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[ - yOOOO your blog rad as hecka. you dont mind that i sent you this ask do you-- - ] Golden eyes leered down to the green-haired man before him, and after a moment of silence, Colress said, "You are a pitiful creature, you know that?" A taunt underlined his tone.

The only sign of life from the husk that sat on the cot was a single huff. A short, bark-like huff. It quickly evolved into laughter. Loud, angry, taunting laughter.

“And you think you’re any better, Colress? I give you control of Team Plasma and you get sidetracked from the true vision of the Team? BAH! You’re too short-sighted, focusing on the smaller picture that only appears bigger because of your distorted view on the world. Don’t say that I am pitiful when you can’t even focus on what I tell you to do.”

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“You certainly are very well dressed.”

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“Oh, I know you. We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

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“You again?”

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“An elegant thief, hm? I hardly believe thieves have any elegance.”