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This is my main pony OC, Amaranthine Sky or “Ammy”. She’s an explorer and scientist residing in Canterlot, travelling and discovering lands and studying the different species of animals that live there. She’s a fun and happy pony, inquisitive and curious about everything life has to offer and teach her. Although she spends most of her time being optimistic, when things go wrong she doesn’t quite know how to handle herself or the situation and can get extremely nervous and flustered.

She isn’t overly social, preferring to study, learn and go out to see what beauty the world holds for her. She does however like to hang out with her friends when she finds some free time (or when her friends force her outside after being cooped up for a whole week studying and living on cup noodles). Perseus, an astronomer, and Sweet Bouquet, a botanist, are two of her closest friends, having grown close together after studying the sciences together in their younger years.

She lives with her marefriend Reverie, a very sweet, dessert-loving pony whom she has been together with since their school years and whom she loves dearly. Reverie always does her best to support Ammy in her next projects and adventures, even if sometimes they do seem a little dangerous and sometimes even comes with her.

Ammy’s hair is always long, fluffy and messy. Just how she likes it! She hardly ever cuts it, and only once it grows long enough that she starts to trip over it will she reluctantly agree to Reverie’s suggestions that she should trim it. Until then she will sometimes wear ponytails, twin tails or other hairstyles in her hair to make it a little more tamable. Most days she leaves it free though. She loves to wear lots of different clothing, usually when she isn’t out exploring. Socks, collars, ribbons, headresses, skirts and dresses. Ammy just loves to wear cute things! She has a fondness for wearing odd socks, and overly-large bows in her mane and tail.

I will probably write more here later, but for now this is a basic outline of Ammy. Feel free to experiment with outfits when you draw her if you’d like :>


(Sorry for my weird smirk; I don’t want you to see my tinsel teeth.)

Anyway, my LootCrate order arrived today (Yay!).

Mad Scientist Theme!

Resident Evil T-shirt. Never played it (Looks too much like Dead Space, and I’m not good with horror games), but the shirt is comfy and looks pretty rad. But I can’t really wear it in public because I don’t want people to think I’ve played the game when I haven’t.

Megaman helmet thing… We didn’t have any Nintendo systems when I was little, so never played it. Still keeping it, though.

Companion Cube Tie (Which I have no idea when I will ever have a use for, but it is awesome.) and the box was a cube as well.

RAZPUTIN AQUATO’S GOGGLES! I was not expecting these and they are awesome! Need to get contacts if I want to wear them over my eyes, though, they don’t really correct my vision…

Plus a neat pin and poster!

I hope Klei Entertainment decides to make a deal with them one day. I’d totally buy a crate solely for the DS merch.

WHOA LOOK I did a thing

I made a post about a week ago that I started listenting to Welcome to Night Vale and I just had to draw fanart of it at least once. So here is Cecil daydreaming about Carlos and his silken locks. 

EDIT: Ah damn I knew I forgot something. So here, repost with the tattoos on his arms.


Platinum Gacha Shiki Update 2/10

Hide the children because the new Platinum Gacha offer is here, this time starring the resident “scientist” Shiki Ichinose. These cards are not limited and will have raised appearance rates until Feb. 16 at 2:59 PM JST (Feb. 15 at 9:59 PM PST)

  • SSR [Mystic Elixir] Shiki Ichinose
  • SR [Naniwa’s Showy Girl] Emi Namba
  • R Izumi Ohishi (new!)

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