MBTI as Les Mis Characters
  • INTJ: Enjolras
  • INFP: Cosette, Marius
  • ENTJ: Musichetta
  • ENTP: Thenardier, Bahorel
  • INFJ: Fantine
  • INTP: Combeferre
  • ENFJ: Feuilly
  • ENFP: Jehan, Gavroche
  • ISTJ: Javert
  • ISFJ: Joly
  • ESTJ: Mme Thenardier
  • ESFJ: Jean Valjean
  • ISTP: Eponine
  • ISFP: Grantaire
  • ESTP: Bossuet
  • ESFP: Courfeyrac
  • some may have more than one, i apologize to those who don't
On the ordinary problems of human life, science tells us very little, and scientists as people are surely no guide. In fact they are often the worst guide, because they often tend to focus, laser-like, on their professional interests and know very little about the world.
—  Noam Chomsky | BEYOND BELIEF:Science, Religion, Reason and Survival Salk Institute, La Jolla November 5-7, 2006
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Merlin a scarecrow being was knocked out and taken to this lab that looked like it was being run underground. He was stripped and hung against a table with his wrists and ankles bound on each corner. the smell of drugs and the sounds of distance whispers woke merlin from being out cold. He looks around with blured vision. “where….am..I?” he asked himself. he hears the rattles from the chains that held him. “what…?” Merlin looks at each cuff trying to figure out what was going on.Then merlin hears the footsteps of the ones who were whispering to each other approach the room he was in. “aw, he’s come to.” said one of the scum scientices. Merlin growls as a response. “who the hell are you? what am’ i doing here?” merlin asked glaring at the man with his eyes turning from green to red. “we are the sciencists of this lab and you’re here so we can figure out how you can move. being a scarecrow and all.” the man smiles. “we’ll be back to disect you later.” the man chuckles as he leaves with the others. Merlin hears a rustling noise from the other side of the room where there was a single cell. probably for the ones who were their lab rats stayed.