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Happy Valentine's Day, Jane. You are one of my favorite Midgardians, even if I haven't a clue as to what Thor did to deserve you. - Loki

Well, after I hit him with my car and your girlfriend TAZED him, I couldn’t just leave him alone, could I? Although, to be quite honest, being striped of all godly powers and sent to Midgard and subsequently saving the day is a pretty good qualification for dating anyone. Hope you and Darcy had a great Valentine’s Day too!


Happy Friday from Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument!

The vast and austere landscape of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument offers a spectacular array of scientific and historic resources. Encompassing 1.9 million acres, the Monument was created in 1996 by presidential proclamation – the first monument entrusted to BLM management. World-class dinosaur excavations have yielded more information about ecosystem change at the end of the dinosaur era than almost any other place in the world. Among the fossil finds, paleontologists have identified dinosaurs not previously known to have inhabited this region, as well as several new species.

The vast landscapes of GSENM offers visitors a variety of recreational opportunities for a wide range of users.  From the solitude of lonesome canyons to the excitement of winding rugged backways, the Monument is truly a treasure.

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Happy Valentine's, Jane! May it be full of happiness and wondrous scientific discoveries. ~~Pietro

OH CRAP IT WAS VALENTINE’S DAY. I’ve been in the lab for the last week (at least I think it’s been a week? what day is it even??) working and eating and sleeping and bathing and totally didn’t pay any attention to time passing, so I’m just now seeing these.

Hope you had a great Valentine’s day!

The Souta Spider

After I read through the calender and saw this…

and this:

…I found that so interesting that I looked for more intriguing spiders. And look what I found. 

The spider, which measures just a few millimetres across, has developed bizarre markings giving the appearance of a smiling face.

Scientists think the spider, which has the scientific name Theridion grallator (Happy Face Spider), is related to the Black Widow (who like the Wasp Spider eats her mate after copulation) and is harmless to humans, has evolved the patterns to confuse predators.

It is under-threat of extinction in the rainforests of the Hawaiian island chain in the Pacific.

Dr Geoff Oxford, a spider expert from the University of York, said: “There are various theories as to why the spider has developed the markings it has, one of these that it may be to confuse predators (primarily birds).”

"When a bird first sees a prey item it has not seen before there is a moment before it decides whether to eat it or not.

"It may be that this spider has developed these variations to take advantage of this, in the moment the predator is deciding if it is food it may have the chance to escape.

The happy face spider is very small (about 1/5 of an inch long) and typically hides under forest leaves during the day, so one would generally have to search carefully to find an example and then examine it under a magnifying glass to glimpse a real-life example of the "happy face” markings.

I find it just so hilarious, simply because this resembles Furuta to an extent. He puts always a smile on his face and threw the Steal Beams at Rize (the Wasp Spider). Also he is very confusing. After all, he works for so many organizations, killed various doves (birds) and also ghoul, so where his true intentions lie can’t be determined. The Clowns in general are not very active as well and if they are, they are only at night.

I wonder if this was intentional or not. 

Each spider has a different smiling face pattern. Like the Clowns.


How To Feel Happy - Scientifically Proven Ways of Creating Lasting Happiness


No, but honestly, Eurovision cannot be good for one’s health…

I guess, it’s self-explaining… but if there should be any questions left, just ask away!