It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How: Sleep loss, researchers contend, works kind of like credit. Skip a few hours of sleep, and you’ll be all right, so long as you pay back the “debt” in a timely manner. But when sleepless nights stretch on for weeks, or months, your sleep debt starts to accumulate, and it takes longer to catch up on those missed hours. If this sounds like you, it’s time to make a plan to pay up.It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How.

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2 Million cat videos on YouTube, with a total of 26 billion views.  That’s an average of 12,000 views for each cat video!  And makes you feel “less anxiety, sadness, and annoyance after watching cat videos,” research says.  

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“Quiz: What kind of introvert are you?” I got “anxious.” This is especially true when in a new/different environment, wherein people would be quick to judge “ang suplada/antipatika nung babae”. Sometimes, when I have no choice but to socialize, I cope by deliberately humiliating myself (sometimes by saying the most inappropriate things, or by saying bad things about myself) just to assure myself “The worst thing has happened. You no longer have a reason to be scared.” (Quiz via )

Why Is America Obsessed With Perfect Teeth? -- Science of Us

America’s obsession with perfecting its teeth.

“But never before has mankind’s obsession with the smile been so easily actionable. Cosmetic dentistry now represents the largest nonsurgical beauty industry after makeup. This includes the multi­billion-dollar teeth-whitening business, which began in earnest in the 1990s with dentists applying peroxide gel directly to the teeth; soon they incorporated blue LED lights to accelerate the process. Non-dentists caught on, and the technology became available in salons, shopping-mall kiosks, and online. (State boards staffed by dentists pounced, threatening retailers and sparking legal action; the Supreme Court recently ruled against them.) Teeth whitening has now trickled so far down-market as to be a mainstay of any grocery store, from home kits to additives in Colgate.”