scientific animal illustration


First of a series I’m doing. “Fleshed out” snapping turtle based on a skeleton I articulated. Painting was done with gouache paint and some watercolor, and is around 8x10″. The skeleton was completely apart to begin with, and everything is drilled and wired or pinned. As you can see it can stand up, supporting the shell, on it’s own. Really like how that one came out. Both are for a local university. 
(Note if you’re using the skeleton as a reference, the smallest toe is missing on every foot)

 I’m going to start using this blog again. Except I’m changing it a bit, it’s where I’m going to post all of my nature/wildlife art because I’m trying to get more serious with practicing that as I want to do scientific illustration someday. I’ll still post my skeletons and skull stuff and whatever, but in my mind the live animal and the dead one are not that disconnected anyway.

This is a brown hyena, drawn with pen and watercolors.
Referenced a photo from Moya Wa Tenga Safaris.


More Friday night fun at AMNH. 2 hours, ballpoint pen. Indian smooth otter.

(@folks who ask if I screw up while using pen: Regularly! Usually I can cover it. This time you can see some early sketch lines to the right of the fish. I’ll see if this paper will take some razor scraping to erase that when I get home.)

Closeup of a male red-knobbed hornbill. I love all of their colors! Made with watercolor, colored pencils, and gouache paint. 

Psst.. I have a few prints of it here if anyone’s interested:

Sus scrofa satanae (Satanic Boar)

A glance of the illustration done by RINUS, describing the boar they found in the Asian expedition, circa 1800′s. Described by Van Burden as a mistake in the curse of evolution. The Satanic Boar presents very singular characteristics and birth defects have never been seen in any other species and make its life harder than any other mammal.

Follow Clement Van Burden’s Project here

Members of mustelidae (which is the weasel family) that live in my state. Drawn just for fun, because they’re one of my favorite groups of animals. I may have missed the least weasel, because the source I was looking at didn’t include them but another one did so I’m not sure if we have them.
Drawn with pen and marker individually, and compiled digitally.