I asked people to send in / tweet #ScienceValentines and man did they deliver. Here’s a few from around the internets:

Are you an ionized halogen? Because I’m positive we should bond.
- Flirting With Psychology

Our bond is so strong, it don’t need oxytocin.
We’re woven together like a corpus callosum.
The love we impart, though it’s felt in our heart,
Is more of a limbic-type notion.
- Joe Hanson, host of It’s Okay To Be Smart

I dig you like Curiosity digs Mars.
- Bobak Ferdowski, Systems Engineer at NASA JPL via Science Friday

Is it just the negative delta H, or is it getting hot in here?
- Debbie Mitchell’s student

You are the transcription enhancer of my love exons.
- Jason Anthony Tetro, @JATetro

A mathematician from Rye
Said please be the X to my y.
Simultaneous equations
Unlike conversations
Are not just Pi in the Sky
- Alison Richards, my radio editor

Boy, are you a prairie chicken? ‘cuz you’re making my heart go boom-boom.
- Emily Graslie, host of thebrainscoop

May our atomic orbitals overlap for I would love to bond with you. Be my valence valentine.
- my friend’s grandpa

You’re so hot, you make the Triassic seem like the Quaternary!
- Erik Hankin, via the American Geophysical Union

If we were bacteria under selective antibiotic pressure – I’d totally give you my plasmid.
- @twisteddoodles

My love for you is like dark matter: you can’t see it but it’s always there.
Symmetry Magazine (more here)

And many of the floral pigment variety:

Roses are red, Violets are [read the rest of this article for $35.95]
- Sylvain Deville, @DevilleSy

Betelgeuse is red
Rigel is blue
You’re Siriusly hot and
I’m starstruck by you.
- Chella Quint, @chellaquint

Exhaust plumes are red
Bright skies are blue
If you were a barge
I’d land my 1st stage on you
- @ROCKETDRAG Do you get this one? If not, click here.

Harmful algal blooms are red
Mussels are blue
During this romantic seaside escape
Lets not get paralytic shellfish poisoning
- Alice Anderson, @alicechristinea

Here’s my favorite effort:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Most poems rhyme
- Hischak’s student, @NBCphysics