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Illustrated Science 144: Tattoo You

Scientists have found that people with multiple tattoos have a slightly tougher immune system than people with none. Researchers found that tattooing prepares the immune system to fight different types of stress associated with soft tissue damage.

Original illustration: Indian Meal Moth metamorphosis

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Tattooed with tattoo ink and tattoo equipment on a pvc sheet.
Size is cm 30x42 (inches 11.8x16,5)
The work is sold unframed, rolled gently in a cardboard tube.

Sean Wright made this tattoo today, but I- Alice Carrier, the person posting it here on our shop tumblr page, positively HOLLERED from across the room to this woman after the stencil was put on- “OH MY GAWD ARE YOU GETTING A MAGICIANS TATTOO!?”  :D :D :D : D