Never Ever Give Up

A self reflection:

I got a 75 on my first biochem exam last semester, tears were shed and I was sure I could never make it through 2 semesters…

I continued to work my butt off and got 75’s on the two following exams…

As the final approached a C was pretty much THE HIGHEST grade I could even imagine.

Then against all odds I got 105% on the final with the curve… And an A- in my first semester of biochem.

Now here I am a semester later approaching finals with a solid A & i consider biochem my easy A, favorite subject, pretty much my main squeeze.

Lesson Learned: if you want something bad, never never ever give up, be persistent, work your ass off, give it 100% every time, don’t let failure bring you down-learn from it, and defy the odds.

Sounds like a cliché, but as finals approach, I hope someone facing this struggle reads this, runs with it and gets that grade!

Best of luck!


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