scientific illsutration

There’s only so much you can do with brachiopods… These guys, however, are pretty neat and actually created underwater cliffs from piling up on each other, some discovered mounds have even been miles across. Zebra Mussels ain’t got nothing on Kirkidium knightii.

Oops I lied! We found out they don’t actually build cliffs, though they DO pile up on each other, just in a flatter formation. So this illu gets to be scrapped. Dang.


Tried something new today! A good friend of mine said I should try printing some dinosaur stuff on stone and I’m giving it a shot! I’m really happy with how the previews look, so I can’t wait to see them in 3 weeks. :D

I’m offering these as special edition pieces (only 3 available of each for right now), but they’re technically unlimited so I’m not numbering them, just signing the back for authenticity. If you’re interested in owning a super unique piece of dino paraphernalia, you can get these and many other things at my Etsy shop!