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Travel corvette Astrolabe performed by order of the king during the years 1826-1829,

By Dumont d'Urville, Jules-Sébastien-César, 1790-1842

Publication info Paris: J. Tastu, 1830-1834.
Contributor: Duke University Libraries (
BHL Collections:
Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University
Under the Sea: World Oceans Day

bos gaurus sphiggurus

“Nature always finds its way to amaze us. It is always surprising to see how a massive animal succumbs before to such a small creature. It is also curious how parasitism this time also works as a sort of imperfect symbiosis “

Clement Van Burden

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Time and Again

When Bart Allen crash lands in the present, it’s strange, and he’s strange, but Danny has long been used to strange. He bobs his head when the YJ team relates to him what Bart had said about the future; his eyes closing when the knot in his chest releases at the telling of Impulse’s future. He’s not a monster.

Bart screams the first time that he sees Phantom.

Dan glances up at the natural portal over his head, double checking that it was indeed still open, the Infi-map thrumming in his belt. He turns his gaze back to the workers laboring away. 

Blue looks up at him, squinting into the empty space created by invisibility. Dan knows well enough now that the Reach suit can read the ecto-magnetic signature of his core. That had been established decades ago. The psionic cannon whirs, and Dan grins, flickering into view; red eyes dancing with mirth and revenge.

Dan’s howl neutralizes the blast; the air vibrates with the tension of conflicting sound waves. 

Small things here and there trip Bart up. A comment here, a sidelong glance, stiffening abruptly when Phantom phases through the wall, staring a little too long at Danny (both human and ghost) as if he’s trying to catalog the differences. Danny’s skin prickles and flashes of the desolated landscape from his future echo.

He relates these to Tucker and Sam; they vaguely remember the incident through a fog, but they nod and write down the instances that Danny lists. The journal confirms Danny’s suspicions that Bart is lying about his role in the future.

An electric blast from Black Beetle illuminates Dan’s frame, highlighting the glowing scar that sit across his chest, slipping across his collarbones and bisecting the insignia. Dan remembers dying; he remembers the pain and distress at watching GIW and Reach scientists alike poke and prod. He remembered his human side violently rejecting him, barring him control while it slipped out of the black hazmat and into civilian clothes to bleed out and find rest. Phantom, the halfa now dead, remembered their names and faces.

He didn’t kill them. He just worked to be a constant nuisance, a thorn in their side. He was angry, yes, but he refused to become that creature from his nightmares. It was a line he’d drawn. Helping out the workers made him feel better, overshadowing them to share his strength and let them rest for a moment.

That was how he’d found Vlad, actually. The older halfa had been doing much the same. Plasmius’s eyes had echoed the loneliness Phantom felt inside as they discussed how he’d come to be captured, how the Reach tech had learned to corrupt both Valerie and Jazz’s suits. The discussed the era of the fallen heroes. It was nice to reminisce even if those memories were tainted with anger and revulsion from how those heroes had been vanquished. Plasmius asks after the specifics, and Phantom state–as a distraught Vlad had told him in a future so many years ago–that some things are better left unsaid.

Time ticks on. Both are acutely aware of Clockwork’s radio silence.Vlad ceases to aide as Plasmuis now that the Reach follows him everywhere. Apparently, they finally deemed Luthor’s files worth a read. Vlad has not been a young man for years, and now Phantom helps as he does with the laborers, sometimes overshadowing Vlad through the worst of it. He works carefully to avoid expelling him as Point Dexter did so many, many adventures ago (was that even him? it couldn’t have been). 

Dan remembers dying then too, the feel and slide of Vlad’s body tiring, how it felt to lose that last vestige of humanness and how the collapse into a single  wavelength of their two separate ghostly cores rippled across their (his?) being. He remembered how the grief and loss resonated through and that spark of defiance and vengeance hollowly drove at him.

Dan Plasmius was a ghost that killed. He razed the testing labs, freeing as many of the Metas as possible, but ultimately, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his existence. Dying twice (4 times technically including the accidents) does that to you. There was a speedster there; Dan swallowed down the nostalgia that came from that. 

Bart evades Danny like it’s his job.

Danny hunts him down like he’s freaking Skulker or something. Probably more like Walker honestly. He has to know though. He has too!

He can’t go into this fight not knowing if at any second he’s going to trigger his change into Dan Phantom. Danny can’t go through that again with this family.

Clockwork’s intervention isn’t what he’d expected. Be drastic. Be bold. Be enough of a ‘rival’ bad guy to create a scientific time travel back.

Blatant support to misuse the rule of the Ghost Zone? Granted. Dan doesn’t atriculate the unease in his core as he reestablishes himself as ruler of the ghost zone. His memories as Plasmius call this hollow, but Dan shrugs his discomfort off and works at it. The Phantom memories balk at being trusted with so much power and responsibility, and Dan soothes that away with a reminder that they’re not 14 anymore, that they have experience and know the risks and rewards.

Being a hero is hard. Knowing that this is the best way is even harder.

Under new management. That’s your threat. You challenge and harass the Beetles and the Reach. You talk up how much better the Ghost Zone is doing (which it is). You make sure that the laborers (slaves, Plasmius corrects) can always see your confrontations. You thrum in sympathy because you know that you’re making their lives harder. You know that you have the potential to start an apocalypse, but that’s not who you are.

You don’t care anymore how the people see you; you’re too focused on fighting the Reach. You overshadow Blue Beetle and Jaime’s psyche welcomes you with shock and relief and so many emotions that you can’t even comprehend them.

The scarab changes its electrical signal shortly after and Dan Plasmius is thrown away. There’s a speedster that watches this, and Dan aches in pity of his former teammate. He doesn’t leave the Ghost Zone again.

Getting Bart to talk legitimately takes a trip to Clockwork. Danny taps his fingers while Bart makes his feet thrum on the floor. Clockwork’s been ignoring them, flitting through his castle and choosing to do other things instead. Danny jumps when on one of the passes, the time ghost sets a dented (still sealed, thank god still sealed) thermos on a table just beside them. 

“We’ve been expecting you.”

Dan Plasmius glances around (between the younger half him and the speedster, between clockwork and the sealed thermos, and all around).

“I guess I owe you an explanation,” he directs to the ginger, “Surely, you’ve figured out now, that I’m just 90% talk with the power to back it up.”

These is a reproduction of the blisters that the thick leave on this bull. They never cure. They accumulate over the years and remain in the animal until its death. Curiously, despite the annoyance, they never get to put the animal in serious danger. Instead, the smell of the blisters when explode is so bad that this discourages its enemies from chasing it. So as long as the animal is growing and the ticks are biting him, the possibility of survival increases. Normally the death of this animal is due to natural causes. They can live up to 50 years.

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“Among the discoveries of my Great Grand Father Clement Van Burden, to me, this one is probably the most unprovable but again is hard to tell since some of the animals he discovered years ago where discovered jus a few decades ago. Besides, nature can be whimsical and life will do everything in order to survive ”

Another particular characteristic of the Thorny Buffalo are the spines that cover part of his body. They grow randomly along its body and are in different sizes. They are similar in shape to the porcupine and are also made of keratin.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag: (gonna do my backpack bc im a struggling college student)

  1.  headphones bc im constantly listening to music
  2.  gum
  3.  my water bottle
  4.  my keys
  5.  some textbook/notebook

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1.  my cd collection
  2.  my pets (i have 2 cats and a dog) 
  3.  candles
  4.  books
  5.  art supplies

5 things I want to do in life: (i have to think about the future?? yikes)

  1.  graduate college
  2.  pursue my art… i would love to do scientific illustration
  3. travel!
  4. see bastille in concert
  5.  just generally be happy and confident with myself and to stop worrying so much

5 things that make me happy:

  1.  really cute fluffy cats!!!  
  2. and dogs!! 
  3. anything regarding dan smith (i just want hug him and talk to him about music and movies and life.. he’s just amazing)
  4.  going for a run and listening to good music 
  5.  the way fire escapes look and cool city buildings

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. bastille
  2.  it’s always sunny in philadelphia
  3.  sleeping
  4.  the stars
  5.  sleeping lol

5 things on my to do list:

  1. work on my digital art
  2. get better making art in general and just make more of it (my goal for the summer.. i want to post more of it on here)
  3.  reteach myself piano
  4.  watch more movies (i keep a running list of all the ones i want to see)
  5.  eat healthier

5 things people may not know about me:

  1. i love making other people happy
  2. i have anxiety, specifically social anxiety but i’ve been working on it a lot the past year and i’m starting to feel comfortable with myself
  3.  i’m really hard on myself.. i don’t ever think anything i do is good enough
  4.  i get very philosophical went drunk or high…
  5. i really want to get a tattoo but i don’t know what to get (and my parents will be mad

i love doing these and reading other people’s :)

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In May I went to Bonaire, an island off the northern coast of Venezuela, for a couple weeks of scuba diving. These are some notes and watercolor sketches from my travel journal. Bonaire has a lot of great stuff to see!

The juvenile forms of many fish are sometimes radically different in both appearance and behavior than the adult forms. It can be hard to believe they’re related, and sometimes hard to believe they’re even fish! The baby Smooth Trunkfish (which we unofficially renamed the Hoverbot) is a tiny pea-sized, polka-dotted sphere with glorious butt cheeks. 

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(3/4) In terms of modern political strife between the Volturi and other ruling covens: I imagine the execution of Toshiro (I know he was a movie-only thing but STILL) was a political nightmare, and resulted in some serious treaty renegotiation. I also think the Olympic coven really messed with international vampire politics, because now you have a lot of nomadic vampires who want to overthrow the Volturi for holding the Cullens accountable for the presumed creation of an immortal child.

(4/4) For your continued amusement I offer you various topics that have ended with Cauis being punched in the face by another coven leader: if the Volturi have the right to punish lawbreakers who did so in another coven’s jurisdiction, Chelesa’s power being used to dismantle covens, if supernatural guard can be used with permission by other covens, vampire Geneva Convention, scientific discovery, space travel, and if coven representatives should be required to disclose all gifted coven members.

Oh, for sure, the events of BD must have been politically devastating for the Volturi. They took a minor conflict which should have been easy to diffuse– an already well-treated coven demanding more concessions before the law isn’t exactly a great rallying point– and blew it up into a revolution, somehow. Their international allies must be clamouring for closure. (And again, this emphasizes the Cullens’ precarious position. They probably can’t summon their own allies again, and there’s a good chance that other, more powerful covens want them gone too.)

Toshiro’s death is interesting to consider. In BD2, it’s just thrown in to make the Volturi look as tyrannical as possible, without answering a bunch of fundamental questions. Why are they targeting Toshiro and not, like, someone else with real power and connections? Is freedom of assembly not a thing under vampire law? As you point out, it should carry some sort of consequences for the Volturi, and possibly the hammering-out of a vampire constitution which limits government overstep. (… I mean, how has the species made it so long without some sort of civic contract between the government and the governed?)

And finally, I’m still cackling at poor Caius’ failure at diplomacy. Still, this is why you need a government which consists of more than three people (or two people discounting Marcus, or four people including Sulpicia and Athenodora). You can’t let someone with a criminal-prosecutor personality handle public relations. You just can’t. 

do you like time-travel? do you have trouble thinking fourth-dimensionally? do you love dogs? do you like cleverly designed gadgets to help make your life easier? then this blog is for you! doctor “doc” emmett l. brown is at your service! for all your scientific, time-travelling, train hi-jacking, plutonium stealing needs! be prepared to see such wonders as: the 19th century! the future! not to mention, the other great mystery of the universe: women. just watch out for those pesky paradoxes; they could change the future as we know it! 

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00Q Very Important Questions

Does Bond bring back tacky keychains or scientific souvenirs from his travels for Q?

Are Q and Bond snuggles or sprawled when sharing a bed?

Who hogs the blankets?

Who do the cats prefer?

What’s Qs favorite mug for at home?

What’s Bonds “honey I’m home” tradition after missions (he totally has one)?

What’s their go to comfort meal?

How many blankets have people gifted Q because of mother henning?