so do you imagine that when lena and kara get together 

or even when they start just hanging out and stubbornly not noticing how much they’re pining after each other

that eliza just casually starts momming the hell out of lena too

remembers how she takes her tea or coffee and makes/brings her a cup when she needs a refill like nbd of course hon

lowkey brags on how awesome lena is, nonchalantly squares up with people who disparage her

values and seeks her opinion on sciencey things, sends her dumb science jokes

cheerfully includes her in all invitations to family things

leaves her her own handwritten ‘don’t forget your gloves again, i saw this thing and i thought of you, i hope you have a good day today!!’ post-its next to kara’s and alex’s and maggie’s

comes up to her after yet another attempt on her life and just fucking gathers her up in a hug ‘i’m so glad you’re safe’ and when lena’s a little stiff with shock she’s like ‘oh my god are you hurt let me see honey where does it hurt?’

and lena’s sort of spiralling into ? ???? ???????? ????????? ?????????? and then what ??? are you ?? wanting from me? what is it you want

just waiting for the other shoe to drop because this is not how a mom acts

this is not how her mom ever acted

but it doesn’t stop and eliza never asks for anything and as far as eliza’s concerned she’s acquired another daughter

One of my favorite things is how Junkrat is actually crazy smart and resourceful. He survived years in the outback on his own and even after teaming up with Roadhog, he masterminded a way out of that hellhole and planned a huge crime spree after that. 

He tinkers and invents things and sometimes rambles about sciencey stuff that go over Mako’s head a bit. I’d like to think that under what others see as annoyance, Roadhog has a deep fondness and admiration for Junkrat. Can’t tell him that, though. It’d go straight to his head, and we can’t have a narcissist running around with bombs and a strong sense of entitlement. 

Things my kid has said while playing Minecraft

(in slightly demonic voice): I am your master CHICKENS! I - AM - YOUR - MASTER!

I need to throw more ocelots at people

Kiddo: Look! I’ve created a pen where I keep all my animals!

Me: That’s nice

Kiddo: (fills pen with lava)

Me: …

I have a floor completely devoted to cats but is it enough?

I like blowing stuff up in Minecraft! It’s like being one of the mythbusters only less science

I meant to feed the cat and instead I threw an ocelot into the lava

You can never have too much lava protecting your palace of doom

You can never have to many cats inside of your doom palace

Kiddo: I’m creating a village! Full of people!

Me: (suspiciously) Are you planning to murder all of your villagers?

Kiddo: No!



Kiddo: Well not right away!


As a parent I feel like I should be concerned

Cecilos Week, Day 2: Future/Past

i have a lot of feelings about the concept of cecil and carlos getting through all of night vale’s weirdness and constant threats despite all the odds, and becoming an old married couple together. carlos spending his time still tinkering away with sciencey gadgets but with more naps inbetween, and cecil maybe getting a lil grumpier and sends in opinionated e-mails to the radio station about how things were done Back In His Day, but overall still has a lot of fondness for the town; most of his focus is now on his creative hobbies, namely his watercolours and writing slash fic, so not much has changed!

the two of them still like to hang out at the bowling alley at the weekends, even if they’re not all that good at playing anymore, and they are still found regularly holding hands and flirting with each other like two awkward teenagers on a first date after all these years together ❤︎

i ran out of time/energy and couldnt colour this, but i promise that is NOT an average coloured polo shirt cecil is wearing ;D he still has his Trademark Fashion no matter how old he gets. as a wee bonus:

i gave this character a name but i forgot it and i keep just calling him softboy… hes a troodon! i tried to make body and feathering all sciencey and stuff but his markings are just for fun, they are the same as the anthro version of his character

if u have any tips for paleoart please let me know! i wanna actually get into it as a serious hobby cause i love speculative biology and dinosaurs and all that shit

if you want art like this, check out my commissions! gift art for others is 10% off for the holidays!

The 1500s-1700s were littered with pseudoscientific failures, but few were more overtly hilarious than physiognomy – the idea that humans inherently possessed the personality traits of whatever animals they looked like. It’s sort of like the Chinese zodiac, only more dickish.

In Ancient Greece, Aristotle wrote that large-headed people were mean, broad-faced ones were stupid, and round-faced ones were courageous. His head was presumably extremely round, giving him the courage to walk around telling two-thirds of Greece that they had weird heads which made them bad people. But the “modern” version of physiognomy is largely credited to the Italian scholar Giambattista della Porta, who published a widely circulated book in 1586 called De humana physiognomia (English translation: Snap-Judging The Shit Out Of People, But Like, In A ‘Sciencey’ Way). Della Porta was inspired by the “science” of alchemy, and believed that any substance could be distilled into its “pure essence,” including humans. Thus was it possible to deduce someone’s character from observation of their physical features. His hilariously on-the-nose side-by-side drawings proved this theory.

6 Extremely Wrong (But Hilarious) Scientific Beliefs

autistic kids in movies are always like young white boys who have some sort of sciencey special interest and there’s usually some sort of inspiration porn thrown in to make the allistic kids seem Good and Pure™ but then me, an irl autism, just screams and rocks back and forth a lot while listening to Mama by MCR on repeat as an auditory stim like wheres my representation

i’ve done some sciencey stuff and the results are in:

aces with dyspraxia and/or anxiety are indeed incredible and absolutely amazing and definitely dazzling!!!!!

studies also confirm that aces with dyspraxia and/or anxiety are deserving of lots of love, support, and respect!!!!

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since it’s cluttered I’ll write it down

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I think the thing I dislike about evo-psych in popular discourse is the way it’s  used to paper over matters of economics– incentive structures, both in terms of money and status.

It’s not enough to say “People are doing X, therefore there must be an instinctual impulse to do X”.

For every impulse, there’s another impulse acting against it and a dozen others acting orthogonally to it. In any given situation, it’s the incentive structures that determine which impulse ends up being followed.

When people are acting stupid en masse, your first guess should be “perverse incentives”, not “they’re just genetically predisposed to stupidity

when evo-psych is invoked in a blunt, overly-reductionistic way, it gives people an excuse to say, “Sure, I’m ignoring incentive structures, but in a sciencey way!”

Happy Endings and Potentiality

I have to share this thing about W and quantum physics for a sec, because the way this show plays with time and parallel universe theory just pushes all of my nerdy Sci-Fi-loving buttons, and I need everyone to know how smart Song Jae Jung is.

So first off: let’s talk multiverse theory. 

There’s a theory in quantum physics that states that, as there are multiple potential outcomes for every decision you make (and each outcome is as equally likely to happen as the next), it must therefore be true that every potential outcome of every possible decision is playing out right now, simultaneously.

For example, this means that even though you are eating a granola bar for breakfast right now, in another universe at the exact same time, you are eating a bowl of cereal. At the same time, in another universe lying parallel to that, you chose to eat toast. And in another universe lying parallel to that, you’re running out the door because you didn’t have time for breakfast. All potential actions are acted out simultaneous to each other, but no outcome is repeated within the same universe. If two universes have the same outcome, then they are (by this definition) in essence, the same universe.

Now let’s talk about W.  

 Song Jae Jung embraces the multiverse theory in the way she writes the show, and she does it in a really clever way. I’m going to explain to you how. 

 So W takes place in a multiverse, right? That’s established at the very beginning: there are two universes in W, the one where Yeon Joo lives, and the other where Chul lives. It therefore stands to reason that W takes place in a reality where multiple universes (not just those two) exist at the same time.

We are constantly told how the story is going to end, only for the show to alter its trajectory as soon as we’ve been told its projection. Song Jae Jung starts doing this subtly in the comic’s universe… but as the comic’s story connects the two universes together, she starts to bring this into the very fabric of the way she structures the drama. In fact, it’s because of multiverse theory that Chul and Yeon Joo can even fall in love to begin with: once their universes begin to share the same outcome, they are technically living in the same universe, according to the theory.

I have to spell this out, because it is just so cool to me:

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