apologietic gaze, “-will s-send out a shock net th-that will cause h-humans to go unconscious and w-weaken heroes.”

Demencia flinched as the net came in contact with her head and shoulders, wrapping around her whole body and wrapping her up before sending multiple levels of different shock charges through her nerves. It fried her will to move for ten seconds at minimum, leaving her breathless but exhilarated on the floor of the stage.

Flug chuckled softly to himself, it worked first try! He nodded softly before pressing the green button, “Th-this one is a ray th-that sends out flames in i-it’s path.” 

A large combustion of bright blue and red flames engulfed the net and Demencia, burning the net into ash and causing burn marks to form on her skin. Black Hat caught in, “These marks on this demon’s body helps to show just how hot the flames are.”

Flug nodded softly and showcased three more buttons before placing the device on the stand, hoping his boss wouldn’t try and press the black button while he stared at the crowd to see if any of the evil villains had questions.

There was one, “Yes?”

“How much is the scientist?”

Black Hat stared at the boy in unfamiliar shock, “What?”

“How much is Dr. Flug? I’m sure I can buy him with the much I got.” The male smirked and sent a wink to the scientist.

Flug blushed beneath his bag and stepped back slightly as Demencia giggled behind him. “Look, nerd boy, someone actually likes you out there!”

Black Hat snarled, “He’s not for sale.”

“You won’t even take 20 grand for him?” The man frowned, “I’ll give you 50…”

“He isn’t for sale!” 

“I’ll take him for 100 grand!” Another man in the crowd spoke up.

A female grinned with sharp teeth and spoke louder than the others, “I’ll buy him for 10 million!”

Black Hat’s eyes brightened and he seemed to consider the offer, 10 million could buy him multiple scientists and materials. The crowd silenced itself as Black Hat held a finger to his chin and glanced to his scientist.

He noticed how the scientist had his eyes trained on the floor, wet and moist as if he were going to cry. His hands were crossed in front of him and he stepped back again in uneasiness.

“He is not for sale. The device is.” Black Hat spoke out, glared at the crowd, “Take it or leave it. There are now 200 new ones in stock and 100 of the commercial prototypes in stock. The prototypes are 5 grand, the new ones are 10 grand.”

Flug stared at the tall demon with immense joy, he wouldn’t be sold off thankfully and he didn’t have to deal with unfamiliar people or other villains that COULD BE worst than Black Hat.

As the auction went on, multiple prototypes had been sold out of the few 100, but almost all the new ones were sold. With only a sixteenth of the new stock left over and a fourth of the old prototypes left, the villainous crew headed back home.

“S-sir…?” Flug tried to manage out in a mumble but the words barely left his lips.

Black Hat didn’t seem to hear him but Flug didn’t try again, instead he just said, “Thank you..” and moved on.

I actually live for the commute home, when I can avoid social interaction by having Jemma Redgrave in my ears.


Because why not?


Who: A mental toddler full of hope and optimism out to do good in the world after imprinting on the superhero team A-force.

What: She is a sentient pocket dimension.  She is able to teleport, blast things, fly, and hide people and things inside herself. 

Why: Because Nico and her formed a deep bond and that is not easily broken.

Hazmat and Mettle

Who: Jennifer Takeda and Ken Mack. Both of these kids had fulfilling lives before their powers took away what they wanted.  They found solace in each other.

What: She’s radioactive and poisonous, having the live in a containment suit because of it (until a poorly written ‘cure’ was applied to her).  He used to be a surfer before he was turned into “Red Irridium” by being flayed alive.  He’s super-strong, and super durable, but can’t feel much. 

Why: Both Mettle and Hazmat clicked with Chase and Nico pretty well. One of my big criteria for Runaways team members is people thinking they might be evil, and these kids have that specter over them.

Plus, they could double date with Chase and Nico and be really, really cute together.


Who: Andrea Benton.  A goth girl who is bonded to a hellspawn-infused version of the Venom symbiote. 

What: aside from various venom-related powers (spider-sense, enhanced strength, enhanced agility, regeneration, enhanced durability, claw/tooth/and tentacle creation), she has a Hellmark which allows her some demonic magic/control over demons.

Why: She’s an orphan with an ‘evil’ power, and an ‘evil’ parent of sorts.  And since flash seems to be letting her down a lot, she might as well hook up with the Ruanways. 

Sun Girl

Who: Selah Burke, daughter of Lightmaster (Edward Lanksy), a bright girl who was inspired by Spider-man to do good with science!

What: She has invented energy blasters and a jetpack that are all solar powered/light enhancing.

Why: Villainous parentage, and after her experience in the new Warriors, she might be more towards the Ruanways way of thinking (cleaning up the messes of adults, not bowing to their authority).  Haeichi might join her in that regard.


Who: Elvin Haliday. A young kid who, thanks to chemical waste exposure, becomes a hulking figure.  Former Avenger, New Warrior, and Lucha enthusiast.

What: He has Super-strength and Durability. 

Why: He is pretty well solidly orphaned twice over.  And his short temper has gotten him into trouble before, he could fit in pretty well with a bunch of kids on the run (though he’d blend in about as well as Ken Mack). He also shares a deep disillusionment with adults. 


Who: Noriko Ashida, former leader of the New X-Men. Stubborn, and driven into depression because of her responsibilities as a leader. 

What: She has electrical absorbing and projecting powers.  She can also channel this into bursts of super-speed. 

Why: let’s face it, her generation was basically abandoned by the X-Men.  Putting her and her friends through hell easily disillusioned her.  She can’t take that other members of her class still stomach the poor treatment they get from the established X-Men.  Her mutation also forced her to run away from Japan to America (not an easy feat) and she lived on her own for months before being adopted into the X-Men (or as she sees it, “unknowingly drafted”). 

Also, her and Victor Mancha might be cute together. 


Who: Carmilla Black, daugther of pre-mutation Bruce Banner and Monica Rappaccini (one of the Scientist Supreme of AIM).  Trained by shieLD to do infiltration missions.

What: Aside from SHIELD training, she has been given a Gattaca treatment to nearly ‘perfect’.  She also has the ability to absorb and project poisons in the form of a ‘venom blast’.  She is also immune to radiation. 

Why: Villain parents give you insant Runaways cred.  She might be there to spy on them, and then come to like them as a new family, just to make her eventual ‘traitor’ reval all the sweeter. 

Because I am evil.

Ghost Rider

Who: Robbie Reyes, a good kid with dark powers from his evil uncle’s spirit. 

What: Mystical empowerment, Hellfire, a sweet rid, blades and chains are all as his command.  And he’s tough as hell. 

Why: He’s living solo, though not off the grid.  A young man still going to high school who works to keep his little brother well cared for is more along the ‘adulting’ path than the Runnaways, but I figure he could help them all survive better in the world.  Chase, at least, could get a job at the shop with him.  And his little brother would totally have a balst with Molly.

Also, him and Nico would make an interesting ship. Or Fusion.


Who: Rikki Barnes, girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire.

What: She has no powers, trains as best she can, and stays off the grid as besst she can.

Why: Look at all that!  Look at it!  she’s taylor made to at least ally with the Runaways! 


Who: Anya Corazon, twice orphaned, outspoken young woman with a drive to do good.

What: Standard Spider-Package with some mystical edges to them.

Why: Twice-Orphaned, and formerly working for a society that didn’t tell her everything.  distrust of adults from that alone gets you Runaways cred. 


Who: Daughter of Scott Lang, determined, driven, and with an inability to take ‘no’ easily.

What: She has size-changing powers, and she has tech that allows her to fly, blast, and control ants/wasps.   Though there are some Heart issues she has to deal with …

Why; If it wasn’t for the Young Avengers, she was going to run away to LA to join the Runaways.  She got along with them pretty well.  Well, except for that incident with Molly …


Who: Aside from the above?  She was rules strict and is learning they don’t always apply.

What: ice Powers, and she’s pretty buff.

Why: She was a Runaway in one world already, might as well make her one in 616.  Also, she can crush on Karolina (or Nico, she does have a thing for Gothy Asians). 

Feel free to share your own ideas!

anonymous asked:

I've been asking around about this for awhile but why is Fujimoto Shiro considered by some fans to be the best dad ever? He obviously cared for and loved his sons but nobody is perfect and there is no way he isn't partly responsible for their various mental and emotional issues. I'm very curious about this and would like to see any thoughts you have on Fujimoto's parenting.

I think Shiro’s a good dad. Not perfect, far from it actually. But he obviously loved his sons and what he did, he thought would be the best for them.
As a character I absolutely adore Shiro. He is by far the most interesting character I’ve ever met who gets only more badass the longer he’s dead.
He was the Paladin, the strongest Exorcist in the whole True Cross Order which is a huge international organization with multiple bases in each continent. He couldn’t be possessed by demons (more on that later). He had all Meister and went on missions together with Mephisto (Bloody Fairy Tale Light Novel). He tamed/befriended the demon/deity he was supposed to finish off and he fought of Satan.
Fujimoto Shiro is a very strong man and I wouldn’t want to be his enemy.
But he is also very flawed and I’d say that a lot of it can be blamed on Mephisto etc.
We know Shiro is a clone and I’d guess that he was around 16 when he was “born” since Amaimon’s clone body passes as a teenager and 16 isn’t too old as to be independent or too young to be useless.
This also means that when Shiro took the twins in, he was alive for roughly 18 years. And yeah, he was an adult for the longest time but I wonder what kind of life it was. Being a test subject for scientists and demon kings? Being trained as weapon? I assume he hasn’t lived the greatest life. And let’s see how he deals with Shura when he takes her in. He doesn’t want to deal with her. He’s saved her, sure. He ended up training her and doing some mentoring but he didn’t particularly want to raise her at first. And that was 2 years before he took in the twins.
Now going by the anime Shiro had some empathy and couldn’t kill innocent children. It could have gone down similar in the manga but personally I think it could have been an order from Mephisto. Shiro probably didn’t want to raise children. Most parents want children or have at least 9 months of preparations and support from her family. Shiro had some guys from the monastery - of he even knew them at that point. From the manga we know that just months before the twins were born, Shiro was still living under the assumptions that he was going to kill them. He smoke. He wasn’t planning on being a parent - good or not.
So uhm yeah I think I’ve established that Shiro wasn’t prepared. And it shows. That young Rin always lashed out so extremely, that older Rin doesn’t feel like he actually can achieve something.
I also blame the twins current relationship partially on him. Shiro forced Yukio to undergo hard training. Sure, Yukio wanted to. But what kind of parent would sacrifice part of the childhood of one kid and have them train like an adult?
Yukio sleeps only 4 hours now if I remember correctly because of how stressed he is. Seven year old Yukio started Exorcist training which is tough on teenagers twice his age.
And Shiro wasn’t a lax teacher from what we know of Yukio’s flashbacks, he was demanding and probably as much of a perfectionist as Yukio is.
In general I think it would have been better if Shiro had told the twins what and who they are. If he’d told them who their parents are - Yuri and Satan. The twins would be more sure of their role in the world.
But!!! I doubt many could have done better than Shiro. Imagine you’d be forced to suddenly take care of two babies, both being the children of Satan with one of them having inherited the flames and the other always being able to see demons. Somebody who has absolutely no idea on how to deal with children suddenly has to change diapers.
Rin is a sweet kid with good morals. And Yukio, gosh. That kid loves so much. So much he’d kill his only family member shouldn’t Rin be himself anymore, which is extreme, yeah. But point is that Yukio is local and works very hard.
And Shiro died for them. Sure, he couldn’t he posses bc he was a clone but fighting Satan? That’s a whole other league than some other demons. And not for his own sake, not for his body but to protect his son. It’s not the Paladin doing his job, it’s a father trying to desperately keep his son safe and happy just a little longer.
He kept Rin in the unknown bc he wanted to give him a normal childhood, maybe he hoped the seal would keep Rin’s powers away forever. Maybe he knew it couldn’t and tried nevertheless.
He taught Yukio hoping to give the kid some confidence and the means to protect himself when it needed.
He loved his sons, he hugged them, he thanked them, he encouraged them, he tried to give them what they needed to defend themselves, he got hurt for them, he died for them.
He is by no means the best father or perfect. But he was a glorified weapon with absolute no interest in children and went to being someone who went against Satan and would go against the whole damn world probably if it meant keeping his sons safe.
Many fans probably ignore that Shiro was very troubled himself and think of him like Rin does with his guilt ridden, view of an unreliable narrator: a perfect man.
But Shiro wasn’t. He was just human.

palaces0ut0fparagraphs  asked:

We've heard DG make many references to the significance of the forget-me-nots that were in the first episode when Claire goes through the stones for the first time. I was wondering what you think that significance is and how you think it will play out. (not really a question, more a line of thought hahahaha)

Let me share what Diana Gabaldon has said:

  • The choice of flower was deliberate
  • She won’t share yet what the significance is
  • Claire did not plant them

I also found this on the forum for the Scot and the Sassenach podcast:

During some of the pre-show publicity, I remember Diana saying that Ron asked her if it was important that the flower at the base of “the” stone was a particular type.  She told him, “Only if you plan to do the entire series.“

Also found this:

Victorian Interpretation:  Based mostly on its name, the forget-me-not signifies true love in the Victorian age.  It also relates to good memories, memories that you wouldn’t want to forget.
Superstitions:  The flowers of forget-me-nots almost always have a story that relates to love.  Mainly, if couples wore the forget-me-not as a garland, they would never be forgotten by their lovers.
What the Forget-Me-Not Means:  Just as the name implies, forget-me-nots mean remembrance.  It can mean the remembrance of good memories like when two people are together as a couple.  It also signifies true love.

Forget-me-nots are also poisonous, though they do have medicinal properties.

Given that Diana is a trained scientist, with a particular interest in botany, I can’t think that the placement of this plant is flippant or accidental. She doesn’t put in *any* kind of plant or animal in her stories without some underlying intent.

To me, there’s a deliberate meaning behind this plant. Whether or not it was deliberately placed there, the choice of the forget-me-not reflects (in part) the journey that Claire is about to go on. And like with so many other things in the Outlander universe, we’ll just have to wait and see…

(I also found this lovely Outlander Plants blog which shares more information about the forget-me-not plant, as well as many other plants featured in The Books)

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Prompt Girl has been brainwashed by evil scientists and trained to assassinate Prompt Guy. You and the rest of the amigos must help Prompt Girl find the plant that will cure her, which grows in a secret cave at the center of Mount Everest.

Some article: Amazing! A Team Of Scientists At Yaleford Just Trained This Neural Network To Think And Generate Ideas… Looks Like The Future Envisioned In The 1984 Action Sci-Fi Classic The Terminator Might Not Be Too Far Off!

Neural network: Fuck Shark (charles)..the  Titty 


Pairing: John X Reader
Word Count: 2882
Warnings: Angst, Stress?

A/N: I don’t know about you guys but while I post this it is currently 1:14am. I hope you like it I’m pretty proud of this one!

“So we survived our first month of college,” Alex prodded. “Anyone, you see?”

“I see a lot of people,” John responded taking a bite of his hamburger.

Alex laughed. “I mean girls man! Personally, I think Eliza Schuyler is checking me out.”

“Alex, this isn’t high school anymore,” John said.

“Okay, who is it?” He pressed. “Come on.”

John looked at you from across the cafeteria, you were sitting with Angelica Schuyler and her sister Eliza. “No one,” he grumbled.

“Hm,” he hummed. “Y/N?” He said following his gaze. “She’s a sophomore, have you two even met?”

“Once or twice, she’s really cool and smart,” John told him.

“Ah ha! You admit!” Alex exclaimed, standing up with his hand in the air.

You looked at them, as did everyone else in the cafeteria. First at a freshman named Alexander Hamilton, and then to the one next to him, someone you’ve met before. John Laurens, his face was painted red as he stared up at his friend. He looked down at you and met your eyes, he gave you a shy wave and smile. You laughed as he dragged his friend down.

“Uh, sorry everyone,” Alex said sitting down.

A smile stayed on your face as you watched John scorn his friend. “Uh, earth to Y/N?” Angelica said waving her hand in front of you.

You snapped your head back to your friends. Angelica pulled her hand back from you. “Someone, you see?” She asked.

“Nope,” you responded hopefully putting her thoughts to rest.

“Uh huh,” she joked. “Well I can tell Eliza likes someone over there and his name starts with ‘A’”

“Angelica!” Eliza said hitting her sister on the arm.

“Hey, hey no need for violence!” Angelica exclaimed. You laughed at your friends and returned your attention to your food.

Across the room, two more people joined John and Alex’s table. “Mon Amie! What was the shouting about?” The Frenchman said.

“Yeah, Laf and I get here and we already hear Alex at the top of his voice. Although normally it’s with Thomas,” another voice said sitting down at the table.

“Herc, Laf!” Alex said greeting the two. “John here has a crush on a sophomore.”

“Oh, do we now mon amie?” The Frenchman pressed.

“Who?” Herc asked excitedly.

Alex nodded in your direction, “H/C hair over there sitting with the Schuylers.”

All three looked up at you and quickly looked away when John said, “don’t look! At least not at the same time,” he finished quietly.

They all busted out laughing leaving an embarrassed John to hid his face in his hands. “Dude, you have to think of someway to see her more,” Alex said between his spurts of laughter.

“Well I have an idea but it’s stupid,” John said.

“What is it?” Herc asked.

“She’s majoring in science, same as me but she doesn’t know that. I was thinking since that she’s top of the class maybe I could pretend I need tutoring in the class?” John suggested.

“Isn’t that gonna be kinda hard to fake? I mean you’re amazing when it comes to biology!” Alex exclaimed. “Still, I approve.”

John laughed and nodded his head in agreement. “It’s worth a try.”


You clutched your books to your chest as you walked out of the library. You closed the door quietly, but when you turned around your books hit the floor. You jumped when you saw another person standing in front of you.

“S–Sorry, here let me help you,” John reached down and picked up a few of your books, as did you. Jeez, this was like a scene in a movie, now all we need is the award-winning smile in front of you.

Yet instead you got more of a flustered one, all the same, it was adorable. His sideways smile complemented the freckles that dotted his face. Curly strands of brown hair fell from his ponytail and over his face. You smiled awkwardly a small blush coming to your face.

“Thanks,” you said taking the outstretched book from his hands.

“Actually, I wanted to ask your for help.” John stuttered.

You met his hazel eyes, “What with?” You asked.

“Well I haven’t been doing too well in science lately and I heard you’re the best when it comes to science.” He looked down at his feet then back at you.

“I can tutor you if that’s what you’re asking,” you suggested.

John looked at you a glimmer of hope shining in his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, that’d be great!”

You smiled at his excitement suppressing a giggle. “Let’s see,” you pulled out your phone and clicked on your calendar. “Today is Monday, you free Wednesday afternoon? I have classes in the morning but if that doesn’t work I could do Friday?” You told him.

He looked at you shyly and shifted his weight onto the other foot. “Could we do both days? I–I just really don’t get anything that’s going on in there.”

Glancing at your calendar you clicked the days and labeled your afternoons tutor John. “Done and done.”

His crooked smile appeared once more, he nodded. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” you said. Walking around him you looked back to see him slowly start walking the other way. You looked down, shaking your head and continued on your way.


Books stacked opon your desk as you scribbled in your notebook. Your head connected with the desk as you finished the research paper you had been working on. Sighing in relief you decided that an afternoon nap was well deserved. So you headed off to change into shorts and a sweatshirt.

You were caught off guard when you heard a knock at the door. Your sweatshirt halfway on, you pulled the rest over you and headed for the door. You swung it open to see John Laurens. Today is Wednesday.

“Crap,” you looked up at John’s confusion. “Oh no sorry, I was just finishing a project and I barely slept last night, tutoring completely slipped my mind. Come in,” you stepped out of the way and he walked through.

“We can reschedule if you need.” He suggested.

“No, no! You’re good just take a seat and we can get started.” You told him showing a tired smile.

You both sat down on your couch and he pulled out a textbook and a journal. You spent maybe an hour or so on mitosis and he seemed to understand. You watched him work through a paper, you rested your head on your hand that was on your knee. Your eyes fluttered shut and your body drowsily followed.

But you jerked awake as you fell against the couch arm. John looked at you as you sat upright again.

“You alright?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You nodded slowly, “Yeah I’m fine just a little tired.”

“You’re sleep deprived. You’re a scientist in training you should know the symptoms,” he stated.

You looked at him, your brain too tired to piece things together. “I was just–I had to,” you looked for an excuse.

“Nope, no excuses,” he stood and extended his hand to you. “Come on you’re going to bed.”

You shook your head dismissively. He took your hand and found your room. You fell onto the bed and sighed in comfort. John laughed and tucked you in.

“I’ll just let myself out then.” You laughed and watched him leave. When you heard your lock click behind him you closed your eyes and slipped into a peaceful darkness.


You let out a huff of air as you plopped down at your lunch table with Angelica. You had been tutoring John for a couple weeks now and your feelings for him began to grow ever more for the freckled man. You set down the multiple papers you had to complete and began working.

“You are a workaholic, you know that?” She commented watching you furiously scribble answers down. “I can literally see gears turning in your head.”

“Scholarships don’t keep themselves,” you told her. “And I am not going to lose a full ride to some sleep.”

“Speaking of sleep,” a voice said behind you. “Did you get much last night?”

You looked up and watched John sit down next to you. Angelica smirked and watched the two of you. “My sleep schedule, as horrid as it may be, is none of your concern John.”

John laughed. “As a matter of fact, I would like my tutor to be well rested so I can learn while she’s not falling asleep on her couch.” Heat rushed to your cheeks as you saw mischief spark in Angelica’s eyes. “We still on for this afternoon?”

“Yeah, of course. See you then,” you told him.

He stood and walked over to where his friends were sitting. You turned back to your work too flustered to concentrate. Angelica watched the boys and occasionally glanced at you. She informed you on her observations, how the guys were apparently teasing John about something. Eventually, you stood and left the cafeteria to go and get ready for you tutoring session today.

An expected knock came to your door as you typed up a paper for your professor. “It’s open!”

John opened the door and walked in, immediately eyeing your laptop and the textbooks next to it. “I got some sleep before you came over don’t worry. I’m wide awake.”

He chuckled and sat down next to you. As he pulled his hair into a ponytail you set your work aside and focused on him. “So anything you need to work on?”

He stopped to think. “Not that I can think of, you’re a really great teacher. Maybe we could just hang out tonight?”

You smiled at him, “You’re welcome to stay over if you want but I really have to finish this history project.”

He gave you a mock pout. “Suit yourself,” he laughed.

You laughed with him and returned to your work. Clicking on your multiple tabs you tried to focus on the painstaking work. You sighed in frustration when you realized you were getting nowhere.

John looked at you and your furrowed brows. “Hey,” he put a hand a little above your knee, “take a break. You pushing yourself too hard.”

“I can’t John,” you muttered.

He sat up and took your laptop. “Hey!” You exclaimed. He saved your work and closed the computer. “John!”

“Y/N, you’re stressing yourself out and it’s not healthy for you. Relax, take a break. It’s like I’m talking to Alexander. He’s a workaholic too!” He joked.

You were standing now, John’s joking expression faded into more of a concerned one as he watched you pace in front of the coffee table. “John I–I can’t I have so much to do in so little time. I have a full ride scholarship and I lose that if I don’t get this done!”

“You will also lose it if you don’t get a good result on it!” John argued. He stood but didn’t move anywhere. “You’re stressing yourself out, you’ll be okay.”

“No, I won’t John!” You yelled at him, tears beginning to form at your eyes. His shocked expression knocked you back to reality. “I–I’m sorry John, I–” you said barely a whisper.

He came around to you and wrapped you in his arms. “Shh, you’re okay.” You buried your head in his chest as he stroked your hair.

“Hey look at me,” he said. Placing a finger under your chin and his thumb on your chin he angled your head up to his. You looked at him through bleary eyes. “You’re okay.”

You nodded and leaned into him. “I’m just–really stressed.”

“Shh, I know.” He cooed. He pulled you with him as he sat down on the couch again, holding you to his chest.

You curled against him, pulling your legs close to you. Some Disney movie played in the background but you focused on where you were. John’s arms placed securely around you, the beat of his heart as you laid against his chest. His breathing steady like a river, you focused on his presence. Closing your eyes and taking in the moment. You felt John’s eyes wander to you, he pushed the hair out of your face and studied you. You kept your eyes shut seeing what he would do, refraining from the urge to kiss him. He simply drew patterns on your shoulder as you rested against him.


You strolled down the corridor and past John’s science class to see him answering every question with confidence. You grinned knowing your tutoring had paid off. You decided to wait outside the classroom for John, maybe ask his teacher how he was doing although you know he was doing brilliantly. The bell rang and you watched the freshman students flow out of the classroom. John came out and stopped when he saw you, surprised.

“Y-Y/N?” He said confused.

“Hey, John!” You gave him a kind smile, he still looked uncomfortable.

“Uh. Watcha’ doin’?” He shifted his weight.

Your eyebrow raised slightly at his demeanor. “Just stopping by.”

“John!” You heard Alex exclaim behind you. “Let’s go!”

“I’m comin’! I’ll meet you at the apartment!” He yelled back. "I’ll see you later Y/N.,” he said and veered around you.

You watched him run after his friend and you walked into the classroom. “Good afternoon Mrs. Brenner.”

“Y/N! What a pleasant surprise,” she said looking up from her paperwork. “I haven’t seen you lately, how’s sophomore year treating you?”

“Oh it’s like I finish a project and I’m bombarded with another,” you joked.

She laughed and leaned against her desk. “Did you need something?”

You shook your head. “I just wanted to ask about on of your students, John Laurens.”

“Ah yes, Mr. Laurens. A very bright young man, a talented artist too. Since day one he’s been earning A’s in my class. Brilliant he is.” She said fondly.

You stared at her in confusion. Quickly erasing the expression you nodded. “That’s what I’ve heard. He nice too, a real gentleman.” She nodded her head in agreement. “Bye Mrs. Brenner!”

“Bye Y/N! It was good to see you again!” She said as you walked out into the hallway.

A million thoughts ran through your head. Why would John need tutoring if he had all A’s? Was he lying? Why did he bother then? Why did he waste his time on me? You shook your head, you would talk to him later. No, now.

Rushing down the hallway you attempted to piece together what you were going to say and how you were to say it. You didn’t know. You crossed the campus and to your car. Throwing your stuff in you started the ignition and headed to his apartment complex. Once you were there you sat in the car and questioned what you were doing. You were mad of course, you didn’t like that you were lied to.

So you practically ran out of your car and to his apartment. You knocked at the door and looked at your feet. Alex opened the door and just stared at you, “Y/N?” He said. “Oh, you’re here for John well I was just leaving.” He moved past you with a smirk.

“Hm,” you huffed in annoyance. Trudging past him and into the house you saw John poke his head out of the kitchen and offer his crooked smile.

“Hey Y/N,” he said moving to you. He opened his arms to you but you slid out of the way. “Y/N?” He asked.

“Did you lie to me?” You asked.


“Did you lie to me about your tutoring?” You said looking him straight in the face.

He gawked at you, surprise and regret tracing his features. “I–I..”

“That’s what I thought,” you tossed your keys around your fingers and caught them in your palm. “Bye.”

You walked to the door only to have it closed by the person behind you. His arm placed firmly against the door and his head hanging. “Please don’t go.”

You turned around and pressed yourself against the door. “John…?”

“I–I’m sorry…” He leaned forward, but retracted and turned away from you.

You walked towards him. Your hand rested on a side table near the couch, it collided with a group of papers. “Then why?” Trailing off you looked down at the papers.

Under an essay was a sketch, it’s looked familiar. It was you. You pulled it out from the stack and stared at it. The black and white depicted you with a small smile and hair draping over your face. You were astonished at the artwork, skilled hands drew this.

Eyes still on the paper you asked, “Did you draw this? … Me?”

“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly.


“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Is…oh.” You trailed.


You walked toward him and kissed him softly at first. As he wrapped his arms around your waist you wrapped yours around his shoulders.

“So tutoring paid off huh?” Alex said leaning casually against the door frame.

“Alex!” You and John scorned.

He stumbled off of the door frame and back outside. You and John laughed and he rocked you back and forth in his grasp. You smiled and leaned your head against his.


Biosafety Levels 1-4

We’ve known that breathing in or touching infectious/infected material is probably bad since before germ theory, but it wasn’t until 1943 that our first formal guidelines and laboratories for technician separation from the infectious agent were set up. It was the 1960s before the first conference to standardize personal protection equipment (PPE) guidelines. 

These days we have 4 basic safety levels when working with biological agents: Biosafety Levels (BSL) 1-4

BSL 1 includes well-understood agents not known to regularly affect adult humans, and which present a minimal level of hazard to the technician. Canine hepatitis, non-pathogenic strains of E. coli, and other non-infectious bacteria. Aside from standard healthy-living procedures (washing with soap etc), laboratory equipment is decontaminated via autoclave between uses, protective gloves, and sometimes protective goggles are required.

BSL 2 includes many of the milder infectious diseases that we know about, such as Salmonella, measles, mumps, MRSA, C. difficile, and hepatitis A, B, and C. These are sometimes serious illnesses, but are not easily aerosolized in a laboratory setting. When aerosols may be formed, biological safety cabinets are used, extreme care is taken with sharps, access to the laboratory is limited during work, and all technicians are trained in pathogen handling procedures.

BSL 3 includes dangerous pathogens that can cause potentially lethal infection, such as Yersinia pestis (black plague), rabies, SARS, tuberculosis, tularemia, and yellow fever. Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents, and are supervised by competent scientists who are experienced in working with these agents. All procedures involving the manipulation of infectious materials are conducted within biological safety cabinets, specially designed hoods, or other physical containment devices, or by personnel wearing appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment. The laboratory usually has special engineering and design features, such as restricted access, double-door entrances, and sealed penetrations. BSL 3 laboratories are sometimes called warm zones.

BSL 4 includes the most lethal and exotic agents that there are no cures or vaccines for, such as Ebola, Lassa, Argentinian hemorrhagic virus, and smallpox (smallpox for its extreme virulence, despite its vaccine availability). When dealing with biological hazards at this level the use of a positive pressure personnel suit, with a segregated air supply, is mandatory. The entrance and exit of a level four biolab will contain multiple showers, a vacuum room, an ultraviolet light room, and other safety precautions designed to destroy all traces of the biohazard. Multiple airlocks are employed and are electronically secured to prevent both doors opening at the same time. All air and water service going to and coming from a biosafety level 4 (or P4) lab will undergo similar decontamination procedures to eliminate the possibility of an accidental release. Agents with a close or identical antigenic relationship to biosafety level 4 agents are handled at this level until sufficient data is obtained either to confirm continued work at this level, or to work with them at a lower level.

Members of the laboratory staff have specific and thorough training in handling extremely hazardous infectious agents and they understand the primary and secondary containment functions of the standard and special practices, the containment equipment, and the laboratory design characteristics. They are supervised by qualified scientists who are trained and experienced in working with these agents. Access to the laboratory is strictly controlled by the laboratory director.

The facility is either in a separate building or in a controlled area within a building, which is completely isolated from all other areas of the building. A specific facility operations manual is prepared or adopted. Building protocols for preventing contamination often use negatively pressurized facilities, which, even if compromised, would severely inhibit an outbreak of aerosol pathogens.

BSL 4 labs are hot zones.

Robin x Reader: The Bird Tattoo~Part Four (Soulmate AU)

A/n: I thought I lost the entire first half of it, it scared me half to death. I also rewrote it like, twelve times. Henze is pronounced as Hen-zee, by the way. Cheesy and angsty vibes coming your way. A little gore? Also, it’s not as long as usual because every time I take my hands off the keyboard, they start to shake and it’s hard to type when that happens.

You looked down at your watch, and you weren’t surprised that it was 8:26 AM. It was the weekend and most teenagers slept in, but not you. You switched back and forth between investigating and teaching yourself more Romanian. You didn’t get a single moment of sleep, but you couldn’t even if you tried.

    You took off your mask and used the camera on your phone to look at your face. Your eyes were bloodshot and there were slight bags under your eyes. The lack of sleep on a regular basis was taking a toll on you, but there were things to be done. Procrastinating important things? Not your cup of tea. But today you felt… different. And not in a good way. You chalked it up to being tired and stressed, as usual.

    So you put the domino mask back on, and went back to work. You pushed your Romanian text book aside; you were a little over half way fluent in the language. On your laptop, you pulled up the file that the Justice League had for about the twentieth time since you started. 

Keep reading