Last night, some of my Hiveworks comrades were tossing around the idea of a Webcomic Wrestling Federation, which led to me making this trio of Beeserker characters in WWE ‘13. I’m kinda upset about not being able to give Trigona antennae, especially considering how the game has FOURTEEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF HORNS.

But seriously, if somebody wants to get Brad a copy of WWE '13 to make this thing a reality, here’s Blaster Nation’s Amazon wishlist. They have their own streaming channel, so this could wind up being pretty awesome. Never mind, they got a game today. The Webcomic Wrestling Federation is one step closer to becoming a thing (though, we might need different initials).

Here’s a Scienceman Twins Update update! One of the things I wanted to add is unique abilities for each character. With that in mind, I was able to give Orange weird Luigi-like physics, as seen in the above video. Look at those jumps.

The update is coming soon, although one of the other characters is probably going to wind up with Weegee physics - the way it is in the video, the Sciencemen aren’t similar enough.