Kid Scientist Demo: Flying Flame (Adult Required!)

SEE VIDEO AS WELL. Click on photos for details.

Materials: Safe place to light something on fire (near water for safety), matches, plate and tea bags (I used tea filters because they are larger)

Adult Instructions:

1. If you are using a tea bag (empty tea from bag) or tea filter:

  • Cut off flaps from open end.
  • Cut a slit on flat end (See or click photo above)
  • It should look like a tube.

2. Prop open to stand on end. Make sure the bottom of the tea bag/filter is on the top. (See or click on photo)

3. Light the very top of each side gently and watch it burn then fly up. (See Video for how to set it on fire)

4. You may have to try a couple times to get the flames to fly.

Kid Scientist Instructions:

Stand back and watch your adult be amazing!