• Kylo Ren: Wow, she's light as a feather. She looks so helpless in my arms, muh strong arms 💪
  • Stormtrooper: ...
  • Kylo Ren: ...
  • Stormtrooper: ... Yes, sir. 😶
  • Kylo Ren: *hurriedly struts towards the 🚢*

What the Fuck is a Hangman’s Gambit?

Naegi skillfully sorted through the mess of letters in front of him as he carefully picked letter after letter until he’d finally form the word that he was looking for.

Or at least that’s what it looked like inside his head.

Outside? Not so much.

“Will someone please inform the commoner of how utterly idiotic he’s making himself out to be right now.” Togami scoffed off.

“But… he looks like he’s concentrating so hard though.” Fujisaki timidly reasoned with concern.

“That is true. I can sense a deep form of focus emanating from him. He is not one to be disturbed.” Sakura seconded.

“What do you think he’s doing? He’s just been shouting letters for a while now.” Asahina pointed out.

“Ohhh! I got it, guys! It’s obviously some sort of code! And with his antenna looking hair, he’s trying to make contact with aliens!” Hagakure theorized with a proud grin.

“T-That is the most absurd answer! P-Please tell me you’re not s-serious!” Fukawa immediately stammered her objection.

“I object to that premise as well. He’s obviously chanting a secret move that will unleash his fighting prowess! If we’re lucky, his hair might even turn white!” Yamada enthusiastically explained.

“As if! T-This isn’t some t-trashy anime or videogame, you n-nitwit!” Fukawa raised her voice again.

Naegi suddenly flinched and muttered, “Dammit! Wrong letter… what’s this word supposed to be anyways?”

“Well this is entertaining in its own way, right? He sounds like he’s onto something so it might be best to just let him be until he gets it.” Celes lightly giggled with a hand covering her scheming smile.

“Sounds like he’s way out of it. We’re wasting time on him. Maybe I should punch some sense into him and bring him back.” Mondo suggested while he cracked his knuckles.

“Violence is not welcomed in a school environment! Please refrain from causing any unnecessary commotion.” Ishimaru reprimanded him.

“Yeah, calm down would ya, tiger?” Monokuma suddenly interjected. “Besides it’s not like you get a say in this.”

“Would you care to elaborate on that?” Kirigiri questioned him.

“Upupu-oops!” Monokuma chuckled and then rambled on, “Have you ever heard of plot armor? Well it’s not like this is that much related to plot but more of the game mechanics. Then this shouldn’t be called plot armor. Ooh! How about protag impenetrability instead?”

“Cease your babbling nonsense and cut straight to the point.” Togami snarled before Monokuma could launch into a lengthier rant.

“Yes, and aren’t you getting off-topic? You haven’t explained anything at all.” Kirigiri accused sharply.

“Well I was about to get to it before you cut me off!” Monokuma huffed and crossed his arms. “Hey, do you know what a magical girl transformation is?”

“Of course! That is the essential element of any magical girl anime! The lifeblood of my waifus!” Yamada was quick to answer.

“Didn’t you ever notice that they get these long transformation sequences but never get attacked while it happens?” Monokuma let the question hang in the air for a bit and then continued with a twirl, “There’s actually a good scientic reason for it. Something about the light and how if anyone tried to get in it they’d have their very existence wiped! Like fwwwsssh! Gone!”

“D-Don’t they just skim over the probability of a h-hostile attack during transformation just for c-convenience purposes?” Fukawa scoffed.

“Oh, and that too! Almost forgot that one how clumsy of me!” Monokuma lightly hit himself in a comical fashion.

“Wait so you’re saying that Naegichi is a magical girl now?” Hagakure asked in confusion.

“Righto! Our Naeggs is going through a magical girl transformation of sorts!” Monokuma gave him a thumbs up. “He’s basically untouchable as he is right now. In fact, we’re not even supposed to be having this commentary! This is all undocumented behind the scenes goodness!” Monkuma playfully winked at the cameras.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Kuwata said because honestly that made no sense at all.

They were torn between asking for more details and just dropping the whole issue altogether. Magical girl transformation? What did that have to do with anything? As if there was something as absurd

“I’ve got it!” Naegi yelled as he finally returned to the trial. “I finally figured out what we’ve been missing all this time!”

“Yeah, sure you have. But first!” Kuwata quickly intervened. “Mind telling us what the hell you’ve been doing just now?”

Naegi blinked and tilted his head. “Oh, I was just doing a Hangman’s Gambit.” He answered innocently with a smile.

All eyes were on him. The room was silent.

“What the fuck is that supposed to be?”

MBTI as Les Mis Characters
  • INTJ: Enjolras
  • INFP: Cosette, Marius
  • ENTJ: Musichetta
  • ENTP: Thenardier, Bahorel
  • INFJ: Fantine
  • INTP: Combeferre
  • ENFJ: Feuilly
  • ENFP: Jehan, Gavroche
  • ISTJ: Javert
  • ISFJ: Joly
  • ESTJ: Mme Thenardier
  • ESFJ: Jean Valjean
  • ISTP: Eponine
  • ISFP: Grantaire
  • ESTP: Bossuet
  • ESFP: Courfeyrac
  • some may have more than one, i apologize to those who don't

Sursday Dev Update: Minatan Civilization. Woo!


We’ve been pretty busy lately with a number of things. So, let’s do another quick dev update today and keep it rolling again. Today I’d like to tell you about the Minatans aliens, alien storytelling, and what we’ve done in the meantime.

Minamata is a desert planet with steppe, hill, canyon, mountain, but also forest biomes, with flying islands, huge caves and creatures hidden deep below the planet’s surface. Minamata is your first planet, it’s where your story starts, where you develop an understanding of the Proven Lands lore. The first planet is named after a toxical disaster that occurred 1956 in Minamata, a Japanese city. It is where you land first, where your adventure starts.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any scientic papers, preferably peer-reviewed, on dog behaviors (particularly, but not limited to, aggression or fearfulness) and the genetic inclinations to them?

I can’t think of any off the top of my head right now and I don’t have time to try to find any at the moment. Google Scholar and Science Direct are decent sources for digging up information, though.  I know there was an older book that explored these things, specifically about the genetics of dogs. 

On the ordinary problems of human life, science tells us very little, and scientists as people are surely no guide. In fact they are often the worst guide, because they often tend to focus, laser-like, on their professional interests and know very little about the world.
—  Noam Chomsky | BEYOND BELIEF:Science, Religion, Reason and Survival Salk Institute, La Jolla November 5-7, 2006

bedroomthief954  asked:

How do you respond when you talk about black history and people bring up things like white people were slaves first or Africans started slavery etc

Honestly, depending on who is asking and WHY… I don’t even bother. If someone asks me that simply to derail or deflect blame from white folks for the horrors of American race-based chattel slavery, I usually dismiss them. Debating the history of the evils done to Black people is not a game for me, so I don’t entertain people who try to make me justify speaking out about my own people’s oppression. That said, when Black folks or sincere others ask me that question, I sometimes do share some points of fact:

- American Race-Based Chattel Slavery (yes, you need to say the whole thing) was unique in the annals of world history. NOTHING experienced by any group of people anywhere, before or since - to include the “slavery” Africans experienced at the hands of other Africans , whatever the Romans did to various races of people “enslaved” in Rome, and whatever shit the Irish have gone through whenever - is even REMOTELY comparable. American race-based chattel slavery was so different, in fact, that I wish we would have come up with a different word for what happened to the stolen Africans who were brought to North America. There are many books and even college courses on “comparative slave studies” that explain these different slavery-style experiences throughout time and space, so to KNOW know what you’re talking about, you’ll need to do some reading.

- No, Africans didn’t “start slavery.” Arabs first initiated large-scale organized slave raiding along Africa’s Eastern coast and into and across North Africa. The Portuguese were the first whites to kick-off the iteration of the slave trading system we know, coming down the Western coast of Africa, followed closely by the rest of white Europe and white America.

- Yes, Africans participated with the Portuguese and English in enslaving other Africans. Taking captives and absorbing them into your clan or village and using them as labor (rather than killing them outright) was a thing that happened frequently among and in-between Africans. And yes, that happened before, during, and after what the Arabs and Europeans and Americans did. But African “slavery” wasn’t permanent, there was no theological or pseudo-scientic justification for it, it obviously wasn’t racial, and at no time were the captive Africans considered and treated as non-human by their also-African, also-Black captors. All of those were African societies with slaves, NOT “Slave Societies”, as in what America became. And yes, there are books and even college courses on the differences between societies with slaves, and SLAVE SOCIETIES, like America was. Look it up.

Now, I feel obligated to say a couple of things about Africans having helped Europeans enslave other Africans who were destined for the Americas:

If I get caught committing a crime and I tell the authorities, “Yes, but these other people were in on it too,” does that absolve ME of having to accept responsibility for the part that I played in the crime? Of course not. I don’t get excused because of that; all I do is ADD ANOTHER CRIMINAL to the arrest record. It’s called SNITCHING. And when trying to escape having to sit there and take the blame, straight up, for what your ancestors did (you take pride and the accolades for the good shit white folks did in the past so you’ve gotta take the shame and blame for the bad shit, too), ‘but Africans did it first’ or ’but Africans did it too’ is usually the knee-jerk response. Well…

Unlike many Black folks you talk to who get stymied by that ‘gotcha’ I immediately submit to truth and history and I say: ‘You’re right. Some selfish, arrogant, ignorant Africans did participate with your evil ancestors, and they are also culpable, and we African Americans will reconcile with our African family about that, but THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. And that damned-sure doesn’t let y’all off the hook for what y’all did.’ And then I keep the conversation going the way I want it to go.

That’s how I respond to that.

closed rp//zombie-kenny and domain-of-magic

Merlin a scarecrow being was knocked out and taken to this lab that looked like it was being run underground. He was stripped and hung against a table with his wrists and ankles bound on each corner. the smell of drugs and the sounds of distance whispers woke merlin from being out cold. He looks around with blured vision. “where….am..I?” he asked himself. he hears the rattles from the chains that held him. “what…?” Merlin looks at each cuff trying to figure out what was going on.Then merlin hears the footsteps of the ones who were whispering to each other approach the room he was in. “aw, he’s come to.” said one of the scum scientices. Merlin growls as a response. “who the hell are you? what am’ i doing here?” merlin asked glaring at the man with his eyes turning from green to red. “we are the sciencists of this lab and you’re here so we can figure out how you can move. being a scarecrow and all.” the man smiles. “we’ll be back to disect you later.” the man chuckles as he leaves with the others. Merlin hears a rustling noise from the other side of the room where there was a single cell. probably for the ones who were their lab rats stayed.

Jemma looked across the library desk at her partner in crime and saw that he was just as lost as she was. That was … not good but relieving at least to not be the only one who wasn’t understanding the field test study guides. How was it that just yesterday they had revolutionized the way in which three dimensional modeling for proteins in cell walls was done but couldn’t seem to understand what simple communication officers passed? This was not right. 

“Why do we have to know any of this to do science in the field?” She asked breaking the tense silence. “There isn’t even anything about handling scientic equipment on site!”

anonymous asked:

What is your reason for believing in God despite all that the world puts on us today & all of the "scientic evidence" that the bible must be false? I also believe in God entirely and think the bible is true but also up to interpretation. I woud love to hear your thoughts put into words.

For me, believing in God is easy. I talk to Him everyday and I visibly see Him work in my life. I have a relationship with Christ that speaks much more to me than just the words in the Bible. Knowing and reading scripture helps me to understand and deeper root my faith, but it’s my intimate relationship that keeps me grounded and causes me to live out my life the way I do. His radical, unending love brings me the peace and joy no worldly pleasures could bring. When I lean on Him I am more content with my life and who I am, of course it’s an everyday battle, and Christ tells us there will be trials and struggles, but without depending on Him I would be so lost and feel so alone. I am swimming in a pool of grace because of Christ, and for that I’m incredibly thankful. Science today can say whatever it wants, but when I look at the stars and the moon and the sunsets and sunrises I know my God made those things just for me to find pleasure. If you just look around you can see Him everywhere. There was a time I didn’t truly believe and it was my first ever experience feeling God’s presence that changed my life. There is nothing I could ever do to cause Him to love me less and I know I am so undeserving of that. I want to know Him more everyday and I want to love like my Jesus does.