Off to run a workshop for the life devouring ‘mapping-half-the-freakin-Arctic’ project.  Won’t have time to be on for days.    pouty face… but there will be great new sciencey stuff going on and  2 other women will be there.  (woo-hoo..what a change)   They are super chill and I know at some point they will lean over as some dude is droning on and ask ‘why are you smiling?”   

and with them I can answer honestly   ‘smut’   

Carlos: Cecil?

Cecil: What?

Carlos: Where’s my lab coat?

Cecil: What?

Carlos: Where. is. my. lab. coat?!

Cecil: I uuummmm…put it away.

Carlos: Where?!

Cecil: Why do you need to know?!

Carlos: I NEED IT!!

Cecil: OH NO. Don’t even THINK about doing any sciencey…stuff. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!




Cecil: GREATER GOOD?!?! I am your BOYFRIEND! I am the greatest GOOD you are EVER GONNA GET!!!


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I’m a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes.
Happy Endings and Potentiality

I have to share this thing about W and quantum physics for a sec, because the way this show plays with time and parallel universe theory just pushes all of my nerdy Sci-Fi-loving buttons, and I need everyone to know how smart Song Jae Jung is.

So first off: let’s talk multiverse theory. 

There’s a theory in quantum physics that states that, as there are multiple potential outcomes for every decision you make (and each outcome is as equally likely to happen as the next), it must therefore be true that every potential outcome of every possible decision is playing out right now, simultaneously.

For example, this means that even though you are eating a granola bar for breakfast right now, in another universe at the exact same time, you are eating a bowl of cereal. At the same time, in another universe lying parallel to that, you chose to eat toast. And in another universe lying parallel to that, you’re running out the door because you didn’t have time for breakfast. All potential actions are acted out simultaneous to each other, but no outcome is repeated within the same universe. If two universes have the same outcome, then they are (by this definition) in essence, the same universe.

Now let’s talk about W.  

 Song Jae Jung embraces the multiverse theory in the way she writes the show, and she does it in a really clever way. I’m going to explain to you how. 

 So W takes place in a multiverse, right? That’s established at the very beginning: there are two universes in W, the one where Yeon Joo lives, and the other where Chul lives. It therefore stands to reason that W takes place in a reality where multiple universes (not just those two) exist at the same time.

We are constantly told how the story is going to end, only for the show to alter its trajectory as soon as we’ve been told its projection. Song Jae Jung starts doing this subtly in the comic’s universe… but as the comic’s story connects the two universes together, she starts to bring this into the very fabric of the way she structures the drama. In fact, it’s because of multiverse theory that Chul and Yeon Joo can even fall in love to begin with: once their universes begin to share the same outcome, they are technically living in the same universe, according to the theory.

I have to spell this out, because it is just so cool to me:

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i really want more otp scenes where character A is talking excitedly about something they really love (bonus points if it’s sciencey stuff) and the character B has no idea what A’s talking about but they let A keep going as they watch the look on A’s face and then halfway through realize

“shit, i love them.”

but they still don’t interrupt because A looks so happy and beautiful like this