crows: according to swedish folk music

crows are clearly really into riding human carriages ok. but sometimes they lack a carriage driver. creating chaos. honestly, crows are really bad at using human transportation. a travesty!


Grandmas little crow
Wanted to go out for a ride,
but they had no one to drive.

And therefore they slipped forward,
And then they slipped backwards,
And then they slipped into the ditch.


swedish folk music, shaming crows for their driving skills sense forever

pictured, a crow, who is a bad driver.

[picture of crow, corvus corone. Well that is the pictured crows latin name if you are a swedish bird scientiest who refuse to let go of Carl von Linnes system of bird taxonomy. Picture by ponafotkas via flickr. click here for direct link to pic]

lets do some character redesign!

okay, you go and pick out characters. they can be your own old characters, or they can be someone elses (this would be fanart). 

Then add a challenge:

  • redesign 1 character per day!
  • redesign 100 characters in 2018! (i will do this one)
  • redesign 20 characters for a childrens book
  • redesign 30 characters for a rpg game
  • redesign 10 characters and paint 1 illustration for each
  • match 10 characters up (in romance/enemy combos) and do complementary designs
  • match 5 characters up and design them as a team (of superheros/evil scientiest/sports team/family/alien species/pirate crew/music band)
  • redesign 10 characters for a dating sim game and give them likes/dislikes for gifts and dialog options
  • redesign 20 characters for a horror movie
  • redesign 20 characters in your favorite anime style
  • redesign 10 characters as gods/mythological figures and make up a myth about them
  • redesign 5 characters as ugly to normal looking and 5 characters as normal looking to beautiful (in the end you should have a ugy to beautiful scale)
  • redesign 10 characters as Jedi or Sith
  • redesign 10 characters as pokemon trainer and give them their pokemon starter/complete team
  • redesign 15 characters as from the same historical community (ancient agypt, aztek, modern korea, viktorian england etc)
  • redesign 10 characters from male to something else + the same for female
  • redesign 10 characters as super sexy (bonus point if you dont just use 20 year old girls)
  • redesign 5 characters and give them a design for each of these ages: kid (under 10) Yound (under 25) Adult (under 40) older Adult (under 60) Oldie (60+)
  • redesign 5 characters for a comic/manga story pitch and give them full character sheets with expressions, fullbody views etc)
  • redesign 5 characters from very small to normal and 5 characters from normal to very tall (you will end up with a scale from tiny to tall, and every character you ever designed should fall in between)
  • match up 10 characters to animals and redesign them with those in mind (either as symbolic or practical metamorphose)
  • choose 5 characters. redesign them and then design fusion forms for them
  • redesign 5 characters, then design a past and a future reincarnation of them
  • redesign 10 characters with a disability. 
  • redesign 10 characters as witches/wizards. give each a unique spellbook
  • redesign 5 characters and draw 10 things they own for each

that is what i came up with right now, but there are more possibilities. add your own so we all can share the fun!

(also i will release a pdf with 100 of my old character designs so you can do those if you dont have own characters or dont feel good about fanart. the pdf will come on dezember 31 so you can start 2018 as a redesign challenge year! wouldnt that be cool?)

hotness is a science; f1 edition

now for the completely useless shit-stirrer i’ve wanted to do for a long time: analysis why the drivers are attractive, if they’re pretty, and how are they pretty

going in number order and starting with everyone’s favourite teeth exhibition daniel ricciardo

Originally posted by myfourcade

is he pretty: HE IS NOW. the boy was a disaster when he was younger but now he’s a fucking fertility god. honey badger more like HONEY GALAXY EYES like dangggg what colour are they. can i look into them forever. also that nose, it’s weird and ridiculous but so cute and def the biggest fertility god trait (that we know of WHAT WHAT). also that mouth. everyone loves that mouth. you know those fountains that have statues that pee? how the statues are hot dudes on steroids? daniel ricciardo is a live version of that.

what shade of attractive: beautiful fertility god.

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