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Being a Slytherin would include:

  • waiting for the Giant Squid to swim by then getting excited when it does
  • sitting on the large leather couches, wrapped in blankets with friends
  • loving the crisp winter air
  • sitting in a circle with your friends and talking shit
  • having a fierce squad 
  • wearing big hoodies when the dungeon is cold
  • sitting outside in fall and reading or practicing magic
  • dipping your toes in the lake
  • getting in friendly but heated debates with other slytherins/houses
  • being there for each other when the stereo types get in the way
  • understanding the misunderstood
  • wearing thick scarves 
  • loving certain expensive things but never being able to wear them because its “never the right time”
  • loving the transition from fall to winter
  • forgetting to water your plants
  • arguing over who gets the bigger drawer
  • watching disney movies and laughing at the scientific inaccuracies but secretly loving them
  • bare feet on the cold dungeon floor
  • secret hopes and obvious ambitions
  • iced coffee on a cold day
  • skipping class to sleep in
  • knowing your dark side well
  • taking long baths on a cold day
  • lighting candles in the night
  • Having close friends that completely understand your struggles
  • secret hugs and hand holding
  • never wanting to put on pants
  • cheering loud prophanities when you win the house cup
  • writing an encyclopedia on why you’re better than everyone
  • not-so-silently judging people
A Beginner’s Guide to Saving the World

Summary: One day, Barry arrives home from work to see a complete stranger in a lab coat frying chicken on his stove. “Um, hi,” she says, slipping two pieces onto a plate. “My place just blew up, so I hope you don’t mind if I crash here for a bit… Would you like some chicken?” In which Barry teams up with the stranger who breaks into his home in order to save the world. Apocalypse AU

Rating: T

Prompt: Day 3: Apocalypse (hope it’s not too late for this!)

Notes: Hey guys, so sorry I’ve been MIA! It’s been busy at work since I’ve had to work weekends now, and I’ve been blocked for awhile so the sudden inspiration that came with this was very welcome. The line “My place just blew up, can I crash here for a bit” is from the site Figment. Forgive me for any scientific inaccuracies. This is a light-hearted take on the apocalypse, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


One day, Barry arrives home from work to see a complete stranger frying chicken on his stove.

Through the half-open door, he catches a glimpse of messy, curly brown hair pulled into a loose bun—definitely a woman, then—and a flash of white from the lab coat she’s wearing. Even if her back is facing him, he’s certain that he doesn’t know anyone whose back resembles this particular back. And besides, he thinks grimly, most of the people he knew died years ago in the second Impera outbreak.

For a moment, he considers that maybe it’s a hallucination brought about by exhaustion. It’s been a terribly long day. He’d just returned to what was left of his lab at the CCPD to dissect a few fresh dead bodies afflicted with the virus, hoping to find something—yes, he’s probably the only one who hasn’t given up on finding a cure—but despite his best efforts, he still hasn’t stumbled on anything he could work with. He wonders if the constant frustration, the stench of dead bodies, the fire from the mass graves, and the people dying around him have finally taken a toll on his sanity.

But then again, he wonders whether hallucinations could reproduce the mouth-watering aroma of fried chicken so accurately. It’s been so long since he’d taken a whiff of one—it must have been a year or so ago, when governments all over the world recalled all meat products for fear that the virus came from animals—so naturally, Barry rather missed eating meat. He’s also rather sick of beetroots, which he hadn’t even heard of before the government declared it safe, and which he’d been eating for all his meals for the past week. He reckons he’s eaten more vegetables in the past year or so than he ever will in a normal, pre-Impera lifetime.

In any case, he has to make a decision about this very realistic hallucination, who has now begun humming what sounds like “Summer Lovin’”, but it’s so off-key that he can’t say for sure.

He cautiously pushes the door to his kitchen open and clears his throat.

The girl startles and twists around to face him, blinking up at him with big, brown eyes.

“Um, hi,” she says, slipping two pieces of chicken onto a plate. She nervously dries her hands on her—his—apron. “My place just blew up, so I hope you don’t mind if I crash here for a bit… Would you like some chicken? It’s a bit of a long story, so I took the liberty of preparing real food as courtesy…”

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so wait, i'm a bit confused on how the phenotypes behind diane and may work. when for instance a caucasian and an african american have children the skin tones don't take completely after one parent or the other. They are always a mix of both parents skin tones, so it's practically illogical that May and Diane would have such different skin tones.

I can list a lot of real life examples that would disagree with you there buddy. …Also I will point out that there are dragons and magic in this story, so if you’re bothered by one perceived scientific inaccuracy, this probably isn’t the story for you.


FACT: Riley has NO chill when it comes to dogs

Character Meme: Danny

Full Name: Daniel Thomas Becket
Gender and Sexuality: Cis Male, Gay af 
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Irish/Vietnamese
Birthplace and Birthdate: California, February 14th
Guilty Pleasures: stimming with anything he can get his hands on
Phobias: Steel Coyote finishing the job
What They Would Be Famous For: inventing something crazy
What They Would Get Arrested For: stalking star trek actors
OC You Ship Them With: Elliot :) 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Steel Coyote
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Sci Fi
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Scientific inaccuracies 
Talents and/or Powers: Invisibility, teleportation, hyperspeed, and math
Why Someone Might Love Them: a shy sweetheart that loves cats
Why Someone Might Hate Them: his shyness could be mistaken for being rude
How They Change: by being more forgiving and honest
Why You Love Them: sweeter than every candy

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sanvers headcanon: Alex and Maggie watch the flopdred together (obviously stopping after 307) and the next time Alex sees Maggie, doing paperwork at her desk, she is wearing a bulletproof vest "Can't take any chances, danvers"

I feel like neither of them could watch it because they would just be pointing out the scientific inaccuracies the entire time lol

send me sanvers headcanons

Star Battlers: The Farce Awakens

When Steven takes the Gems to the cinema to catch the premiere of the newest Star Battlers film, Pearl ends up ruining the movie for everyone by constantly complaining about all its scientific inaccuracies. Meanwhile, Lapis and Jasper form Malachite in order to get in another theater with only one ticket, but the giant Fusion quickly causes a scene by sitting in the front row and blocking half the screen.

on one hand, i’d figure that if you’re a literal astrophysicist, the constant scientific inaccuracies in scifi would be irritating after a while, but like, doesn’t neil degrasse tyson have other things to talk abt? maybe if he feels so consistently put off by scifi, he should try romantic comedies. i’m sure he would have good things to say abt bridget jones’s diary if he gave it a chance